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tri-coloured leaves
still my favourite colourway, this gradation from green to yellow to red. one of those things that look great in nature, but which i've never seen captured in clothing.

for some unfathomable reason i have suddenly become fascinated by lady gaga -- yes, i HAVE lived under a rock for the last few years.
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russian artists komar & melamid together with composer david soldier conducted an experiment about most and least wanted music.

The most favored ensemble, determined from a rating by participants of their favorite instruments in combination, comprises a moderately sized group (three to ten instruments) consisting of guitar, piano, saxophone, bass, drums, violin, cello, synthesizer, with low male and female vocals singing in rock/r&b style. The favorite lyrics narrate a love story, and the favorite listening circumstance is at home. [...]

The most unwanted music is over 25 minutes long, veers wildly between loud and quiet sections, between fast and slow tempos, and features timbres of extremely high and low pitch, with each dichotomy presented in abrupt transition. The most unwanted orchestra was determined to be large, and features the accordion and bagpipe (which tie at 13% as the most unwanted instrument), banjo, flute, tuba, harp, organ, synthesizer (the only instrument that appears in both the most wanted and most unwanted ensembles). An operatic soprano raps and sings atonal music, advertising jingles, political slogans, and "elevator" music, and a children's choir sings jingles and holiday songs.[...]

i like accordion and bagpipe. :) also flute, harp, and organ.

via [livejournal.com profile] bruceb.
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i am probably the last one to have seen this (because i don't much care for those "american idol" type shows), but OMG, i wish i had seen the show in which this aired (britain's got talent, yet another simon cowell show). the video is fun because it starts out with this chubby little telephone salesman with bad teeth in front of the microphone and you can pretty much read the judges' minds from the expressions on their faces. and then:


(via [livejournal.com profile] cedarseed.)
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in with the classical. ever since listening to those youtube performances with their miserable sound, i've been on a beethoven kick, with upgraded sound. unfortunately my classical record collection has never recovered from the transatlantic move and the later switch to CDs, so i've been piratey and downloaded lots to help me decide what i want to buy.

and i came across a missa solemnis by bernstein. he did more than one, and i don't know which one this is, but it's exquisite -- i think the tenor might be rene kollo, which would make it the recording with the concertgebouw orchestra, which i definitely should buy anyway.

i sang in a performance of the missa solemnis, 33 years ago. i've never worked so hard musically before or since then (certainly not since then because i gave up making music soon thereafter). it was so difficult, and not made easier by me switching from alto to tenor partway through rehearsals (we lost 2 of our tenors and the balance was all off, and back then i could cover the entire tenor range down to the C below middle C). i still remember how awesome it was when it all came together. i have no idea how good we were in the grand scheme of things, but to my mind, we were damn good; it FELT good. *little smile*.

what's really surprising is how much of the score i still know. not so much the text (my latin has rusted badly), but the music; i can still sing large sections of it, and i actually even still know much of the alto part for the kyrie. that's a long time for remembering something that hasn't been refreshed much (i've listened to the work since, but not a lot, and not in the last 10 years at all). i generally have a good memory for music, but i didn't realise it was this good. that's a cheering thought -- maybe when i go senile, music will stay with me the longest.

which leads down a morbid road, and i better stop it. :)

i haven't thought about that in such a long time, and extra bits and pieces are coming back now -- i used to ponder the text a lot because i was wrestling with singing religious music when i was no longer religious at all, but beethoven's brilliant musical treatment of it (which is quite unusual for a mass) helped a lot with allowing me to come to some sort of peace with it.
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with appreciating dudley moore.

so there i was, cruising youtube in search of beethoven's appassionata, because i wanted to listen to it while reading a manga for which i thought it would be particularly fitting (kreuz by takaguchi satosumi). which it was -- violence and passion all around; *whew*. unfortunately it didn't make the manga any less confusing.

