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not like they'll care one whit, but i am boycotting the olympic winter games this time around. i'm not watching coverage, i am not supporting any athletes, i am not buying tchotchkes, i am not knitting scarves, and i am not gonna talk to anyone about results other than to say that sorry, i am boycotting the olympics.

it's a toothless boycott, i understand. i did my slacktivist duty by signing on to various petitions, and that too isn't much. if i were to travel there, maybe carrying a rainbow flag would make a small statement, but i was never gonna travel there, and even if, i am not sure i'd have the guts to let myself be beaten up and maybe killed. i am not that kind of activist anymore.

i used to get my sports on every 4 years under the conceit that the olympics "brought nations together", and that "regular" people, read "amateurs" could show off their amazing athletic feats. that hasn't really been true for quite a while, maybe not even within my lifetime, but hallowed myths die slowly.

a deeper than usual look behind the scenes when vancouver hosted soured me considerably; the politics, the graft, the cronyism, the disdain for the environment were pretty disgusting.

but the russian government is outdoing themselves by covering an ostensibly positive event with special shit sauce this time, and i've had enough. gay people are being beaten up, low income people's homes have been razed, stray dogs are being poisoned, and i am too sick of it to watch some people (who're not at fault for what is being done in their name) put on an athletic circus. i hope i wouldn't have supported the 1936 olympics either; putin does not deserve my support in any possible way.

maybe next time. or maybe not. i might just be done with the olympics for good.

instead i will be paying special attention to what politicians are doing during this time.
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see, if i were a police officer, and i spotted a bad guy from across the street, i would NOT stop the unmarked car, get out, and yell at the guy from a distance -- which then predictably results in the guy taking off at a full run, and me having to chase him.

you cannot tell me that actual police is this stupid. and you, the writer, must think we are all dumb fucks that after years of this malarkey on TV we don't recognize such a thinly veiled excuse for a chase to artificially increase the drama. sheesh. switch on your other neuron and write something less cliché, willya.
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would you please already move fully into the digital age?

funny, my handicraft magazines have for the most part managed it. i can get them in epub or pdf format, i can read them on my desktop or ebook reader, and if i wanted to, on my smartphone. are the readers of political magazines really less computer-savvy than the ones of knitting and crochet magazines? or are just their publishers more hide-bound?

i know many magazine publishers are in difficult financial straits. i want to put my money where my website views are. i want to support those companies that put out really great websites and pay amazing writers.

but the atlantic makes it difficult for me to subscribe -- unless i want to shell out extra for the print edition shipped to canada, or acquire an apple-manufactured mobile device. i don't; i do not support apple's walled garden approach, and my mobile device of choice is an android phone. on which i do not actually want to read anything more than a text message because its screen is too small. in any case, the atlantic only offers an iphone/ipad app. no pdf, no epub, no android app (no kindle either, which i don't rant about since i am not in favour of amazon's walled garden).

i don't want a print edition. i am long past wanting a magazine in print. it's cumbersome to read, it clutters up the house, it needs recycling, and trees were killed that needn't die.

and guess what? i can't even send them email to express my disappointment. i have to use the phone or snail mail. not gonna happen, but it's certainly one way to close one's ears and go "nah nah nah, i can't hear you complaining". except in this case, it's costing them a subscriber.

two years ago i had worse trouble with rolling stone, who didn't have any digital edition, and whose print magazine costs double to subscribe to in canada. it is finally doing better (a recent change) in the digital realm. it's available on more platforms, such as android, nook, kindle. but still no pdf or epub i can read on my own ebook reader and desktop. and since my android phone can't handle the new google play, it too isn't able to access the app. and even if i could read current issues, that still doesn't get me to the matt taibbi archives, which is what i want most of all -- but for that i need a US address. WTF?

