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i am mostly immune to it by now, except this one is so very clearly geared towards advertising instead of making people feel welcome and safe:

m/f gender will be a mandatory field at account creation.

LJ has never been terribly good about this; years of gender petition have resulted in no action that might make TG people feel considered. but now they're removing even the piddly "unspecified" option.

if you still care about LJ, synecdochic has good advice on how to give feedback.

if they start enforcing the binary choice for existing account holders, i'll stop reading the friends-locked LJs for which i now still visit the site.
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my paid LJ account runs out today.

i've pulled all my images off scrapbook, and have privatized all my entries before november 13. in a couple of days i will privatize the remaining ones as well, and i will no longer crosspost; i don't want my content to be used to display advertising.

for now i will continue to use my LJ account to comment, so nobody needs to make access changes at this time; though you can safely remove my LJ if you're reading me in some other way.

if you are not on dreamwidth, and you want to continue to read my entries and comment, you have several choices:

  1. get a dreamwidth account. i have free invites; just ask.
  2. use your LJ openID to establish a reading account on dreamwidth (instructions), and subscribe to me.
  3. friend the RSS feed of my dreamwidth account on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] piranha_dw_feed. RSS feeds are not reliable on LJ at this time; they can cut out for days without notice. also, i am not releasing anything but the title into the feed (see "don't want my content used for ads"); you'll have to click to see the entry. i will not read comments on that feed.
  4. as [personal profile] yvi just reminded me, you can of course also read my RSS or atom feed in any non-LJ feed reader. grab the RSS or the atom feed URL.
  5. for the time being, you can also comment anonymously (though please sign), so you don't need an account anywhere. all my entries will be public (with the possible exception of surprises for somebody), ergo there's generally no problem with access. i am, however, screening anon comments, so there will be a delay until yours appears.

i know this will be inconvenient for some of you, but it's less effort than following somebody on blogger or wordpress or their own site, and i do that for oodles of people. if it's too much effort for you, then be well; maybe we run across each other in another net incarnation some other time. i will not auto-remove anyone who does no longer read me, but the next time i have an energy crunch, people who don't interact with me will likely drop off the radar. anyway, no hard feelings.
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i am not posting any original material to LJ anymore. i am crossposting the dailies and some other things, but am keeping purely dreamwidth-related items on dreamwidth (so as to not further annoy those who have an irrational thing against dreamwidth squee). i'm also going to post some things here that i feel more comfortable posting only on DW (i am not entirely sure what that will be, probably things relating to the new people i've added and the sorts of ideas they spark in my mind).

i'm basically starting slowly to close up shop on LJ, because dreamwidth is fully functional for me, and this is my new home. i will maintain an account on LJ for the time being, to read the posts of people who're not migrating and to comment. once dreamwith has finished their cross-journal reading feature, i will remove everything from my LJ account because i no longer feel good about providing my content for LJ to slap ads on.

so if you're reading me in both places, you can remove me on LJ and just read me on DW.

if you're crossposting the same things on DW and on LJ, please let me know, so i can pare down my reading list on LJ.
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well, this is cheering.

of special interest to me:

We have also stated within the policy that non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is not considered explicit adult content. This includes things such as an image of a mother breastfeeding their child, or a non-sexualized work of art such as the Statue of David. We have also extended this to our policy on default userpics; non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is no longer considered a violation of our default userpic policy.


Our policy on Non-Photographic Images of Minors is being removed. What this means is that we will no longer be requiring the removal of this content, or suspending people who have posted it. We feel that with the introduction of the adult content flagging system, we do not need to take any further action on this type of material.

the latter is extremely good news for all the yaoi communities.

the whole thing is well done; clearly written AND the reasoning explained. *sigh of relief*. man, it's good to see LJ come off its epic fail streak.

in other news, [livejournal.com profile] legomymalfoy has been elected as the LJ user representative. not my first choice, but a decent choice nonetheless IMO.
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are on.

i suspect the whole thing of being an exercise in futility if not an outright farce, but just in case it isn't, i rather vote for a real person who might possibly make a difference instead of troll-n-lulz-boy jameth -- though i appreciate the ... irony should he actually get elected. *rolls eyes*.