anyway. there are quite a lot of appassionata recordings on youtube, everything from arrau to gidels to amateurs who're reaching a tad beyond their skill level. whoever derek herzer is (link goes to his version), i want to hear him play this with actual professional sound recording; he's awesome). oh! solomon cutner! this might be my favourite interpretation ever. but listen to this kid, too -- he's impressive.

but somehow i got side-tracked (so easy on youtube) and ended up finding this parody of a beethoven piano sonata by dudley moore, which dates back to his days with beyond the fringe. it is absolutely brilliant.

i knew he was a musician before he became an actor. but i never realised how truly excellent he was. wikipedia showed me how little i actually knew about him.
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so i am trying to create a j-poppy station on pandora, and have seeded it "generously" with what little jpop pandora has available.

and what does it offer me as related? KMFDM and eisbrecher (german industrial alt-metal). say what? dear pandora, your algorithm is b0rken.
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prompted by a post from [livejournal.com profile] beelavender and the "weird things about you" meme, here's one:

i can get into phases where i will listen obsessively to music. and no, not to a particular artist or album from my large collection, but to only one or two songs that i'll play over and over and over again. this is why i know the lyrics perfectly for certain songs, even though in general i don't actually care about lyrics at all. and i can sing not just the melody, but most instruments' parts, and hammer out the percussion rhythms. i love getting to know a piece of music this well, and certain songs will inextricably be linked to certain periods of my life, and hearing them years later will bring back stronger memories than music in general (which is already very much linked with memory). those songs bring back even smells, which nothing else quite does the same way.

i used to record entire 90-min tapes with only a couple of songs on them (in sets of 1 each :). luckily this has all become so much easier with the rise of music kept on computers; i can just click the "repeat" button and the rabbit keeps drumming. i wonder when i am gonna wear out the first bits on one of my music drives.

fortunately for people living with me, i listen with headphones on; otherwise over the years somebody would have strangled me. unfortunately for me, sometimes i would really like to do this with music blasting from the speakers -- but people are living with me. also, i don't even have good speakers anymore. i vacillate on whether that needs to be rectified.

this winter is filled with obsession music of which i don't actually approve, *heh* (i listen to KAT-TUN for the music, yeah yeah).
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rob paravonian's rant about pachelbel's canon in D. hilarious, especially if you've ever played in an orchestra, and generally know a little about music.

i am subscribing to paravonian's youtube feed. :)

via [livejournal.com profile] beckyzoole.
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various comments i left elsewhere:

these days i mostly just fantasize about going to concerts; i no longer actually like being there. love the music, love the variations that playing live introduces -- but too many people crammed together, and so many of them screeching.

no, i am not getting old! :) i like a lot of new, alternative music. i just no longer want the whole live experience. *looks with bemusement at old pink floyd concert tshirts*. *sigh*.
[livejournal.com profile] matociquala said: Which is the other reason why the cover art doesn't matter. Because the image in your head is the one that is right.

i wish. it doesn't work that way for me. or rather, i really have to work against the cover, insisting that it's ok to totally ignore it. visuals affect me much more directly than descriptions, they worm their way straight into my mind. where they'll run right smack into the descriptions, and it is a battle to change them to match. it is probably easier for me to ignore the descriptions, except i really rather want to view the people similar to how the author saw them.

i know that the cover is meant to make me pick up the book and read the back blurb (which i also resist, because so many blurbs are teh evil). but i do sincerely wish publishers would make at least a reasonable effort to depict characters as the author envisioned them. it takes some of the joy out of reading if i have to fight to visualize things.

her suggestion was to send me books in plain brown wrappers. i like that! :)
the term browncoat (from whedon's firefly universe) makes me wibble and feel all "homeland security". weird how deep some associations go. the poor colour brown; it never did anything to deserve this massive taint.
speaking of concerts, toad the wet sprocket have reunited and are touring this summer. i wish i still liked going to concerts, because that's one that would just rock me.
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one of the ways in which i am weird is that i am completely oblivious to song lyrics. i mean, i can appreciate them when i read them, i can think they're well written, i can even occasionally feel they speak to me. but while the song is played? i don't listen to them. they could be just about anything (not la-la-la; i do pay some attention to the sound of the words; that seems to be more part of the music than part of the lyrics). i don't have any idea whether rap artists glorify violence because i don't think i've ever heard a single rap song's lyrics; the rhythm is so strong that it completely distracts me. oh wait, there was eminem's stan, i did listen to those. ok, exceptions only prove the rule. :) (i like dido, and i recognised her, and that made me pay attention when i first heard stan, so there is a plausible reason for the exception.)

