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Battle 5/11 (The Three Lands: Breached Boundaries #4) [Patreon fiction]

The best way to hide may be in plain sight. Or perhaps not.

In order to reach refuge in the north, Serva must travel through a land controlled by the Prince of Daxis, who has already risked war in order to capture her. Outside Daxis, Serva may be able to claim the title of daughter of the King of Daxis, but here in Daxis she is merely an escaped slave, in danger from her cousin the heir.

Her escort is untested, while her own knowledge of Daxion geography is slight. Matters worsen when the Prince extends his reach to catch them on the very border of their crossing. . . .

"It would be best to learn the lay of the enemy."

Rated T. Boilerplate warning for all my stories + my rating system.

All chapters in this novel. The first chapter is free. By donating as little as one dollar a month, you can receive a weekly serialization of my fiction, as well as all my new e-books.



Apr. 20th, 2019 17:42
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Posted by Victor Mair

A moment ago, I had occasion to use the word "schadenfreudeful" in a letter to someone. Wanting to see if anyone else had ever used this word, I did a Google search, and it yielded 149 ghits. I knew exactly how to say it, so didn't need any guidance in that regard, but I was intrigued by the fact that the first listing for the word was this:

After roaring with laughter while listening to this 0:58 video, I was assailed by a host of questions:

1. Who is WordBox?

2. Why does he think he has any credentials for telling the world how to pronounce "schadenfreudeful"?

3. Is he able to provide a pseudo-pronunciation for any imagined word that might be thrown at him?

4. Is he a machine?

5. How does he choose which words he makes videos about?

6. Why does his little video for "schadenfreudeful", which had been viewed exactly ONE time before me since it was uploaded by WordBox on Feb. 23, 2017, show up first in a Google search for the word?

The sheer chutzpah of this WordBox! Not only does he pronounce the word twice, with an inappropriately strong accent on the second syllable, he then has the moxie to say, "and I will repeat again", whereupon he says it two more times, all four times trying to sound authoritative and confident, but stumbling /halting slightly on the third and fourth iterations (which makes me think he might not be a machine after all).

A quirky diversion for an otherwise gray and somewhat dreary Saturday morning.

Check In Day 20

Apr. 20th, 2019 18:50
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How's the writing going today? How about yesterday?

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From what I understand, Saturday is snippets and relaxation day so no question today! Do feel free to share your joys/woes/progress. :D

Update on various aggravations

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:39
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1. Chef Nourish refunded my money (minus $23 for the two gross meals I already received.) Also, my Yelp review is still up. I'll take that as a win.

2. The bookcase saga continues. To refresh your memory, one of a set of two matching bookcases arrived without the unique bolts needed to put them together. The seller refused to send replacement bolts. Amazon said they were a third party and not their problem.

I finally got the seller to tell me the name of the manufacturer of the bolts, and inquired with them. They promptly replied to tell me to take it up with Amazon. I told them Amazon wouldn't help, and got this reply:

Yes, they are a third party and we do not sell products to Amazon. They sold it to you, so they take responsibility. They should send you a new bookcase.

ARRRRRRGH. I sent them an email repeating that Amazon told me to take it up with the seller, and the seller told me to take it up with the manufacturer. At that point, either taking pity on me or wanting to stop getting messages, they promised to send me more bolts. We'll see if they ever arrive.

3. In the meantime, I gave in and ordered a replacement bookcase from the same people (I know, but it's a matching set). They sent me the matched set (i.e., two).

While attempting to drag them inside, Alex bolted between my legs and was down the stairs in literally seconds. In a panic, I rushed after him.

I should mention at this point that it was late at night and I wore only a very skimpy nightshirt with nothing underneath. Also, since I'd been in my chair at that moment, I did not have my crutches with me, something whose implications only dawned on me when I was at the bottom of the very dirty stairs I had just literally slithered down bare-assed.

With no other choice, I slithered to Alex, who luckily hadn't gone far and was lurking under a nearby bush, grabbed him, and then levered myself back up the dirty stairs, still bare-assed and now with the additional weight of a cat. Let's just say it was not the most fun thing ever.

Goddamn cats! Anyone got any ideas on how to keep Alex from bolting again? Other than locking them out of the living room every time I open the outside doors, which is not remotely practical due to the layout of my apartment. I live near an extremely busy street, so I really don't want them escaping.

The bookcases are still outside my door, so I have no idea whether or not they came with the bolts.