the problem with the android app leads me to a separate rant about the planned near-instant obsolescence of cell phones. my old hardware works fine, it fits well into my hand, and i love it (it has a small physical keyboard which i much prefer over on-screen ones). but thanks to cellphone provider rogers' insistence to keep me from upgrading the OS itself, i am stuck on the last OS they gave me, which is ancient now. unless i want to jailbreak the phone. which i'll do, but seriously, it should be a damn crime to lock people in like this unless you, dammit, provide proper upgrades for the actual lifetime of the phone. yes, i know nobody wants to do that. i am ok with you not doing it, IF you then let me do it myself and not put enormous hurdles in my way, and much threatening legalese.

now i need to ponder how i can support the atlantic and rolling stone anyway. i can subscribe via itunes, and then break the DRM and process the resulting document into pdf/epub. but seriously, i should not have to do something illegal. that's just stupid.
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of SFF ebooks, since i've been woefully behind the times in that genre.

the *poing* and i were co-grumbling about the sad tendency of publishers advising authors to switch names in order to beat the crappy software that seems to determine what bookstores buy -- which makes me lose track of authors i like because i don't have the spoons to read industry-watching or individual authors' blogs. the *poing* enlightened me that Sarah Zettel is indeed still writing, except as CL Anderson, and that Laura J Mixon is now MJ Locke. really, guys, a change to a more bland, less unique name is good for you? the gender-neutrality makes up for that? is SFF still so damn hidebound? has anyone done a study on this? do any male authors in SF change names? maybe SFF publishers should develop a logo for "girl cooties" and liberally stamp it on all books so infested to spare overly sensitive guys from exposure.


i set out to do some book buying.

what the heck is wrong with SFF publishers? back lists are still often not available as ebooks! some newer books are too expensive. frex Justina Robson's "Natural History" comes in at C$14. that's too much for me; i won't pay more than C$10 because i don't pay more for a mass market paperback. now, if authors received a much higher percentage of that money, then we could talk. as it is, no. since i am planning to shift all my paper to ebooks, i looked for some lesser known, such as Tricia Sullivan. nothing at all in ebook. *sigh*. how long do publishers hang on to rights? i wonder whether self-publishing might not be a more viable idea than hoping for more than a decade that you'll get a reprint.

*double grump*.

also, kobo.com still does not have a shopping cart, but each book gets bought singly. that is so annoying that it makes me want to go out and download a torrent with 1000 pirated books -- if only that worked as a deterrent to bookstores pissing me off. i have a budget. i want to pile my haul up in my shopping cart to see what it all comes to with tax. as it is, i have to keep track of that in my head (or start writing it down -- yeah, right). maybe this method works to make other people over-spend, but in my case i am under-spending and buying fewer books than i otherwise would, because i hate getting individual statements in my inbox as well.

i would easily have spent double of what i did today if the books i wanted had been available at a price point i am willing to pay, or indeed, had been available at all.

it's a sad day when it is much easier to buy gay tentacle porn than established SFF.

*triple grump*.

also, it makes it much harder to write up a haul because i have to copy-paste everything bit by bit.

Aguirre Ann - Sirantha Jax 1 - Grimspace
Anderson CL (Zettel Sarah) - Bitter Angels
Bear Elizabeth - Jacob's Ladder 1 - Dust
Gould Steven - 7th Sigma
Hallaway Tate (Morehouse Lydia) - Garnet Lacey 1 - Tall, Dark & Dead
McGuire Seanan - October Daye 1 - Rosemary and Rue
Kowal Mary Robinette - Glamourist Histories 1 - Shades of Milk and Honey
Locke MJ (Mixon Laura J) - Up Against It
Robson Justina - Quantum Gravity 1 - Keeping It Real
Stross Charles - Glasshouse
Wilson Robert Charles - Spin 2 - Axis
Wilson Robert Charles - Spin 3 - Vortex
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since neither the paramour nor brother wanted the ipod touch the paramour won, and i'm kinda the mac person in this family, i've inherited it. which seemed convenient at the time, since my android phone has bricked itself (no, really, it wasn't me rooting it; i had in fact not rooted it if you can believe that). anyway, the phone is dead, and i've not bothered to get a new one because i don't actually use it much.