i can actually sing along to a song without noticing the lyrics; again, this is about flow of language, i think. and yes, i can sing along in languages i don't speak. what i like about filk is the togetherness and camraderie; but if i don't watch out and somebody plays well, i get lost in the music just the same, and gone are the funny lyrics.

tonight i was, for some odd reason, listening to the lyrics of a song that actually had some intricacy, which is rare. and i thought what a blessing it is that usually i don't even notice, because the lyrics were HIDEOUS. it was hard to get myself back to appreciating the music because the lyrics sucked so massively. click if you want to roll your eyes too )

with all the songs featuring brilliant lyrics, why in the world did it have to be this song that suddenly made me pay attention? *sigh*. but really. the song itself (by james blunt) is interesting. i don't know whether i'll be able to bring myself to buy it though. :)
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things that don't make me homesick. especially when considering the 14 songs that'll compete for "best" status. while i recently admitted to actually liking some ABBA songs, "waterloo" is not one of them.

and OMG, i didn't know céline dion competed for switzerland. i was long gone by that time.


Aug. 20th, 2005 12:50
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so i am reading other people's high school graduation music memes, and i am finding that i have no more guilty pleasures when it comes to music. how odd. i remember when i made fun of ABBA, but in secret hummed along to their songs. now there are just ABBA songs i like, and those i don't like. there's no secret humming anymore, i hum right out loud. and man, there is still so much of which to make fun! those costumes! that phil spector sound-alike eurodisco orchestra of synth! (wait, who came first, ABBA or phil spector?)

maybe ABBA has aged really well? naw, probably just more of my anti-social tendencies coming to the fore, *snicker*.
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ok, so the "which of the top 100 songs you remember from the year you were born" meme doesn't work much for me, because i don't remember any songs from the year i was born, or the next 10 years. maybe i am too literal. i was gonna do [livejournal.com profile] king_tirian's version, which lists one timelessly awesome song from every year of his life, doing his best to not repeat artists, but predictably, i can't ever do anything that requires me to pick one. also, timeless awe, despite obviously being a joke, immediately brings out the internal censor. it's always amusing to watch my own little cogs fall into place (though occasionally that makes me want to kick them, which is a good thing to do).

one reason to do something with music is that king_tirian mentioned not really knowing much about the music i listen to, which is true; few people do. heck, the paramour might be hard pressed to guess -- i'm a big fan of headphones, and i rarely talk about music. even more so than scents, i don't really have words because i've never actually analysed my musical taste -- music works on a really primal level for me. which is also why i tend to be oblivious to lyrics; the music so overrules them that i don't really hear them consciously. i'll learn them eventually if i listen to a song a lot, but in a really strange way, more by rote than by understanding.

so i'm thinking of going through 40 years of music, picking the songs that either are in my own rotation, or should damn well be in there, from the top 100 lists. and maybe also the songs i hate? it'd be interesting to see whether some sort of pattern emerges. what i'd also really like to do is create something of a "soundtrack of my life" complete with events that are forever tied to certain music -- but that's the sort of effort akin to an autobiography, and whom am i kidding. oh, and top 100 lists? only a guideline. i know i have oodles of music that would never appear on such lists. those songs should definitely appear in my collection. and last but not least, it'd be cool to share some of that music, on a basis of "listen to this to see if you like it, and delete it after a week if you're not going to buy it".

and now watch it never happen. *snrk*. maybe i should just do the "rate 100 songs from the year you graduated high school" meme.
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for that ABBA special.

i had forgotten just how completely various ABBA songs earworm me.


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