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Canadian authorities are asking a court to rule that Canada's 19th-century anti-polygamy law — which provides five years in prison for polygamy or for living in a polygamous-like household or relationship, or for attending a group-marriage-like ceremony — is legal and enforceable today.

The long-forgotten law criminalizes most of today's poly households in Canada. In response, organizers of the Vancouver polyamory group VanPoly are seeking Canadian polyamorists to file written affadavits, and/or speak at an upcoming hearing, on whether the law should be enforced or struck down as a violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

call for action and background information.
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my paid LJ account runs out today.

i've pulled all my images off scrapbook, and have privatized all my entries before november 13. in a couple of days i will privatize the remaining ones as well, and i will no longer crosspost; i don't want my content to be used to display advertising.

for now i will continue to use my LJ account to comment, so nobody needs to make access changes at this time; though you can safely remove my LJ if you're reading me in some other way.

if you are not on dreamwidth, and you want to continue to read my entries and comment, you have several choices:

  1. get a dreamwidth account. i have free invites; just ask.
  2. use your LJ openID to establish a reading account on dreamwidth (instructions), and subscribe to me.
  3. friend the RSS feed of my dreamwidth account on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] piranha_dw_feed. RSS feeds are not reliable on LJ at this time; they can cut out for days without notice. also, i am not releasing anything but the title into the feed (see "don't want my content used for ads"); you'll have to click to see the entry. i will not read comments on that feed.
  4. as [personal profile] yvi just reminded me, you can of course also read my RSS or atom feed in any non-LJ feed reader. grab the RSS or the atom feed URL.
  5. for the time being, you can also comment anonymously (though please sign), so you don't need an account anywhere. all my entries will be public (with the possible exception of surprises for somebody), ergo there's generally no problem with access. i am, however, screening anon comments, so there will be a delay until yours appears.

i know this will be inconvenient for some of you, but it's less effort than following somebody on blogger or wordpress or their own site, and i do that for oodles of people. if it's too much effort for you, then be well; maybe we run across each other in another net incarnation some other time. i will not auto-remove anyone who does no longer read me, but the next time i have an energy crunch, people who don't interact with me will likely drop off the radar. anyway, no hard feelings.
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on offer: a personal scholarship for a person of colour to attend ICFA #31 (International Conference on the Fantastic)

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who, you say?

Oyate is a Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed honestly, and so that all people will know our stories belong to us. For Indian children, it is as important as it has ever been for them to know who they are and what they come from. For all children, it is time to know and acknowledge the truths of history. Only then will they come to have the understanding and respect for each other that now, more than ever, will be necessary for life to continue.

Our work includes critical evaluation of books and curricula with Indian themes, conducting of “Teaching Respect for Native Peoples” workshops and institutes; administration of a small resource center and reference library; and distribution of children’s, young adult, and teacher books and materials, with an emphasis on writing and illustration by Native people.

Our hope is that by making many excellent books available to encourage many more, especially from Native writers and artists. Oyate, our organiztion’s name, is the Dakota word for people. It was given to us by a Dakota friend.

they're a fantastic, one-of-a-kind organization, offering lots of resources, and reliable information. they also ship to canada. :)

and with a little help they might be able to match a grant that will allow them to revamp their website to make it more accessible and easier to order from (right now that's a bit of a hassle), which would enhance their ability to get out their information. apparently they're need just $1783.00 more, which they must raise by saturday, august 1 -- short notice, but that's just a couple hundred people donating a small amount of money.

you can call in, fax, or donate online (follow the "network for good" to donate via paypal).

while you're there, check out their catalog and the rest of their site. i found them during racefail, and learned a lot.

thank you.

via [livejournal.com profile] deadbrowalking.