so, i figured i can use the ipod for some of the things i do like, such as listening to music when out and about among noisy people (it works great for that), and keeping my shopping list.

oy. now, that is rather more complicated than it should be. first of all there is the app store. for which one needs an apple ID. ok. the apple ID enforces a certain degree of password security, which i am all in favour of - it wants a mix of capital and lower case letters, and at least a number. fine by me; add some punctuation and i am all set.

except such a password is a royal PAIN IN THE BUTTOCKS to type on an ipod. the virtual keyboard needs me to switch from alpha to numeric for every number or punctuation symbol. and it's not the easiest thing to type on this, unless you have dainty, pointy fingers. i don't.

so i type and switch and type and switch and type, and then it tries to load the app i had searched for and chosen (a free app in this case -- why in the world does it need my password anyway?). and once it's done loading, it tells me that my password was incorrect, and i get to try again. after mistyping it twice, it asks me innocently whether i might have forgotten it and offers me a choice to cancel or reset it. NO, i've not forgotten anything, I JUST WANT TO USE A BETTER KEYBOARD! and if i cancel, then i get to start over.

this, needless to say, is not winning me over to apple's app store model. it's easier to print my shopping list. which i will proceed to do now. i refuse to change my password to something easier to type, you bastards.
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i've just not been up to it, or even up to taking pictures. but it seems that i am finally over what turned out to be horrid side effects of the wellbutrin. i can't say that it's doing much for my depression, but i want to give it another month without miserable side effects, since those make it hard to assess how i am really feeling. hopefully this journal will provide some content again. happy new year, y'all!

i've mostly been hermitting, and been keeping myself busy with reading; i'm back into mysteries (mostly oldies like ngaio marsh and andre garve), and i've also dusted off my BL manga collection. which means i am studying japanese again, yay. i missed that, but it became too hard to concentrate.

found out that some japanese publishers now write cease and desist letters to scanlation groups, some of whom have apparently slunk off into their own gated communities with demands about not sharing their scans outside -- which i don't get. i mean, they're not all THAT gated (3000 of your closest friends!), so they're not actually safe from "spies", and demanding limited distribution on the internet never ever works. me, i'd change my name, sever all connection with past sites, and distribute randomly through a variety of channels, letting those who're attentive enough to grab the scans do the rest of the distribution.

and japanese publishers kid themselves if they think those letters actually halt, or even diminish scanlation for more than a few weeks. there is a solid fan base, there is ongoing demand, they are not filling it (english licenses are few, only of already-famous mangaka, often years behind the original, and mostly inferior quality, plus people from countries where BL is censored or forbidden often rely on scanlations), ergo there will always be people who jump to fill that demand, and the net makes it so much easier now to cooperate across large distances, and yet to remain anonymous if needed. and i keep thinking that they're not losing anything much from english scanlation, but are possibly even gaining customers -- i bought no manga at all before i found out about scanlation; now i do, heck: i started buying japanese originals before i could read any japanese, just to hold those little treasures in my own hands, and to support the mangaka i really like. without scanlation i wouldn't know about 70% of the mangaka out there, and i certainly wouldn't know about up-and-coming ones who most need the support, because they are first published in the japanese "phone book" magazines which are hard to get here (though i am getting to the point where i will probably buy those from japan, even though the shipping costs are formidable). i am by far not unique; lots of other BL fanciers do the same thing.

to me scanlation and general book sharing over the net is no different from libraries and used bookstores; it allows me a preview before buying my own, and it's more convenient; not tied to store hours, inventory, or location, which means i read more and across a wider range of authors. good writers have nothing to worry about from that; i find more of them, and buy more of their works than i used to; my spending on new ebooks has really gone up quite considerably, while my spending on print books has gone down, and i buy few used books anymore -- the latter used to be the vast majority of my book budget, and it's not like authors and publishers benefitted much from that.