Apr. 21st, 2019 03:18
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Not a lot today, honestly. Spent a couple of hours just colouring in stuff and listening to podcasts, haha.

Did fail my will save re: new RoM playthrough, though. >>;; Am playing a gnome this time, which is uh. The "hardcore mode". So getting through the first bits are gonna be hard, but honestly I'm probably just going to do a lot of digging and get ore and stuff and level up that way, worry about combat stuff later. >>;

Um... Other than that, nothing much. Going bed now. Yes.
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I eventually finished the annoyingly terribly badly-written pattern project from the 8th time I cast on (I think). There were several times when I had to unknit up to 6 rows to fix a mistake because I couldn't figure out how to do this using a crochet hook for individual columns of stitches, and I had to do that one stitch at a time with both ends of the needle rather than taking the needle out, ripping stitches, and then threading it back in, because picking the stitches back up correctly like that was too hard.

That's why I let a number of minor errors stand: img x3 )

But I love this and it seems to be an appropriate replacement for my previous large (enough to go around the head and neck three times) cowl and the merino is significantly softer, and the brioche significantly squishier, than the old one's chunky alpaca seed stitch. I did manage to wear it today, but it wasn't really necessary to have a scarf that heavy, so I probably won't get to thoroughly test it out until next fall, though. I also did get a new Ravelry usericon out of the day.

(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2019 13:26
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Really, people, competitive assholery is not an Olympic sport.
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How did you first come across and discover your favourite pastime?

Feel free to answer in the comments or paste the code below into your own journal to answer the question.

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Apr. 20th, 2019 13:15
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[17] Buffy Icons
[♥] Comments are love
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Credit if you snag


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Buffy Icons

Apr. 20th, 2019 13:09
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[17] Buffy Icons
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Credit if you snag


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HP Drizzle!

Apr. 20th, 2019 13:02
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I signed up! First time participating, but I saw a couple of lovely prompts and was lucky enough to snag my first choice, and I'm really looking forward to jumping in after I finish up a couple other things (including my Pansy/Hermione series, which is almost finished!)

Anyway, take a gander!


Prompting: 1st April - 15th April
Claiming: 20th April - 7th August
Submission Due: 15th August
Posting Begins: 1st September


HP Drizzle: a weather related fest with all HP characters/pairings and genres for fic and art.

(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2019 09:54
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License to exist: renewed.

Temporarily. Permanent existence will have to wait the requisite 7-10 business days.

Random Doctor Who Logic Problem

Apr. 20th, 2019 17:46
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A Doctor Who version of one of those grid based logic problems.  I don't really have the enthusiasm to transcribe the clues without knowing someone would really like a transcription, but please feel free to drop a comment if you would like them transcribed.

From Tides of Time Trinity 1991. Credited to Mark Dunn who, I'm fairly sure, won't mind me sharing.
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Bedroom confidential: what sex therapists hear from the couch.

We confess ourself unimpressed at the entirely false dichotomy set up that in Ye Olden Dayez what sex therapists saw was physical problems, and now what they see are 'bio-psycho-social' difficulties.

Aphrodite knows, I wish somebody would set to and research the history of sex therapy in the UK, because it is a Different Story from that in the USA, and I know where the bodies are buried where a whole lot of extremely pertinent archival material may be found. But my distinct sense is that they were working on a fairly holistic (though I doubt that back in the 1950s they would have used that word) model, what with calling on the insights of the Balint Method and so on. It was by no means mechanistic. See also this blog post re a friend of mine's research on a particular woman doctor's work in marital counselling in private practice in the 1950s.

So there's that about The Past.

And as far as physical problems go, these seem fairly prominent in contemporary consultations, what with the prevalence of ED and 'increase in women with vaginismus'.

And in the realm of plus ca change, or maybe things are even going backwards

For all the talk of lifting stigmas, therapists say uniformly that, for many people – even the majority – sex remains a taboo. Moyle points out that society is still predominantly heteronormative and kinks are not openly discussed. “We’re in this really weird paradox where everybody looks like they are having sex and is talking about sex, but the realistic, normal conversations are not happening.”

Even at the individual level, Lovett says conversations today are no more frank or open than they were in the mid-1980s. Buchanan finds there are more barriers than there were 15 years ago. “A bit of me is still surprised by people’s ignorance around their own bodies and their partner’s,” says Knowles. More pragmatic, robust sexual education is sorely needed.


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