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two male mallard with their heads under water

nice walk at morrell nature sanctuary. the trilliums are in bloom, and the bleeding hearts are just starting. 1.26 km, 1.46 hrs -- i don't think time is meaningful since we're caching on those walks, *snicker*.

3 caches, GCFBCB [Raining Cats N' Dogs], GCH442 [Bananaslug Rock] -- coords were way off on this one, by ~40m), GCT8HZ [Rocky Knoll Stroll].


Apr. 6th, 2010 23:58
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two fawn lilies which look like little fairy hats with long petals that gently twist at the ends

a brisk walk in yellowpoint regional park today, plus two caches -- easy finds, not because they were badly hidden, but because i am getting pretty good at figuring out where other people would hide a cache, and i'm learning the "tracking" signs of other cachers, even if they didn't especially disturb the vegetation. it's a bit like deer paths, except more goal-oriented.

GC1791R [Bernie's Pit Stop] and GC1B3WW [B08: A Walk in the Park Too]. we're only missing one cache in YPRP now, and that's been deactivated because it apparently disappeared ("been muggled"). whatever would cachers call this if harry potter had never been written?

i've also been feeling über-creative the last few days. not actually making anything, but overflowing with ideas. i'm writing them all down, and as soon as the big bandage comes off the DEFORMED finger, i'm getting to it. if the mood sticks around, that is. i hope.
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5 multi-coloured soap bubbles float serenely above the river in front of dark trees

daylight savings time brought us an extra hour to go caching today. :)

GC227AD [Remy and Garmindo] -- my geosense is getting better and better; found this one in the second place i seriously considered. very cool container too; nicely disguised so it could be hidden in plain sight. and then the surprise rat. collected a geocoin the paramour wants to take to ontario, and left the zombie travel bug, nicely ensconced in double plastic bags.

GC1JKKT [One Rock Over] -- sometimes lateral thinking is really helpful when considering the name of a cache as a clue. took nothing, left a couple tattoos and a hair clip (girly girls go geocaching too). the cache has as a bonus feature a small container with soapy water so one can blow bubbles. which we did.

GC1JDY8 ["F" Factor] -- this one eluded us several times, but last week the paramour found it on a solo outing. since we were so close anyway, and the walk through nanimo river regional park makes a good loop, i gave it another try. only to almost despair. the hiding place was EVIL. i did find it, after asking for some temperature readings from the paramour, and after "warmer" twisting my body like a pretzel -- and then i saw it. i had looked there before. i had felt there before. and had still missed it. but i am vicorious now! TNLNSL (took nothing, left nothing, signed log).
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hot pink salmonberry blossom with dainty tendrils of reindeer lichen hanging below it

up a little earlier, so we could go a bit further afield. drove up to parksville and rathtrevor beach. too early in the season for the brant geese, but hey, we were cache hunting. went to different part of the park, where we hadn't been before. this is one of the busiest parks as soon as it gets warm, many resorts nearby. so this is the perfect time to go geocaching.

GCK03R [DIGITAL GUILT] -- bad reception on the HTC dream meant i put the coords for the cache into my forerunner. we got pretty close to the cache after i started actually listening to my developing geosense. but the description distracted me way too much; i kept looking for a tree with a branch close to the ground. and for yellow flagging tape. well. "close to the ground" translated to REALLY CLOSE to the ground, and did you know that branches are not necessarily attached to trees? yeah. and the yellow flagging tape had disintegrated to a small knot on a salmonberry bush, which we didn't see until after we had found the cache.

which was in very sad shape; the lid was broken, and several cm of water had collected inside. we poured it out, but that was all we could do for it because we don't carry a repair kit with us yet. rescued a travel bug which had been sitting in there since january; "A Beautiful Picture 2", which consists of a waterproof (yay!) camera that the cacher is supposed to point at pretty spots near the cache where the bug gets deposited.

saw several deer, one of which ambled really close past me, but alas it was too dark to get a good shot of it. there's an old orchard, with trees starting to bloom.

we puttered around so long trying to find this cache that the one was all we had time for. stopped in parksville to eat; "the china garden" had a chinese smorg, which was halfway decent, but nothing to really remember. except maybe for the goth jellow, which was so dark purple that it looked black, and whose flavour i could not determine. the paramour, trained by a childhood that featured truckloads of cheap jello, immediately identified it as "grape". no actual grape i ever had tasted like that.
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long, needled branches against darkening blue sky

GC1JD32 [Phoenix Rising] -- best location yet. we didn't even know this was here: the harmac arboretum, apparently abandoned for a time, and now owned by the RDN (regional district of nanaimo), who will possibly restore it. lots of lovely conifers, planted between 1956 and 1975, including several giant sequoias and california redwoods. definitely coming back here. we cleaned up some garbage, and i want to know how to volunteer for helping fix this place up. the cache is under an amazing maple. took the travelbug "zombie" (very appropriately named), left a puzzle and a reflective strip.

