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these are mainly for the paramour and the *poing* so as to see how BC hydro really went to town this year with the tree killing. :) unfortunately, none of this helps the landlord (who's after a better view from his living room, which the cutting of those three trees did not provide).

bacchus and bang helped with the survey.
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after taking a break for a while, i am going to be reading LJ again, but i think i've finally got to start using filters for groups of people, because it now regularly becomes too much, and then i have to stop entirely for a while. damn.

of course it doesn't help when i decide to look at my profile (which i only do once in a blue moon when i think i should change something) and discover i've been friended by new-to-LJ snigglers, and then trawl their profiles and find more snigglers that i didn't notice before. so now there's more people to read: [livejournal.com profile] betonica and [livejournal.com profile] offcenter_wc and [livejournal.com profile] masaiwarrior and [livejournal.com profile] owned_by_2_cats and [livejournal.com profile] la_penguinita (who friended me ages ago, but whom i didn't then recognize because I AM A RETARD -- the paramour recognized her handle right away). the paramour, who is unfortunately much more easily missed here than on usenet, is [livejournal.com profile] mayaknife, in case anyone wants to read zir obnoxious posts.

i still can't figure out who [livejournal.com profile] lynn_massa is. is that just more evidence of my retardation, or does she post-date my ssm participation?

*moves [livejournal.com profile] snigglers to default daily filter*.

my life remains very quiet, which is a good thing. this june has been the nicest i can remember for a long time; warm enough to wear tshirts but never too hot, and lots and lots of rain or just overcast days. the hermit is happy. i am not growing any new annuals this year, so no vegetables either -- the landlord said he'd bring a backhoe in to dig a ditch at the property line, and that carries a high risk of destroying my small vegetable beds, so i am sparing myself potential grief by not even getting started. everything in the front, and the memorial gardenlet is well-established perennial or self-seeding annual, so i've not done anything but weed. yay. the fruits of hard labour in prior years finally -- i've moved so much before living here that this rarely happened, so it's cool to enjoy it now. i've convinced the landlord not to take the apple tree down; i hope that works with the back hoe. it'll probably lose some branches, but i don't care as long as the main shade remains.

i've been sleeping better since banning the cats from my room, but it's still not good; i remain tired pretty much all the time. i am sorta dreading summer because heat will make it worse. but then i've also told myself that it's not really predictable, so maybe this time i'll sleep great when it's hot outside. *snrk*.

still monomaniacal about japanese. it's fun to rewatch anime now that i had watched before starting to seriously learn japanese; i do actually understand significantly more now, even though it's still mostly single words and sentence fragments instead of entire sentences. learning how to conjugate verbs has made a huge difference. i am very slow to acquire vocabulary due to the depression-related memory dysfunction; i have to look up a word many times before it sinks in, but i am determined not to let that stop me even though it frustrates me to the point of tears at times. i'm going to try and write vocab down by hand as well as typing it into my own dictionary list; that might help anchor it better.
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drove the paramour to the victoria airport on wednesday. had looked forward to spending some time in victoria afterwards, trawling used bookstores. but right after the paramour went through security, my GI tract decided to go seriously wonky on me, and i went home with rather too many stops on the way. </TMI>

since then i've been enjoying the hermit life (the GI tract calmed down later in the evening). it's so quiet! not like the paramour is noisy, or even annoying (most of the time, *grin*), but there's just a different quality to a house that's empty of any other human. i really like being by myself.

this time i have no plans for doing anything in specific. it's just for 3 weeks anyway, but i've also been unhappy with the lack of follow-through on prior plans, and the easiest way to handle that is ... right; making no plans at all. i'll call it "vacation".

yesterday i spent all day fiddling with the new printer, calibrating it to output as much as possible what i see after editing my images in photoshop. originally it had a somewhat purple cast in the blues that was making me a little unhappy. professionals do this with colour calibration hardware; cheap schnorrers like me eyeball it. i gotta say, the latest prints on matte photo paper look really good though; it was worth the trouble.

i'm also, once again, looking at low-end image management software; that's what i'll be doing today. for the mac this time. i'm eyeing extensis portfolio, iview pro, and photos 4.1 -- if anyone has experience with either of those, or something else that doesn't cost several bodily appendages, feel free to share.
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oi, long time no post. mostly due to a really bad streak of insomnia; last night was the first good, solid sleep i've had in 12 days. i'd go to bed and then toss and turn, or doze off for an hour and then be wide awake again, and that'd continue throughout the night or day, no matter when i tried to sleep. even making myself purposely physically tired, which usually works, didn't really do the trick this time. i'd sleep for longer, but somehow didn't sleep deeply, so when i woke up i'd always still feel tired.