i'm not voting for anyone i know personally, but for somebody who's made a good impression on me during the nasty events from strikethrough on as a calm, eloquent, diplomatic speaker who at the same time takes no shit: [livejournal.com profile] rm.
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nominations for the user-representative positions to LJ's advisory board are now open. each nominee must get at least 100 supportive comments in order to get on the ballot for the actual vote.

if you care about this, go have a look at the candidates and voice your support. or, if you feel motivated, add your own nomination. everything you need to know is described or linked to in this post.

the nominations are open until may 15th.
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*ack*, i didn't think about LJ's "birthday feed" since i never use the portal.

i appreciate people's good wishes because it's the thought that counts. however...

if you've known me for a long time, you know that i neither celebrate my actual birthday, nor mention it in public for privacy reasons, but tend to forget it and am happy about that.

from my userinfo:

PS: that birthdate is a lie; don't send me greetings based on it. since LJ is being so moronic as to require a full birthdate to be listed in the profile for the purpose of joining 18+ communities, i made one up. i am a long, long way on the other side of 18, and i am educated enough to not leave actual vital stats laying around where anyone can grab that data for nefarious purposes. thanks, LJ, for making your users either lie (if they're smart) or allowing themselves to be more vulnerable to online predators. *rolls eyes*. [/rant]
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[livejournal.com profile] synecdochic is hosting a poll/comment session about a hypothetical alternative to livejournal, where the people behind such a hypothetical service know exactly how much time, effort, money, technical know-how, effort, and money is involved in such an enterprise, having been down this road before, and where said people know the LJ codebase, infrastructure, and userbase inside and out.

if you have a moment, participate? especially those of us who still hanker after usenet and keep wanting something that combines the two. i am getting excited just thinking about it.
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i'll be participating, so there won't be a daily picture on friday.

why a content strike? beckyzoole explains.

i have a paid account, and have had one for a long time to support the site. but without the option to start by creating a basic account i would have never started a livejournal to begin with (because i hate ads plastered all over my personal space). i believe basic account holders provide much of the content that drives LJ and makes it interesting. advertising, on the other hands, doesn't add anything positive to my experience here, quite the opposite.

if you think the content strike is a good idea, please join in, and also spread the news in your own LJ.
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towards the end of todays [livejournal.com profile] news post celebrating the much-vaunted 100th day of the SUP regime, almost like a less important side comment, it says:

Other changes you may have noticed are the logged-out homepage and registration process for new users. We streamlined and simplified things so that now it’s faster and easier than ever to create a LiveJournal account.

later one of the new SUP employees explained the corp-speak further in comments (!); it didn't deserve its own news post because "it only affects new users" (oh look, SUP does not know its userbase). what it really means is:

that "streamlined" and "simplified" acount creation process no longer allows you to create a basic, free account at all. you can now only create a plus account (ads plastered all over it), or a paid one. today is the last day on which you can invite a friend to check out LJ for free, or create an alternate journal or a community under the old terms. "faster and easier" translates to no longer free.

SUP appears to value the huge amount of content basic account users add to the site even less than 6A. the new advisory board? wasn't really consulted, according to brad.

there's talk about it in [livejournal.com profile] no_lj_ads.

let's see how long existing basic accounts will remain grandfathered. oh, and we have a new promise: soon plus and paid accounts will be even better! better for whom, i wonder.
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six apart sold LJ to moscow-based SUP.