GC1JFWM [Clean Your Car for No Cash Cache] -- i didn't even want to go here, but the paramour made begging eyes, so how could i resist. turned out that the location was worth the short hunt for the nano cache -- a free, self-serve car wash that belongs to harmac (wood pulp). you just drive through it and it sprays some water on you. i know, not a thrill a minute, but kinda fun to find out here, and the truck could use it. couldn't open the cache because it was so tightly closed that one pair of pliers was not enough. cleaned up garbage here as well.
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smugmug is down for upgrades, so no picture before i go to bed.

GC19ZF1 [Raid At The Fir Trade] -- thanks to insomnia keeping me up through the night i didn't crawl out of bed until after 1700, which left less than an hour of decent daylight for today's cache hunt. we went to yellowpoint regional park to try for the closest of 4 caches in the park. from the description this sounded easy peasy. had i only read the logs of other cachers beforehand. it turned out that the coordinates were off by 10m, and that's sufficiently far in the woods that it makes a search very tough. thankfully the paramour's GPS is not as good as mine (ha!), and that, together with perusing the hint that came with the cache description, allowed our roles to be reversed tonight -- me stomping through the woods cursing, paramour victorious. took enameled pin, left rat, which was the closest i had on me to a creepy crawly, the ostensible theme of the cache. (people don't always stick to themes.)

it was very wet at YPRP, and the horse crossing bridge is out, but that's what we have goretex boots for. this is the park in which i found gazillions of shooting stars 2 years ago, but we're as yet too early for those. the fawn lilies are just about ready to burst into bloom though.

by the time we got back to the truck it was raining again, and we stopped for dinner at the cedarbrook. omnomnom, best chicken souvlaki in town.
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four old, gnarly, moss-covered alder trees leaning in different directions

still caching!

GC21GWM [CCS5: A tale of two cedars] -- coords were off. cache contained a pill bottle under a rock between two cedar trees on an access road to cable bay trail system. no trade, just log. most boring place we've been yet; this is actually worse than the gully near the grocery store; at least that had a creek. after seeing this, we scratched the other 9 caches placed by the same person in that greater area off our list to check out. we're learning how to tell cache quality without actually going there. *wry grin*. that scrapped the entire boat harbour area, and we decided to go down cedar road to roberts memorial park instead.

TC4QB [Yellow Point] -- my first terracache (different site from the caches starting with GC). used my garmin forerunner to set the coords, and it performed admirably even in the dense cover. got me within 2.5m, and i found it pretty quickly. this cache hadn't been visited in more than a year, and it was in excellent shape. took rubber bracelet, let reflective and velcro strips. when i logged it, the owners sent me a message, happy that somebody actually visited their cache. we need more terracachers in BC.

GCFCB5 [Day at the spa] -- here too the forerunner did much better than the HTC dream, which was squirrely all the way. my "geosense" has grown quickly, and i have a pretty good feel now where people hide caches. this one was in the first hole i checked after zeroing in on the general area. the outer bag was ripped by animals -- cache owner was not smart and had put food-smelling spa stuff into the cache. left a st. patrick's day tattoo, took nothing.

TC4IH [The Sunken Garden] -- virtual cache. since i hang out at butchart gardens frequently, and have all the plaques photographed, this one was dead easy for me. i am now the king terracacher in BC, which shows you exactly why we need more people who do this here.

yay for dreamwidth finding a new payment provider less likely to throw a fit over religious trolls.
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10 trumpeter swans resting in a meadow

cold and rainy; bad reception, and yet we found two caches, based on the descriptions which were good:

GC1JRJY [Buzz Bomb] -- i am not sure why this name, because that's a fishing lure, and there was neither fishing nor a lure involved in finding it. it was the best damn camouflaged cache container i've yet seen, however. why somebody had jammed a long bamboo stick into a tree there i have no idea, but it distracted us from finding the actual cache for a bit. no trade, just log.

GCG3W8 [Catch you ladder "Napoleon"] -- i love this whole area around the fish hatchery; even in crappy weather this is lovely. cache wasn't all that well hidden, which i remedied -- when i bent over i saw it stick out. took a tiny pair of pliers on a keyring, left a nice whistle.

there were about 100 trumpeter swans in the meadows close to the airport. awesome.
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fading 'F' on peeling yellow background paint

the paramour finally found the cache hidden near this F on the third try, so now the F stands for "eFFort", not for "Fail". me, i just took pictures.

three caches today, even though we got a late start due to my GI tract playing 'splosion games. we have driven by this area every time we've gone into town, and thought it was just inaccessible marsh. ha. it's got unofficial trails all around, and a relatively new boardwalk to connect two new developments.

