Apr. 20th, 2019 16:58
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YMMV, but I would commend the recent "In Our Time" episode on "The Evolution of Teeth" to the attention of anyone who would like to experienc some pleasant mild intellectually-stimulating body horror.

Features the term "skin-teeth". DID THE TEETH START IN THE SKIN AND MIGRATE INWARDS OR IN THE PHARYNX AND MOVE OUTWARDS. Also sharks. Lots of sharks. or iTunes or your podcatcher of choice

April 2019 booklog

Apr. 30th, 2019 01:38
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This got way behind because a lot of March had bad anniversaries that hit me like a ton of bricks.

These are new-to-me books. Titles in bold are for the 2019 [community profile] 50books_poc challenge. Fiction is in green.

34. The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder, Carolyn Murnick (2017) (a response: "An Open Letter to Carolyn Murnick")
35. A Man of Independent Mind (Clorinda Cathcart's Circle Book 2), L.A. Hall (2019)
36. Nebula Awards Showcase 2004, ed. Vonda N. McIntyre (2004)

A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in a Skip, Alexander Masters (2016)
Full Dark House: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery, Christopher Fowler (2003)
To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis (1997)
Screwtop, Vonda N. McIntyre (1976)

Kondo Lite?

Apr. 20th, 2019 00:34
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I don't know if it really counts as KonMari-ing since I didn't throw anything away, just finally, FINALLY bought a cheap-ass plastic spice rack that fits inside a cabinet so I could FIND stuff. The cabinets are typically pretty tidy, altho I should really have stripped out the awful old shelf paper, washed the nasty fake wood down, and put down some new nice shelf paper. But then it never would have gotten done. So with that caveat, LOOKIT MY SPICE RACK

(yes I use the somewhat cheap "grocery store" spices and I drink Stash tea, because they're always in stock at the QFC/Bartell's that's about six blocks away for not much money, and reliable/accessible/affordable is good.)

Tidy kitchen cabinet

Tidy spices

Before I got the spice rack, all those little bottles were just on the shelf all at the same level, with wasted space above, and theoretically the least-used ones were at the back but it still DROVE ME CRAZY trying to find shit. Now it's all accessible! For like a good five minutes after I finished I just stood looking at it, absurdly pleased. (Yes, I also like this tumblr, don't @ me.)

(THE FOLGER'S INSTANT COFFEE IS NOT MINE, IT IS T'S. INSTANT COFFEE SHOULD BE ABHORRED AS AN ABOMINATION UPON THE EARTH. He says he likes it. He also uses the nasty Kroger cinnamon on his morning oatmeal. Says ditto. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Daily Happiness

Apr. 20th, 2019 00:09
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1. Had a really good night's sleep last night for what felt like the first time in a while. I didn't sleep well the night before so I was extra tired and that helped. Hopefully I'll sleep well again tonight.

2. I did a lot of reading and playing Yoshi's Crafted World today, and just generally had a relaxing day off for the most part.

3. I also had a suuuuuper sweet cuddly Jasper. He was so happy to have both me and Carla home today that he was just extra cuddly all around.

4. Carla made Trader Joe's meyer lemon cake and we had that with strawberries. That cake is so good! Glad they brought it back again this year.

5. The face of a sweet cuddle bun.

Not Prime Time exchange

Apr. 19th, 2019 22:53
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[personal profile] bridgetmkennitt in [community profile] hikarunogo

Not Prime Time (AO3 collection)
npt_admin on DW | Not Prime Time tumblr
Frequently Asked Questions

Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms, including any RPF fandoms with under 20,000 fics. If you usually have fandoms that are eligible for Yuletide, your fandoms may also be potentially eligible for Not Prime Time.

2019 schedule
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 13 - Main collection goes live
July 21 - Author reveals

Sign ups for Not Prime Time are currently open from now until April 30th. Here are the instructions on how to sign up, with nominated fandoms and characters/relationships for the exchange using this tag set.

Hikaru no Go was nominated with a wide range of character/relationship tags, along with plenty of different anime/manga and other types of different fandoms as well. Hope to see you there!