*makes a big bag of popcorn*. ah yes, how excellent that six apart acquisition was for users, what a glorious 3 years it's been. *guffaw*. good riddance to bad rubbish.

i've got nothing per se against russian companies, but alas this won't mean we lose the crappy PROTECT act (while acquiring putin's idea of free-speech), since livejournal inc. will be an american company. just one paragraph, and i can tell why getting away from six apart (whom i've come to loathe) in and of itself won't be exciting me quite as much as it otherwise might:

It's been clear for some time that doing the right thing for LiveJournal would require being a lot more ambitious; it would take an even bigger investment in and commitment to this community. It would take a team dedicated exclusively to LiveJournal--one that can build on the commitment to technological innovation and invention for which LiveJournal is known. And it would take some creative thinking. It would take SUP.

too fucking much corpspeak. actually IME more ambition tends to ruin the experience.

alas all i know about SUP is that they have a great hankering for advertising. but at least the announcement was where it was supposed to be, and there seems to be a plan in place (though one needs to subscribe to yet another couple new comms to hear about that and policy changes). that is refreshing, actually, that there is a plan, and that people are being told about it ahead of time. that there will be an advisory board with actual users on it. 6A never seemed to give a fuck for LJ other than seeing it as a company to mine, they never understood the culture, while SUP seems to at least have a dedicated interest in the codebase. so, while LJ might become a western cash cow for SUP, the codebase won't suffer from that, and might even improve.

best comment to the news post.

ghods, the wank, the wank in the comments. i may loathe 6A, but the average LJ user is a fucking moron. yeah, we're about to be swallowed by soviet russia, baby! hide in your jammies under the stairs!

wired article on last year's licensing deal with SUP. i guess this means the russian LJ community will overall be very unhappy with these news.
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i am, like totally, on top on my flist. that's the first time in a couple or three years that i am not feeling harried about reading LJ.

so good.

now y'all don't go posting up a storm over the weekend. :) or only those of you in my small filters!
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i made several filters, all for the real people (as opposed to the communities and feeds) i read. the divisions are not arbitrary, but also not done by using an instrument such as "trust" or "closeness"; they're simply determined by how i know people -- through PLATO, soc.singles{.moderated}, alt.polyamory, LJ abuse, smut reading, rasfc/writing, or the ever so originally named catchall, "other". people who'd fit in several groups i moved into the smaller one.

it's working remarkably well, much better than i would ever have thought (i used to think this was a stupid way to filter which is why i never did it; this is a desperation measure). i can now quickly move through the day's posts in almost every list, and it fits in between doing other things. no longer do i fall behind and lose track because livejournal doesn't have a good sequencer but just throws more and more new posts at me.

except the alt.polyamory filter is too large. ideally it would be about half the size, then i could get through it while having breakfast or during similar breaks. as it stands i got hung up several times and felt more and more behind again.

i don't know how to split it. the only thing i can think of is "people with whom i actually interacted a lot on alt.poly" and others, but that might make two really uneven groups, not sure. can anyone think of a better way?

the "other" group also doesn't make me quite happy. there are some people in it whom i read religiously, and other people whose LJs i added because they're interesting, but i am not always in the mood for that kind of interesting. so i probably need to split that filter as well, and maybe add the people i read religiously into one of the tiny groups, like lj abuse or plato. oy, that hurts the classification person inside. :)
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more LJ silliness, nothing big, but guaranteed to get a number of people in an uproar again since they're still chafing from the last time:

As always, we are providing a way for any user to opt out of contributing to the stats-gathering (even though we know it runs the risk of statistically biasing our results). If you’d like to opt out, go to the Admin Console and type "set opt_exclude_stats 1". This opt out applies to the entire implementation of Omniture -- site-schemed pages and the new inclusion of journals, profiles and communities. If you've already opted out, you don't need to do so again.

since i don't care to be involved in having my journalling experience recorded and analyzed, i have opted out.

posts about such plans should not be made in a relatively obscure group like [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz but on [livejournal.com profile] news. 6A/LJ continues to not learn the lessons i would really like them to learn.