GC1BF30 [B08: Kiddiddle Hike] -- easy find close to the parking lot. GPS readings were crap here (no idea why; sky seems pretty open), but the hide isn't particularly well camouflaged; as an old stomper-through-woods i saw it immediately. lots of toys; left something appropriate to the theme.

GC1T4G6 [The Marsh] is a bit further in, near the start of the boardwalk; much better GPS readings, and it was where i thought it would be. no trade goods here, just log signing.

GCD12E [Trekin East of Trofton] was the most fun of the lot -- we decided to make a walk of it, and crossed the boardwalk in hopes of finding a trail across the ridge on the other side. knowing humans, when there is a development nearby, people will make paths. and indeed, they did; pretty well-travelled ones. had some really lovely views from a couple of spots, and picked the right paths to come back down from the ridge. GPS readings were perfect; clear sky all around, and the cache was right where it was supposed to be (and a nice cache it was). found wildflower seed paper; wonder whether that'll still sprout. the container's lid is cracked, and the covering bag is in tatters, so if i remember, i'll take another container up there next time we're in the area, since the cache owner doesn't seem to be around anymore. the hiding place is beautiful; a mossy glade up an incline, with a few large rocks.

another thing to add to the cache bag: plastic baggies in varying sizes; spare log sheets; small pencils.

i also must find the USB cable for my garmin forerunner, so i can use that again to measure my vitals while hiking. i'm not in truly sad shape, but i've been better and would like to get back there.


Mar. 7th, 2010 21:26
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thick, peeling splat of white paint on reddish-brown roofing material

it was pouring today, but we didn't want to break our streak, so out came the raincoats. however, at our first stop, elaine hamilton park, the GPS readings were so bad that there was no chance we'd actually find a cache. so we drove north a bit, and by the time we got to long lake, it had lightened up, and we got better readings, so we decided to go for it.

had to clamber downhill and balance across a tiny creeklet, but after that it was easy going. i didn't know this quiet area was here -- i expect it's way busier in the summer because long lake is in the city. and the trash sort of proved that -- really gotta put together that CITO kit (cache in, trash out). put my thick leather gloves on to dig in holes between the rocks, which proved a good idea, since i came across some glass shards. found GC1T2GD [NCC's Treasure Cache] fairly quickly. alas it was not filled with treasure, so we put some extra swag into it. but it was awesomely camoed; totally blended in with its surroundings. there are apparently trails all through the bluffs behind the lake, but i was tired and cold, so we decided to have dinner at montana's instead. gotta come back here.

after dinner we sat in the truck, burping companionably, and of course the paramour turned the GPS on, and then squealed "28m! there is one only 28m from here!" -- we both turned our heads, looked, nodded at each other, and said as with one voice "[censored]". no, no curse, i just don't want to give the cache location away. we moseyed on over, and found GC1RC0P [Is it Time to Eat?] immediately -- as always, researching a hobby pays off, *little grin*. just a log book to sign, but room to hide a small trackable.

we know this area pretty well; we have hiked many of the trails, and been to nearly all the official parks, but geocaching gets us to some places we haven't been yet, and some spots off the main tracks we wouldn't have otherwise found.

and now i go splat.
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low fence made from fire hydrants and thick white chain

did 3 caches on my own today [GC1JDYM (Burnt Offering), GC1MJ6X (Froggy went a courtin'), GC21YV9 (Birds, Bees, Ants and Trees)], and picked up two travel bugs [TB2MVR3 (Michael's Toadstool Geocoin), and TB24GMZ (Geocoin or Bug?)], which i want to help along. one came from the netherlands, and one from idaho, but has been to australia, having travelled 34365km so far!
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bang (back) and shadow (front), our tuxedo cats, sit next to the cedar hedge, looking quite formal

the paramour's birthday prompted the search for 4 geocaches (found them all!), and a dinner at the bold knight -- had chicken souvlaki with greek salad and molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean gelato for dessert. very yummy, though the souvlaki is still better at the cedarbrook, where it comes with an excellent tzatziki sauce.

i need to find out how i can incorporate the geocaches here, because much about them is interesting.
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eight upswept, painted bright red, concrete beams connect on top of this structure, against the deep blue sky

bought a bunch of semi-useful swag to put in geocaches. i'd hate to put real dreck in there because i sure don't want to find only dreck either. i'll have to come up with some handmade goodies that would be a pleasant surprise.

we did only one cache today, which was exceptionally hard to find. it was TINY! we had both checked in the place where the paramour ended up finding it after reading the hint, but we hadn't expect anything that small; about the size of my index finger tip.


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