i grant that mediocre and bad writers might be losing out; at least in my case. i no longer buy as many random authors on impulse as i used to, and i don't buy crappy books i've read. then again, i also give mediocre authors more of a chance now -- i used to not buy ever again if i didn't like my first purchase. nowadays i read further works because it costs me nothing, and that additional exposure might just change my opinion and put the author back on my "buy" list. i'm really curious how that shakes out; maybe i'll keep better track of it for a year to see whether my impressions are correct, and how much that comes to in monetary terms.

ah, enough rantage -- i need to go buy a hard drive enclosure so i can clone my mac boot disk in order to move to a new machine. my first SATA drive (not even eSATA) -- wow, am i ever behind the curve in computer hardware now. need more POWER, *arrrrr*!

photos soon!
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i'm evaluating personal library programs for the mac and sharing the results with a book group to which i belong. however nifty librarything is, i do prefer to have my entire library catalogued locally, so it is available when i am (or LT is) offline. i have more than 2000 books entered into LT already, however, and do not care to duplicate the effort. therefore, whichever program i choose has to be able to import my books in some form.

i didn't think that was going to be an issue in the year 2010.

think again. )
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elsenet i was linked to victoria brownworth's article in the lambda literary blog.

let me first say that i read brownworth's article and thought it was abysmally bad, so bad that it totally obscured its own central concern. that's a crying shame. it's also a shame that there was no enlightenment had from the other side in the comments, for the most part. it was typical defensive derailment, complete with the usual bingo excuses, as paul g bens showed so poignantly. but, having observed such discussions before, commenters would have derailed the thread anyway, even if victoria had done her research instead of putting more falsehood than truth out there about m/m, and being rude to everyone who disagreed with her. they wouldn't have listened even if she had been well-informed and courteous. but they should listen, because the central concern is important.

the central concern is that m/m AS A GENRE fetishizes gay relationships for the titillation of heterosexual women, and that this is detrimental to actual gay people.

i believe that concern is warranted.

i read a lot of m/m, and by "a lot" i mean around 1500 stories a year. i do not just read based on reviews; i pick a large number of books at random. disclaimer: i know that there are some actual male writers behind some of the pseudonyms (as well as lesbians and bisexual men and women and trans folk), and i know that some actual gay men read m/m and enjoy it. end disclaimer.

but the vast majority is born from slash fiction and yaoi, is written by straight women, and is read by straight women. and yes, yaoi is much worse when it comes to faulty information and fetishization -- but that doesn't mean m/m escapes the accusation. some of m/m's best selling authors are its worst offenders. and IMO the majority of the genre is at least mildly offensive to actual gay persons.

i also know that m/m is empowering for many women and genderqueers (i won't go into why here, but it's fascinating. and way cool. some of the analysis in fandom way surpasses anything i've seen come out of gender studies.).

but i've also read many comments from fangirls that show they get a lot of misinformation from m/m, and that they thoroughly objectify the men in m/m. if an author writes badly informed fiction, some people will swallow that crap with gusto, and will think they now know something about gay people and their sexuality, their relationships. and they will be wrong. that's not empowering anyone; it damages.

writers who're defensive when confronted with the accusation that they're appropriating and objectifying, are not being asked to "get out" of writing about gay relationships. however, if they don't get it right, if they are lazy, if they write formula, then they better be prepared for scathing criticism from gay people whom they offend with that dreck. it is totally possible to write authentic gay fiction as a non-gay writer; there are many talented m/m authors who're taking their craft seriously. the problem is not THAT women write it, it's HOW they write it.

