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there's an oscar winner (technical achievement award) sitting next to me. congrats to duncan brinsmead, jos stam, julia pakalns and martin werner without whom that wouldn't have happened. :) (yay julia especially!)

several awards for fluid effect systems this year; interesting.
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the paramour found this awesome organisation, which is making it easy for ordinary people in the rich nations of the world to take part in the microfinancing of small businesses in developing nations, for as little as U$25.

read the post with more detail and linkage.

yeah, yeah, i teared up a little too. what of it?
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the paramour found this (since zie reads slashdot while i am too out of it to do that these days); i'm just flogging it:

steve fossett (who is famous in aviator circles for holding a number of records, including flying a plane around the world without refueling) went missing in a single-engine plane in the nevada desert. digitalglobe (who supplies much satellite imagery for google earth) went and got high resolution images of the area. amazon is making those available for people to look at through its mechanical turk. now anyone who cares from anywhere in the world can try and find a missing airplane in nevada.

i think that rocks. and i'm hoping it'll turn out better than a similar search for computer scientist jim gray who got lost at sea earlier this year (he was never found AFAIK). fossett has been missing for 6 days, but he's known to be a survivalist, so all isn't lost yet.

p.s.: dear fellow aviators: file a fucking flight plan and stick to it.
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oh, i'd love to try this out: a recumbent trike with a sail!

via [livejournal.com profile] treehugger_feed.

(and the upgrade went without a hitch.)
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ah, here's what i need to get in better shape while having fun: human-powered hovercraft.
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japanese ones. very, very cool site, with google maps so one can see the relationship to the landscape; historical info, and pictures.

via metafilter.

i am starting to like metafilter. it doesn't do threading, but it has the bare bones of a sequencer (it shows how many new comments since last time i refreshed, and it can immediately plop me down on the new ones), and i can see all the comments a specific poster has made (something which LJ sorely, sorely lacks). it's still a far cry from usenet, but it doesn't suck quite as much as most weblog software.
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john w. campbell award for best new writer: elizabeth bear

hugo for best novella: "the concrete jungle" by charles stross

rock on!


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