Weekly Reading

Apr. 19th, 2019 21:33
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Currently Reading
I'm Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves
This guy has a show on Netflix now that sounds interesting (about a gay disabled man, based on and played by himself) but I haven't watched it yet, but when I was reading an article about the show it mentioned his memoir as well, so I picked that up. Only read the intro so far.

Inner City Blues
No progress.

Triple Threat
About halfway through and enjoying it. I'm sad that this series ended after only three books.

Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood
Got to the start of the 1930s. So far it's been really interesting, though I've been going at a slow pace as I've been focusing more on other books (thankfully was able to renew it as it's due back at the library in a couple days and I'm nowhere near done).

Recently Finished
The Frangipani Tree Mystery
This was so good! Definitely going to read more books in the series.

Gaikotsu Shoten-in Honda-san vol. 4
I enjoyed the first three well enough but there was really not enough material for a fourth volume and it's super padded out with random stuff.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Apr. 20th, 2019 00:40
umadoshi: (Winter Soldier - Steve & Natasha)
[personal profile] umadoshi
Fannish/Geeky Things

"Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc is coming to Yen Press!" This is a set of three new Fruits Basket chapters that Takaya-sensei's doing about the Mabudachi Trio. ^_^ "This story takes place around the same time as the last chapter of Fruits Basket, so for those who haven’t read all of the manga, please proceed with caution!"

Via [personal profile] goodbyebird, "2019 PSO Atlantic Pole bronze medalist, Deadpool". [YouTube ~ 4.5 minutes]

"Tour of Duty: Journey back through each Marvel film that defined Captain America: EW visited the set of every movie as Chris Evans brought Steve Rogers to life. With Avengers: Endgame approaching, it's time to look back".

"Marvel's Kevin Feige Promises 'Major Storylines' for Disney+ Shows".

"Avatar: The Last Airbender's Writer Says a Possible Season 4 Was Sidelined for Shyamalan's Film". [io9]

"CinemaCon 2019: Turns Out The Cats In Tom Hooper’s CATS Are The Size Of Actual Cats".

"Manga Answerman - What Are The Best Digital Manga Services?"


"Farewell From The Establishment!"

"Sleepovers reduce stress in shelter dogs: ASU study shows short-term fostering temporarily reduces cortisol levels and increases rest in shelter dogs".

"Bok Choy Isn’t ‘Exotic’: A young generation of Asian-American farmers is reclaiming Asian vegetables — and in the process, their own culinary heritage".

Via [personal profile] fred_mouse, "GenX Tribe: Breaking Bones and Other Stories of Walking it Off". [CW: All kinds of medical stuff, focusing on things going un- or poorly-treated.]

"The pink lakes of Australia – in pictures".

"Peepshi: The Next Generation". "Spring is officially here, which means the birds are a-singin', the bees are a-buzzin', and everywhere you look, there are signs of new life. What better time to buy a crap-ton of delicious, squishy Peeps and murder them one by one?"

"‘Angels in America’ Audiobook Will Be Narrated by Full Cast of Broadway Revival".

"We Can’t Get Over This Amazing High School Production of Alien". [The Mary Sue]

A post? A post.

Apr. 20th, 2019 00:30
umadoshi: Three purple crocuses poking up from the soil. (spring - crocuses!)
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Right, posting is a thing.

--Until about a week ago, my phone (which will be...three years old this summer?) lived in a case with a cover that flipped shut. It now has a just-covers-the-back-and-edges case. There are benefits to this, like remembering that notification lights are a thing and I can tell if I have email without actually turning the screen on! How clever! But so far my literal grip on the thing still feels tenuous, and my slightly-germophobic brain has yet to come to a decision about whether I should lay the phone face-up or face-down by my bedside (or on other surfaces), because the cats walk over the surfaces that the phone face is touching when face-down, but the cats could also at any moment walk on the screen if it's face-up, and I know where those paws have been, friends. *wry*

--Crocuses are starting to just poke up in the front yard, so I guess soon we'll find out whether the manymany bulbs we planted out back a year and a half ago mostly failed to produce flowers last year because it takes two years or because something went wrong. Here's hoping it's the former.