the entitled whining from some m/m authors in the comments to brownworth's article was painful to watch, and it didn't impress me one bit. yup, it can be hard to look at one's own work with a critical eye, even if one writes "just fiction". but one doesn't get to trample all over an already oppressed group with impunity "just for fun". because fiction is never "just fiction". fiction has power, fiction teaches, fiction influences people. and if, as an author, you appropriate a facsimile of people's lives in order to gain personal profit from what happens to also be their pain, they have every right to tell you that you're an arse who makes their lives harder.

an author is not directly responsible what people do with the information they convey. but the author is culpable. i suggest to take that seriously, even if one just writes plot-what-plot stories -- getting it right matters to those whose lives one borrows in order to have a bit of fun.
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because i broke my streak of not causing an accident in 33 years by cracking somebody's plastic bumper while backing out of a parking space yesterday. i am especially peeved at myself because i had a bad feeling about it, and didn't follow my instinct, which said "drive back into your space, take it out of gear, and let those two others go first". they were in spaces at 90° to me, and i wasn't sure the second one had even seen me, so i backed up only a bit to avoid him, pulled forward, backed up again to get fully out of my space and *crack*, the first of the two others had meanwhile backed up as well. i didn't see him in my mirrors, *sigh*, and i didn't turn all the way around to check through my rear window. so i guess it was my fault, since he was stationary at the time (watching me back up, *arrgh*; pulling forward didn't occur to him until too late).

the truck: no damage at all. not even a paint scrape on the bumper. his minivan: probably $2000 worth of crumpled plastic. jesus, they make those bumpers as income insurance for collision specialists, yes?

but enough of my incompetence, that's too depressing. would you buy a book from this writer? i wouldn't. names redacted to protect the guilty.

J grew up in Chicago living in the same house all her life until she went left for college. Her mom taught J how to read at an early age and was able to read books at a 3rd grade level before attending Kindergarten. She always read above her reading level and read some of her favorite novels in 6th grade for the first time. Though she has a great life, she loves to get lost in fantasy that only books could bring. She kept writing, short stories, romance, mystical, and of course adding in hot cowboys any chance she could. Her wide interest in reading was reflected in her writings. Currently J lives with her dog, M, named after a vampire from Ann Rice's Interview with the Vampire series. She dreams of one day living out in Montana, enough land to have a few horses, and find a couple of cowboys of her own. A lover of men, J's all about them in any form in her books. Vampire, werewolf, military, doesn't matter at all as long as they are hot, hard, and sex fiends!

i know reading and writing abilities don't go hand-in-hand, but the bragging makes me feel all the errors more keenly.
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ever since powells has discontinued their free shipping to canada, i've much more seldomly shopped there except when they get in a rare book that's on my notifications list. i just bought $15 worth of books and paid $27 in total for the pleasure. i love to support independents, but not when it costs me decidedly more than anywhere else; i might as well support small book sellers in canada instead, and wait even longer for some of those rarities to pop up.

so when i found out that powells also sell ebooks now, i was happy, because hey, i rather buy them from there than from amazon and the other big guys any day. however, spot check of 10 ebooks shows that 9 out of those 10 can only be downloaded from within the US.

thanks for nothing. i know it's likely not powells who's to blame for this, but will the effing publishing industry get its effing head out of its effing arse already?

you want to know why people pirate? here's yet another reason.
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i am finding myself totally disinclined to buy their yarns. when i was last in my LYS, the new sales lady tried to sell me on some eco recycled rowan yarn, and i felt totally *meh* about it, even though i like tweedy yarns. when i came home i was wondering why that might have been so -- i've had no bad experience with rowan yarns; they're just usually a bit on the expensive side. they do feature some really excellent designers, and i was at a loss why i had such a distinctly negative reaction.

and then i looked at patterns and more patterns and more, and now i know why i felt *meh*: in general their models look emaciated, bored, and prissy. none of the patterns i saw went over 46|56, and of course no model is ever shown who'd actually BE a 46|56.