ETA: promoting a link from comments for other people who're also concerned about infringement of private data. i hadn't read LJ's privacy policy in some time. *ugh*.
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today we have the reorganization of my flist. i removed almost all syndicated feeds. i friended some people back who actually write in their LJs, whom i recognize from somewhere, and who apparently had friended me already (i do not pay attention to that unless somebody comments). if you don't write in your LJ, i didn't friend you -- but i don't make locked posts except for downloads (and i am going to handle that differently), so it doesn't matter. i also made several new friends filters.

for the longest time i've been insisting that my friends list is my reading list; that i read everyone who is on it, every day that i actually read my flist. which used to be every day, period, and then became "every few days for as long as i can easily page backward", then "once every two weeks, kinda", and lastly "once in a blue moon", which is what spurred me on to doing this, since i am obviously not coping well enough with the size of the list. i already had separate filters for reading comms, that's easy. but i never knew how to sort people reasonably well into filters, because aside from my partners and closest friends, i don't really have preferences that stay the same for any period of time. i just did a really rough triage, into snigglers (since we're all being particularly active in talking to each other), alt.polyfolk, PLATOnics, writers, fellow smutters/scanlators, and "other". it really makes no emotional sense to filter people like that, but it's the only thing i can think of that results in several manageable lists.

furthermore, i have so far been reading RSS feeds from half a gazillion blogs through LJ's flist, which functions as a handy aggregator. but LJ's flist isn't actually a particularly good aggregator and has been stuck in this sorry state for years; after the initial addition of syndication LJ hasn't done anything with it, not even to fix the totally annoying commenting issue (the one where one is allowed to comment on LJ to a feed, but that doesn't actually go TO the feed, it just stores the comment in the LJ account, which means most feeders will never ever see it). in the meantime actual RSS readers have improved, and my usenet newsreader (gnus) can also read RSS feeds. so i am shifting all my feed reading to a dedicated reader -- gotta try out a few different ones, with special attention to how they handle comments and commenting. because i would really like to be able to keep better track of when i comment out there; i often don't go back and check for a response, and in general don't comment much at all because it feels too "drive-by".

part of why i don't comment is the annoyance of having to fill in my personal information for each damn blog, or to actually create an account on their system. therefore i'm also looking into cross-blog identification schemes such as openID, which means i'd just need to log in once for a whole slew of blogs. unfortunately not every blogging/forum system has that enabled, but we'll see what shakes out.
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oh, nifty -- LJ has set up a jabber server. basically this means that if you set this up in your multi-protocol IM agent (or your dedicated jabber agent, should you actually have such a thing), you can see all the people you're friended who're also on jabber.

warning: this is alpha code and therefore probably unstable.

via [livejournal.com profile] malerin.
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layout bug voicepost/style bug

this is what happens to my style with a lot of voiceposts (not all, but most) that have not been transcribed yet by anyone. all the following posts (up to the count of entries per page) are not displayed, only their comment navigation jammed together like this.

it's been like this for quite a while, but i've been too lazy to follow up on it and debug it. has anyone else have this happen to them? (fortunately my flist doesn't make a lot of voice posts, except for you abusees :).
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best move of a large-scale operation i've ever seen, from a user's point of view. good work, LJ peeps!

(in case you missed it, LJ moved its data center operations from seattle to san francisco.)


Nov. 5th, 2005 22:50
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i was gonna write a PSA post about the hitbox situation, but [livejournal.com profile] desh has already done a better job than i would have, so i am just linking you there.

for those of you to whom "hitbox" means nothing, LJ had started to use the company (which has a questionable reputation) for stats collection, and there is a question about precisely what stats are being collected, and how protected that leaves people's private or flocked entries, since we're not just talking about cookies, but also about obfuscated javascript.
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stef and brooks lured me back into alt.poly by callously tossing a troll into my water. i got to bite the troll -- which is always satisfying -- and many oldbies are very welcoming, which makes me feel like i am having a sort of homecoming (of which i've never had any meatspace experience, *heh*).

posting (and reading) through google groups sucked so bad that i immediately gave up on it, and switched (for now) to using opera's newsreader. i am not sure whether the posting works -- this is certainly something where the distributive form factor of usenet is much more of an annoyance to me now than it used to be; i've really gotten used to writing my bit and posting it (and then, despite earlier proofreading, finding a typo and immediately editing it).

but the immense relief at seeing so many people i like/respect/find interesting all involved in the same conversations is a little bit of a surprise. i knew i missed that, i knew i've been irked by the fractured nature of lj discussions ever since i started to keep an lj, but i didn't realise how very strongly i felt that.


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