Nov. 7th, 2005

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i posted this to alt.poly (and will repost it if it doesn't show up), and am reposting it here because while there is a lot of overlap, it's not 100%.

ok, so it's quickly becoming obvious that my ISP's newsfeed sucks, at least on the outgoing side (i've posted 33 posts, but can only find 16 ‍in my incoming feed and on google). that's an unacceptable loss rate, and this doesn't bode well for incoming traffic where it's harder to ‍determine how much i might be missing.

are there still any good, free feeds out there? if not free, how about at least good?
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of which US vice president dick cheney is heartily in favour: today's wapo lays it out in more detail.

Over the past year, Vice President Cheney has waged an intense and largely unpublicized campaign to stop Congress, the Pentagon and the State Department from imposing more restrictive rules on the handling of terrorist suspects

former CIA analyst ray mcgovern at alternet has more on how the administration stooped so low.

and james carroll at the boston globe deconstructs cheney's career, which will IMO be a black mark on US history.

liar, liar, pants on fire: and yet president bush today in panama: we do not torture. maybe bush should read wikipedia, or these often detailed human rights watch reports. maybe somebody could send him this new book: torture: a human rights perspective.

it's becoming harder and harder for me to resist the word "evil" when looking at the records of the torture triumvirate bush, cheney, and rumsfeld.
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bush does some preaching to latin americans

Bush said citizens must choose "between two competing visions" for their future.

One, he said, pursues representative government, integration into the world community and freedom's transformative power for individuals.

"The other seeks to roll back the democratic progress of the past two decades by playing to fear, pitting neighbor against neighbor and blaming others for their own failures to provide for the people," he said. "We must make tough decisions today to ensure a better tomorrow."

via [ profile] tongodeon.


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