my subconscious must have been paying attention all along. rowan doesn't care about large people. so guess what? i ain't buying your overpriced yarn, of which i'd have to buy more skeins than any of your skinny models. so there.
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peter watts, canadian science fiction writer, was beaten and jailed at a US border crossing, according to him without provocation or reason.

peter's blog entry does not shed any more light on what exactly happened.

dear US of fucking A:

occasionally friends of mine in the US wonder why i no longer travel there. and when i explain, i am sure -- even though nobody has said it out loud -- that they think i'm probably a little paranoid.

i'm not. your damn country is a loose cannon. crossing your borders is not safe for foreigners. yes, thousands cross without incident. but the incidents are many more now than they used to be, and the guards are more petty and vindictive, and more filled with righteous POWER because hey, there's terr'ists out there.

no way am i visiting the US again while this sort of shit goes on. i had great hopes for the obama administration, but obama clearly isn't willing to fix many of the problems introduced by the abominable shrub.

my canadian dollars won't go into your tourist industry. they'll go to a legal defense fund for peter watts.
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rant #1: on obama getting the nobel peace prize.

oh yeah, i was surprised. my first impulse was that it was too early, that he hadn't done much yet, that he was still involved in two wars, still shooting missiles into pakistan. but then i started thinking about prior nobel awards, and about what he _had_ done so far.

the nobel prize is sometimes awarded for potential, for making the right moves towards peace in a way that could really change the world if they succeeded. when awarded for that, it's an award to draw attention to those moves, to give support and encouragement. rabin and arafat were awarded a nobel for their moves towards recognizing each other's right to exist. kissinger was awarded a nobel for trying to get out of vietnam. they certainly didn't get it for what they had done with their lives previously, for their general peacefulness. and neither went as far as one might have hoped. but giving the awards was important at the time. and anyone who screams that the award has been tainted by giving it to obama needs to do some fsucking research.

the furor from republican mouth pieces about obama's win was sadly only to be expected. apparently if obama does it, it's ok to side with hamas and the taliban in one's criticism. the party of "no" is becoming increasingly anti-american. i thought after the election things would calm down, but instead they're becoming worse and worse -- and my own reaction to republicans is becoming worse as well. i don't want to read anyone anymore who throws their lot in with people who're this unhinged; it gives me stomach cramps (i am not kidding; the pure hatred that comes from followers of limbaugh and beck makes me ill, and worries me sick). every time i see obama in the trending topics on twitter i expect that he has been assassinated by somebody whipped into a murderous frenzy by those people.

but what's also ridiculous is all this yammering by others about how he doesn't "deserve" it. and "what has he done?". can those people not read? the nobel committee said why they gave it to him.

obama is getting this award because he's the man with the right vision for a more peaceful world at the right time in the right place. it's an encouragement for his politics of dignity. if one know nothing of the world one won't see that, but outside of the US obama has a huge amount of credibility, and has single-handedly turned the view of the US around from being a scary, warmongering imperialist into something civilized again. i can think of other people who'd deserve the nobel peace prize for what they have done, yes. but i can't think of anyone who'd deserve it as encouragement for what they CAN do better than obama. he's not the messiah (*rolls eyes*), but he's a pivotal character at a critical time.

the nobel peace prize for obama is meant to be a call to world-wide positive action in the areas of nuclear disarmament, climate control, easing of tensions between religious groups. here's hoping it bears some fruit.


May. 9th, 2009 16:07
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i really, REALLY hate it when i ask for a task, am given one, and then casually find out somebody else has taken it too, but nobody talks to me about it. i'm right there! in the room! and they're talking as if i weren't there, and had nothing to do with it. and nobody tells me to stop working on it. and when i make a suggestion to improve something, that too isn't acknowledged. WTF? if you two wanted to work on this happily together, why even task me with it?! i didn't rush in and grab it!

makes me feel like i am being snubbed. especially since this one person already always treats me like i am a little slow and stupid. which doesn't play well with my depression. and also? i am NOT slow and stupid when it comes to this stuff. i am fast and smart. so fuck you if you can't see that. godverdomme.

maybe today would be a good day for me to work in the garden. no drama. appreciate 3 good things about my life.