ETA sunday, august 1: they more than made their target! i am totally thrilled at the amount of goodwill shown. read more here: http://popelizbet.livejournal.com/69429.html
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i was too busy to pay attention when google unveiled its latest product/vision, but today i caught up with it. and i am thrilled.

google wave is a new tool, platform, and protocol to facilitate online communication and collaboration.

a wave is a shared document in which communication can happen in the form of text, images, video, sound, games, polls, and whatever else you can imagine. communication is both synchronous (live -- you see it as the other people who're sharing the wave are adding it) and asynchronous (if you get back online after an absence, you can see the current state of the wave, as well as play back what happened while you were gone, and add your own items). any participant can add things in any place in the wave. other people can get included in the wave (or parts of it) later on. aside from shared-by-all communications, private ones can also be inserted which only specific people can see.

i could go on and on, i am so excited about this. it's a major step towards what i've been wanting from my online life forever; it's email and IM and IRC and newsgroups and social networking and blogs and wikis and forums all rolled into one, with astounding concurrency for those who like it live, as well as asynchronous tools to make it easy to pick out important bits and pieces later.

and it's gonna be open source, and there are APIs already, and anyone is welcome to write extensions. hello dreamwidth! what are we gonna do with this? it's right up our alley.

watch the demo. it's an hour and 20 minutes long, but it won't be a waste of your time if you're at all interested in such things.
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a) make a post in your LJ asking them to identify themselves.

b) use http://lj-friends-on-dw.filmgold.com/ to find those who might not have changed their handles.

c) pick people you already know on DW who overlap your LJ flist, and mine their subscription/access lists.

d) post in [community profile] dreamchasers.
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dinosaurs and robots blog: [syndicated profile] dinosaurs_and_robots_feed.

Dinosaurs and Robots is a new blog about objects by Mister Jalopy and Mark Frauenfelder.

Rather than focus on the newest trend, we will seek authentic, handy, rarefied, disgusting, illuminating, delicious, mysterious, intoxicating, commonplace, historic, intensely personal, entertaining and enlightened objects, both priceless heirlooms and exquisite trash.

via [personal profile] terryfrost on twitter.

for those of you who know [personal profile] graydon, his blog [syndicated profile] dubious_prospects_feed contains his learning about animal photography, and the occasional graydonesque post as an antidote to the daily stupid surrounding us.

for those of you who know [personal profile] eagle (russ allbery), his blog [syndicated profile] eaglespath_feed features exquisite book reviews and interesting photography (plus random sysadminny software updates).
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this concerns openID users who did not receive an invite last night.

the following conditions need to have been met for you to get that invite:

- you had registered an openID account at dreamwidth
- you had validated an email address and it was confirmed as of 9pm EDT on thursday 30th april
- you did not already associate that email with another account on DW
- you did not have a spam filter that blocked or deleted email from DW

if these were all true (please double-check), and yet you did not receive an invite, please file a support request at http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/submit.bml with your openID account. it could be that the invite email was blocked by your email provider, or was lost through some other glitch, and dreamwidth will use an alternate method to send you an invite.
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don't panic, you didn't do anything wrong. there has been a glitch with a bugfix. we're just waiting for one of the people who can commit new bugfixes to wake up, and it'll be rectified.

ETA: fixed.
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or rather, a set of polls about changes in technical features from LJ to DW, divided by those available at open beta and those planned for later.

the polls have linked explanations for the features, which might explain some things for you that you didn't know yet. you can also comment on those explanations.
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if you started out using your LJ/IJ openID account, and then got an invite and created a personal account, do not delete your openID account.

if you do, it could cause problems with managing any comments that were left under that OpenID account, including comments of yours that were imported by others from LJ/IJ, because they would lose their reference if your openID account got purged. i don't think we'll see a purge real soon, but if you have already deleted it, undelete it to be safe.

also, dreamwidth is planning to allow you to subsume your openID account into your regular account at some time soon; it's a high priority item. any comments you have posted with it (or that were imported from other sites) will then be associated with your regular account, if you so desire.
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short how-to:

go here: http://www.dreamwidth.org/manage/settings/?cat=othersites. fill in account(s) to which to crosspost in general, and save. if that link doesn't work for you (some browsers have problems), try here: http://www.dreamwidth.org/manage/externalaccount.bml

after that, onward to posting. write your post, click tickyboxes for crosspost and which account(s) you want it to go to. submit it. it should be pretty instantaneous. it says it will send you notification, but at this time it doesn't; just check the account to which you have crossposted.

