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piranha: red origami crane (orizuru)

renaissance poisson

come on in, the water's warm. *toothy grin*

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Created on 2009-04-03 07:03:08 (#10021), last updated 2015-07-05 (197 weeks ago)

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Name:renaissance poisson
Location:Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
if i bought you a paid account: there are no strings attached; you don't need to subscribe to me or grant me access. i commit random acts of this kind for random people at random times; because i love dreamwidth and want to support it, and because i like to share the goodness with other people. i'd do it anonymously, but that can make people uncomfortable too, so this is the lesser of two weevils. in any case, you don't owe me; enjoy!

thanks for all the ghoti.

labels are merely discussion starters.

on usenet i am also piranha. much earlier elsenet, as in PLATO, you might have known me as gtg. i never did game (just like nowadays i never play GTA, THPS, and others). i contain multitudes. :)

i'm a non-op transsexual, gender-queer, and gender-geek. what that means is that i was born into the wrong body, but surgery can't fix it and so i have to deal with what i have, which is a chronic, droning irritation and psychological ache. but beyond that i don't believe gender is binary, and i am unwilling to settle in one of the two officially sanctioned groups; when asked to denote my gender, i usually pick "geek" these days. what i've called myself over the last 4 decades has changed, how i feel inside has changed remarkably little; i am a pragmatist with a vast imagination.

i'm also an ex-christian atheist (who despises paul for what he has done to christianity), a tree-hugger, a socialist, an anti-nationalist, polyamorous, forever curious how things and living beings work, and good with my hands as well as with my brain. though unfortunately chronic depression is taking its toll on the latter, which means i am much less of an activist these days than i used to be -- but i still write letters and have impassioned discussions on the internet. i've been in love with the gift culture of the net for as long as i've been aware of it, and i try to give back what i can.

i am not patient, and at times rude, though i'm working on it. i am happier with a spirited intellectual disagreement among opposing but reasoned viewpoints, than i am with facile agreement and generic unresearched talking points and pap psychology. but i don't like debate (talking to win). use the term "politically correct" in my journal, and get a virtual anchor dropped on your head.

i go through somewhat monomaniacal phases of interests. currently i am into manga/anime and homoerotica. i don't watch any tv, but now and then i go into spurts of watching DVDs on my computer. a lot of shows i like are SF -- star trek: deep space nine, star gate, babylon 5, battlestar galactica. others -- the west wing, traders, sports night, da vinci's inquest, CSI, law & order, arrested development, dead like me, ugly betty. and then there is political satire: the rick mercer report, this hour has 22 minutes, the daily show.

i am not really in fandom, but i am fannishly inclined. i am not serious enough about any of it, i am too promiscuous when it comes to my likes to settle down for long, but i love reading good fic, and think it way cool when people get enthusiastic about their fandoms. as long as there are no wars. i disdain it when people get into fights over who ends up with harry, hermione or ginny -- or draco. (snape all the way.)

i read. voraciously. this is not one of my monomaniacal aspects, i've always read and can't conceive of ever not reading. and i read broadly -- fiction, non-fiction, genre, graphic novels, literature, young adult, magazines. i even read the covers of tabloids (which i hate) in the supermarket checkout; i can't stop myself. and i can read upside down. :)

the biggest part of my life right now is the 1929 wooden troller my live-in partner and i are converting from fishing boat to liveaboard. we'll be launching some time this summer, and i am SO EXCITED about it.

at this point in time i am not locking anything (except for totally private entries nobody else gets to see), and the granting access thing, while enormously pleasing in its existence, isn't gonna do anything for you, so i won't use it at all -- except for testing. this will hopefully be, like my LJ, a 99.9% drama-free zone.

i'll subscribe to you if i am interested, and at this point subscribe back to most people who add me, out of curiosity and because i like to meet new people on dreamwidth. there will come a point where i'll run out of reading list spoons and will have to unsubscribe from some people. please don't take it personally. i know that's easier said than done, but it's all about my coping skills, not about your personality.

tl; dr: and i am verbose, in case you didn't notice. i like precision when it comes to communication, and language is already plenty imprecise; i don't want to make it worse by terseness. if i get stuck in the minutiae of a definition at the expense of a larger, much more important point, you have permission to bop me over the head.

Interests (154):

(writing parenthetical asides), 3d animation and modeling, abandoned buildings, adventure games, alt.polyamory, alternative history, amnesty international, androgyny, anti-nationalism, anti-spam, anti-war, art nouveau, artificial intelligence, artist trading cards, battlestar galactica, boat building, bofh, boys love, britney spears (just kidding), canoeing, cerl plato, chocolate, collage, collecting other people's hobbies, communication communication communication, computer graphics, contrariwise, conversing about bodily fluids, copyright reform, creative commons, creativity, criminalistics, crochet, debian, digital painting, dreamwidth, dumpster diving, dyeing fiber, ecology, emacs, epistolary novels, ethnobotany, exploration, fibre arts, fiction, fiction writing, fire, fixing stuff, forests, form(atting) over content, found objects, gardening, gay erotica, gay fiction, geeking, geeks, genderqueer, glbt, glbtqi issues, gnus, handmade things, handspinning, hiking, homoerotic subtext, how stuff works, human rights, identity, illustrated letters, industrial archaeology, irony, irreverent humour, japan, knitting, knowledge acquisition, languages, learning, linguistics, linux, mail art, manga, metal, mist, moomintrolls, mythology, nanotechnology, native plants, natural dyes, natural history, natural perfumery, nina paley, non-sexual intimacy, noodling, nuclear disarmament, oh shiny!, online communities, open source, optimistic cynicism, paper, papermaking, parentheses (nested), pattern, peoplewatching, photography, polyamory, polymer clay, practical philosophy, printmaking, privacy, programming, psychology, pure delight, questioning authority, rock (minerals and music), sarcasm, satire, science, science fiction, sculpture, seiyuu, self-sufficiency, seti, shounen-ai, snigglers, soaring, social democracy, social software, socialism, sounds of water, speculative fiction, system administration, technical writing, textiles, texture, tolerance, top-posting hatred, transgender, travelling, trees, ukiyoe, unintentional communities, unix, urban planning, used book stores, usenet, video games, weaving, weirdness, witty repartee, wonder, wooden boats, xeriscaping, yaoi, yarn, zen

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