ETA: *gnrg*, why am i so fucking emo today? anyway, nobody please worry about this. i am just out of balance, and unhappy, and apparently the slightest little thing can push me over the edge. a couple of hours in the garden and i'll be fine. ESPECIALLY don't worry about it if you are my partner. :) you did nothing wrong.
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ah, back from a long power outage, which got me another 5 hours of sleep, so i am mostly on a daytime schedule now from the 100% nighttime one of last week. i was wondering when the snow accumulation would get the power to fail; it always does eventually. we have huge amounts of snow, but fortunately so far, because it got cold right after the first big dump of about a foot, the snow isn't as heavy as it was in the bad year when lots of structures and trees were destroyed.

having stayed up til 9:00 in order to go and provide the cats with sustenance i spent an hour digging the truck out from under its covering. the bad aspect of the freeze was that the first bit of snow was very wet before it kicked in, so there was a layer of ice at the bottom. *ugh*. i let the engine melt the bottom of the pack on the hood for half an hour, and then hacked it into large pieces and slid it off. the windshield was helped by the internal fan. but no help for all the other windows on the cap; *ugh*. sometimes i use hot water, but i actually figured the exercise would be good for me, since i've been hermitting for a week. the landlord's son was grumpily shoveling around their cars -- they always do that, *heh*. me, i cherish our 4x4; it's got no problems getting out of the parking spot, nor with the steepish driveway either.

then i drove down to southgate to buy catfood and manfood. <rant> too many people are idiots. that's a mere 6 km drive and i saw two accidents that had just happened, nevermind the slipping and sliding at the lights. comments i hear about that usually say "well, people are not used to it". indeed, we don't have a lot of snow. but we get one or two snow falls a year, usually accompanied by freezing, and the last 4 years one of the falls has been massive. how can you not learn your lesson after the first one? i doubt these are all people who have immigrated from latitudes that have no snow or ice at all. no, it's that a lot of people are idiots and drive too damn fast in their puny, light speed mobiles. i saw how many passed me, and i was in a 4x4 vehicle going 50 km/hr, able to brake at the lights without sliding. if you were going the speed limit (70-90km/hr) in a regular 2WD vehicle, you were going too fast for the conditions. this is why i don't like to drive in this weather; i don't actually mind the conditions much, i just hate the idiots. </rant>

but none of the idiots got me into an accident, and i got cat food and half-price steak and veggies and garlic and mandarin oranges and some new black cherry/vanilla coke, and it's back to hermitting. snow keeps falling, though much more slowly now, there's just another 3 inches on the car since noon.

(i was gonna point out how this post is 100% BSG-free, but the music foiled that.)
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condoleezza rice. and your bully-boy boss too.

it may be good enough for our limp conservative government that you claim you're committed to informing ottawa now before you deport canadian citizens to other countries to be tortured, but it's not good enough for me. your assurances are worthless. you broke your own laws when you did that to maher arar; why should a letter on white house stationary have more weight? nevermind that the moment you open your lips these days it's to lie. you spent your political capital several times over by lying with impunity. damn right you're gonna do it again if it comes in handy, unless you're made to pay severely.

and i don't see an apology. nor a statement that you've taken maher arar off your stupid watchlist.

fuckers. i so want to see you criminals impeached. in fact, i'd like to see you jailed. but you've already legislated yourself to safety, haven't you.

and you, mackay, you are a pitiful piece of milquetoast.

p.s: dear globe and mail. have a copy editor check the spelling of the names of foreign "dignitaries" before publishing. yeah, it's a damnfool way of spelling her name, but it's her damnfool way.
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rush limbaugh:

you are such a miserable excuse for a human being compared to the man whose disease you saw fit to mock (an actual disease, not a drug habit like yours), the man who has more dignity in his shaking little finger than you have in the entirety of your soul; michael j. fox:

the only reason you yourself are a celebrity is that some americans love watching train wrecks and hanker for the olden days of bloody cock fights. your epitaph might as well be "remember rush -- big lush talked trash." and a little further down the line, nobody will remember you at all.
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what i want to know is how the hell you think yourself qualified to pontificate on the quality of today's SFF if you say shit like:

I am basically disatisfied with what is produced and so I read very little of it. (the person's currently favoured reading material is bujold's vorkosigan romp).