--Sea is moving away disconcertingly soon. It feels like she just got here! (And she did, really. But the Nova Scotia job market lived down to its reputation. >.<) It's weird and sad to think of her being gone, even though it's not as if we'll never see her again. And in the meantime, efforts are ongoing to make sure she gets to eat ALL THE SEAFOOD, 'cause there's no ocean where she's going. :/

--The entire weather forecast is made of rain or showers. This would be less aggravating if rain hadn't resulted in scheduled work not being done on our townhouse this past Monday. (Non-urgent, but we're looking forward to having it done.) It's been rescheduled for this Tuesday, and so far the forecast only says "showers", so here's hoping things can proceed.

--[personal profile] scruloose and I need to start making solid plans for being in Toronto this year, and awkwardly, the trend of my "I really want to go and will enjoy being there, but holy crap, does the planning exhaust me" feeling getting more intense is continuing. Also, 2019 is likely to be a bit expensive in general, so I want to at least look into cashing in some of our heap of Aeroplan Miles to get to Toronto this time around, but the fact that it's one province too far away to count as a short-haul flight is just irritating. The thought of spending 25,000 miles to get to Toronto (the number needed to get anywhere outside "short-haul" range in continental North America) when 75,000 is enough to get to China or Japan is harsh.

--Speaking of money, we have an appointment with our accountant next week--when the company called to see if we were going to be coming in, he literally had one spot left this month. Oops. So this weekend has to include tallying all of my freelance income and deductions to hand off to him. I am very fond of roads and schools and all such things, so I'm philosophically on board with paying my taxes! But oh, the actual paying of them (and paying for his services, but we've plainly established that [personal profile] scruloose and I should not be left to our own devices on this front) is gonna sting.

73F - 52F : Severe Storms

Apr. 19th, 2019 20:59
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Last night was another one of those where I was up every hour. I fell asleep easily at 10:30, but then was awake at midnight, and every hour until 4am. Then I stayed asleep until 8am, went back to bed at 10am, and woke up every hour until I finally woke up for good at 2. When I woke up, the groceries were already here, so I woke Kevin up and we put them away.

When we were finished with that, I read lj and dw, and then did some reading. Around 5 I had a great debate as to whether to cook dinner or just act like a cat and continue reading in a blanket all day. Eventually I decided it was cheaper to cook than to cat, so I got up and cooked Italian Wonderpot, which is one of Kevin's favorite meals. It's one I think I can continue to make if I make it with whole wheat pasta or something. Hopefully that won't change it too much, and Kevin will still like it. There's enough stuff that the pasta isn't the main part of the meal, and you probably don't eat more than a serving of pasta.

After the meal, I tried a larabar brownie. It was not bad for a low carb, gluten free sweet. At any rate, it tasted like chocolate even if the mouth feel wasn't quite right. I guess I can replace some of my candy bars with this. Probably not all of them unless I find a mint option, but I think I did see a low carb mint ice cream, which might do for that flavor. I didn't buy it because I was buying a lot of snacks to try different things this week.

When I was done, I came back and continued with my reading. I gave up on a book I just started yesterday for being too theoretical and not providing enough concrete examples. It's the kind of heady crap you get in graduate school, but it's not fun to just read it. I started a book that is supposed to be a general overview of Russian history from the Kyivan Rus to Putin. There are no realpage numbers on it though, so I guess I'm reading a chapter a day, which is probably significantly more than 10 pages. Unless I read 10 kindle pages, which is significantly less than 10 pages. Or I guess I could figure out how many pages there are supposed to be and what percent of the book would represent 10 pages each day?

Kevin's doctor told him today that our deductible that we have to pay before the insurance will pay any of his new bipap is $1900. But it's on a year long rent-to-own program, which means in January, it'll reset as though we paid 0 of it and we'll be on the hook for the entire thing again. He says he knows where to call to try to buy one outright for the $2000 that our deductible is, which will mean getting no help from his insurance, and I'm not sure why we pay for his insurance because they're always crap. I guess that's what we get for him working for a UK based company where his bosses don't have to deal with the insurance they decide to buy for their US based employees. This has caused more than one headache. Although he may have just found a place to buy a good one for $1700 which is even less than the insurance wanted out of us.