the code announcement and comments are here: http://dw-maintenance.dreamwidth.org/5197.html; check if you have problems, and for feedback.

warning: if you delete a crossposted entry on dreamwidth, it will delete the entry from every site to which you had crossposted it as well, and it'll take any comments made there with it.

remember, is closed beta, and alpha release of crossposter. everything in flux. :)
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NASA is having a cool freebie offer -- they'll put your name on a microchip and send it to mars on the MSLR (mars science laboratory rover) in 2011.

who knows what sort of networking this might open up! :)
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one of the good things to come out of racefail 2009 is the project to assist fans of colour who'd like to participate in wiscon but can't afford it on their own. the auction for some really spiffy items in [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust has started!

click if you haven't heard about it yet )
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i've renamed this journal to get somewhat back in line with my older net presences. :) note the placement of the underscore.
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well, this is cheering.

of special interest to me:

We have also stated within the policy that non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is not considered explicit adult content. This includes things such as an image of a mother breastfeeding their child, or a non-sexualized work of art such as the Statue of David. We have also extended this to our policy on default userpics; non-graphic, non-sexualized nudity is no longer considered a violation of our default userpic policy.


Our policy on Non-Photographic Images of Minors is being removed. What this means is that we will no longer be requiring the removal of this content, or suspending people who have posted it. We feel that with the introduction of the adult content flagging system, we do not need to take any further action on this type of material.

the latter is extremely good news for all the yaoi communities.

the whole thing is well done; clearly written AND the reasoning explained. *sigh of relief*. man, it's good to see LJ come off its epic fail streak.

in other news, [livejournal.com profile] legomymalfoy has been elected as the LJ user representative. not my first choice, but a decent choice nonetheless IMO.
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are on.

i suspect the whole thing of being an exercise in futility if not an outright farce, but just in case it isn't, i rather vote for a real person who might possibly make a difference instead of troll-n-lulz-boy jameth -- though i appreciate the ... irony should he actually get elected. *rolls eyes*.

i'm not voting for anyone i know personally, but for somebody who's made a good impression on me during the nasty events from strikethrough on as a calm, eloquent, diplomatic speaker who at the same time takes no shit: [livejournal.com profile] rm.
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nominations for the user-representative positions to LJ's advisory board are now open. each nominee must get at least 100 supportive comments in order to get on the ballot for the actual vote.

if you care about this, go have a look at the candidates and voice your support. or, if you feel motivated, add your own nomination. everything you need to know is described or linked to in this post.

the nominations are open until may 15th.
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in the ongoing search for software that makes the whole social networking experience more bearable because even on my new monitor i am running out of space for keeping tabs open to all the sites on which people hang out, i've come across friendfeed, which aims to collect all ongoing information on the blogs, photos, videos, music, twitters, books, etc etc that people whose lives you're interested in are sharing. it's aiming to be a super-aggregator, plus it allows commenting on the site itself (i gather that's how it wants to build its own community). at this point there are 33 different sites/interfaces from which it collects up-to-date information -- any RSS feed (which includes LJ and its newer clones since we all have one), flickr, picasaweb, twitter, youtube, facebook, amazon wishlist, librarything ... new ones seem to be added at a steady clip.

even better, it actually create a feed itself, so you can read it in your favourite aggregator, or embed it in your igoogle.

it's all still pretty raw, but usable, and i am gonna watch it, and try to participate to make suggestions for what i would like to see (filters!).

my favourite thing at this point is that until y'all create an account over there and aggregate your information for me, i can make "imaginary" friends where i can do it instead. that's really useful.

thanks much to [livejournal.com profile] geekchick for the pointer. my feed is open and you can find me at pleochroic.


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