I've been very, very disappointed in what science-fisction releases have made it to the shelves the last few times I've been in a mainstream store. I think my last actual purchase was a reprinted Heinlien novel.

catch-22, anyone?

oh, and i am gonna take your opinion real seriously if you can't even spell the name of the single famous author whose work you consider worth buying. nevermind that if your taste is stuck on heinlein, and that is what you consider "good SF", we don't even need to bother talking.
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go away.

i don't want to hear that you've been abused by a clergyman when you were a young teenager. i don't even know whether to believe you. i think you've handily grabbed onto the best defense you could find -- blaming your actions on somebody else abusing you when you were a child. because who wouldn't be horrified at that, who wouldn't feel for you? somebody else infected you with teh gay! couldn't have just sprung up on its own, could it. certainly not in a republican. yowza.

i tell you who wouldn't feel for you. this survivor of child sexual abuse. this one who dragged zirself through the initial humiliation of admitting the shame to a counselor. who worked zir ass off to overcome the cycle of abuse and violence. who never laid a hand on another person without their consent, who developed a consent fetish, who to this day makes damn sure any advance, even just a geek-flirty one, is wanted. who is worried about the very first geek-flirty ones because they might impose discomfort on the other person. who wouldn't dream of coming on to a teenager. not because they're "children" -- they're not. not because sex is dirty -- it's not. not because gay sex is an abomination -- it's not. but because i have some bloody self-control and know what is and isn't appropriate.

you bastard. shame, shame, shame on you. even if you were abused. that's no excuse. you have been an adult for years. you should have fought against trying to do the very thing that was (maybe) forced onto you. you should have sought counseling (whether or not you had been abused, when you felt the first stirrings of making out with 16-year old boys over whom you had power). but no; you had to screw around with them instead. you had to abuse your position of power to make advances on people barely old enough to handle themselves in normal sexual situations for that age. they did well, you know? they did the right thing. they tried to disengage, and when that didn't work, they told somebody. you're a miserable little shit who couldn't admit to his homosexual desires, and go about them like an adult man. and don't you now dare to try and defend it by blaming some other guy. oh yeah, and the booze. always so handy; a safe all-american excuse on which to blame one's failings.

how about you blame them on your weak character instead, you slimy chickenhawk?


i don't want to hear any more about you. go away. and take that arsehole hastert with you. you're all such small, rotten men.
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you said before:
I believe there is going to be a great uprising in Connecticut today. There is going to be a big turnout in my opinion, and when it is all over I am going to be honored to be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in this election.

If the people of CT are good enough to send me back to Washington as an independent democrat, I will continue to fight for our national security...I never hesitate to work with members of the other party.

indeed.  there was a great uprising in connecticut.  there was a big turnout of more than 40%, a record turnout for a primary, 15% higher than the last highly contested democratic primary in CT.  and when it was over, people voted your ass out, voted for a virtual unknown over you, not by a landslide, but by majority.  even the people in your home town voted for him over you.  the classy thing would be to congratulate your opponent and throw your support behind him -- that's what you would expect from him if the tables were turned.  the non-classy, assholish thing to do is to fuck the democratic party over some more by running as an independent.  but who cares what the people want, right?

the lie about the lamont campaign hacking your website was pretty much the last straw anyway.  oh, and people who can't hire competent folks for their website security should maybe not lead the nation regarding its security.  kthxbye, loserman.


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