Amazon sent out an email for something or other highlighting 9 free books you can read in translation on the kindle. I downloaded 5 of them, but I'm not going to start reading any of them until I'm done with The Red Tent which I just started. As with anything shiny and new, I want to start right now, but if I'm honest with myself I can't handle any more daily reading. Although there's only 6 more chapters of The Boy on the Wooden Box so theoretically I could start a new book when I finish that, if I acknowledge that I'm going to have to stop reading it when I find out what the next book club book is. That would give me 6 weeks to finish the book, which is about right for a novel, I think? We'll see.

I haven't written fiction in a week now, which is pathetic for a camp month. Admittedly I easily made my goal, but stopping 2 weeks into the month, even given that, is not ideal. Maybe I'll try to write something tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be rainy, but it should stop by the time I'm done getting my oil changed. There's really no excuse for not going on a walk. I haven't gone in 3 or 4 days, and I meant to go today, but it never stopped raining, even though the only rain was supposed to be in the morning. After that it should be nice until Thursday evening. We probably won't get a fighter practice Thursday, but Tuesday we should.

I have no plans for Sunday or Monday, and tomorrow the only thing planned is an oil change. I guess it's going to be a boring long weekend for Easter. Kevin was off today, too. At least he's been relatively quiet for whatever reason. I should be able to get a walk in both of those two days since the weather should be nice.
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I wanted a piece of jewelry to commemorate handing off Con or Bust, among other things, but nothing was really grabbing me, so I outsourced creativity and asked Elise Matthesen to make me a surprise pendant. I prompted soft green (after a necklace I bought last Readercon and broke a while ago) and/or freedom. The result is called "Breathing Room" and it's glorious; it makes me feel like I'm wearing a protective amulet or armor. I posted pictures on Twitter.

(Elise is having a big sale now and has promised to do something with the makes-a-surprise later this weekend, so check the shop out!)


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anniversary meme

Apr. 19th, 2019 13:04
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10 years of Dreamwidth?! I always forget my LJ/DW anniversaries (I also nuked my early LJs and DW, whoops. First LJ was 2000, no, 1999 maybe.....). Here's to many more!

The vi'lets from her lap, and lillies fall:
She misses 'em, poor heart!
Premium Paid Account, expires on 2019-06-14
Created on 2009-04-11 18:06:46 (#37579), last updated 2019-04-19 (2 hours ago)
68,480 comments received, 44,195 comments posted
5,326 Journal Entries, 1,368 Tags, 13 Memories, 191 Icons Uploaded (275 icon slots active, 25 bonus icons)

....WHOOPS, I apparently missed my own 10-year anniversary on this DW about a week ago. (I forgot my mom's birthday. Twice. I never forgot T's birthday, but for years I thought it was two days later than it really is.)
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[personal profile] github in [site community profile] changelog
Branch: refs/heads/develop
Commit: f97ee3d09028f937a6c1f28dbd9a58fe8c69dbb0
Author: Nick Fagerlund <>
Date: 2019-04-19 (Fri, 19 Apr 2019)

Changed paths:
M bin/

Log Message:
----------- don't re-invent version comparison (#2412)

* don't re-invent version comparison

I tried to get a dev environment running during a period where the latest
version of List::Util was `1.5`. 1.5 may be larger than 1.45, but 45 is larger
than 5, so the config check failed.

Could just fix the bug and then wait to independently rediscover the next
version comparison gotcha, but I propose Let's Don't.

* style: +spaces in parens

Salon post: April 19

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:13
jenett: Big and Little Dipper constellations on a blue watercolor background (Default)
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Welcome to this week's salon post!

Topic of the week
What's your favourite holiday? (Been thinking about this because of a thing I'll put in a comment.)

What I've been up to
A short work week, and a quiet one, and trying to line up ducks for various other projects (including a "Wow, my June is busy.")

Reminders and tips for making this post flow better )
House rules )


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