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the US has allegedly banned vegemite.

no, i am not kidding. and no, not because of its taste. because it contains folate (same as folic acid, part of the vitamin B complex). folic acid is added to enriched bread and cereals. folate fortification, in fact, reduces birth defects.

so it's ok (and even good for pregnant women) to have it IN the bread, but ON the bread, that's a health crisis of sufficient proportions to have customs agents confiscate it?

maybe it contains way too much folate? a quick check on vegemite's website says "Folate 100 µg (50% RDI)** per 5g, 2000 µg per 100g. **Recommended Dietary Intake for adults is 200µg or for women of child bearing age, 400µg." that seems to be within the guidelines for the US as well. i guess if somebody consumed 50g of it per day, it could mask some other vitamin B deficiency, but i suspect the likelihood is real slim; it's not like vegemite is a runaway success in the US. not too slim for the FDA, though?

hm. i now wonder whether this is true at all. the original news sources give no online cites, and i can't find anything useful in official US government sources about the alleged ban. the FDA's database search doesn't find any import alerts for it, and there are only a couple of OASIS hits back from march of this year, which appear to be process issues (kraft didn't file some required documents). there are more recent entries for marmite, which are labelling issues (i would expect marmite to also be affected if there were a folate-based ban, since the ingredients are almost identical).

who is joanna scott at kraft, since she's the only official person quoted as making a statement? she does exist, and does work for kraft. but she's the "Corporate Affairs Director, UK & Ireland" -- umm. why would anyone ask her to comment on a US import ban for kraft? so i don't know; this smells more than a little ... yeasty. i am calling hoax or confusion about the OASIS entry.

original news link vis [livejournal.com profile] boing_boing, additional research mine because i wanted to know more.


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