so today feels great; i am actually awake with the sun, and getting things done.

gave up on the i850's printhead, and since buying a new printhead is almost as expensive as buying a new printer, decided on the second option, and bought a new printer yesterday. sticking with canon, since i've had good experiences with them (the printhead failure being entirely my own fault). it's a pixma ip4300, and from my initial trials, i am quite happy with it. it was the usual cinch to set up, and actually, even accessing it from linux was a breeze (it's hooked to the big mac and shared over the network). so now the paramour does no longer need to wait for me to get my act together to print out forms.

the abominable sex drive is still with me. i'm accomodating it to some degree (insomnia helps with that), and generally make fun of it, since grousing about it doesn't help. still glad this didn't happen in my teenage years; it would have probably really fucked me up. gayboy is a slut and a romantic, a combination that would be rather painful in reality. however much he is displeased with my body, he should damn well be grateful that i have my shit together emotionally, *snrk*.

haven't done much in the garden, just pulled some weeds, and whacked the grass down in front (once it's past 9:00 today i'll attack the back). am not really in the mood to do much planting this year, but will probably buy tomato and cucumber seedlings. the flowers in the front and the herbs are all sprouting like mad on their own. the landlord wants to dig a new drainage ditch in the back, and is thinking of ripping out everything there, but i think i will resist the elimination of the apple tree. yes, it's already fallen, and yes, it doesn't have good apples, but it provides shade to the back of the house, and a handy play/escape route for the cats onto the roof. since he's eliminated the blackberry thicket on the other side, i think i'll feel better if this escape route remains, since there are dogs that run loose pretty much on all sides of the property, and there is nothing to keep them out.

still immersed in japanese and learning a lot. deep into conjugating verbs. i'll probably make a post on that now that i've pretty much figured out the system. this part is very easy compared to other languages i've learned; very very regular, and the list of irregular verbs is short enough to actually memorize over time (those verbs except for 2 are also regular in their irregularity :). what makes japanese difficult is that generally nothing i know grammatically maps precisely onto it. that's also kind of fun though; it's challenging to build a new mindset, and it's bound to be good for my linguistic brain to be used in new ways.
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i am actually done with the cleaning with an hour to spare (which is pretty amazing for my track record in the last couple years), despite not having slept much.

i owe some of you email and LJ comments, but i will be s.l.o.w for the next week. probably. depends on how my schedule adjusts to have somebody here with a very regular schedule. could be i'll be hopped up on disney chemical renewal in the middle of the night every day, which lends itself to wasting time online.

i remembered that our DVD player can play mp3s so i burned all my jpop to disc and am playing it through the better speaker attached to the tv. BUMP OF CHICKEN! cleaning up goes so much faster with some bouncy music.

it really is spring! it's warm, and green stuff is sprouting all over my garden.

[ETA -- oh, i was so WRONG about that "hour to spare". right after i had written this the paramour asked "so when does the *poing*'s plane get here?" and i said 14:53, and zie said, so what, in 6 minutes? why are you still here? and i go ACK!FUCK!SHIT!DAYLIGHTSAVINGSTIME! -- i had forgotten that my machine had not switched automatically. i just cannot win at the punctuality game lately.]
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why does LJ never save an autodraft when i actually need one? *gnarg*. i should go back to composing in an external editor.

so in the first iteration of this post i was moaning about how the one bad thing about living with the paramour is that we often have such different schedules, since zie just went to bed, and i am a few hours past my own sleep window, feel like blasting music real loud and singing along in bad japanese, and vacuuming the house.

but since the *poing* doesn't get here until mid-afternoon on saturday, there's still time for the cleanup part of that. and in the meantime there are headphones, and i just sing quietly.

not like i've been much present here lately, but from saturday on i'll be even less so, for about a week. i'm glad the paramour is actually here this time; i always like it when all three of us can geek out together, and we haven't been able to do that in a couple of years now. we might drive out to the west coast of the island for a couple of days, and maybe be in time to see a few tens of thousands of brant geese migrate. and it looks like spring is actually here finally, even though we still had frost last night -- all the early bloomers are out now.

however depressed i might get, i never forget just how incredibly awesome my partners are, and how lucky i am to have found them. occasionally i get wistful about the bloody long distance, but hey, i take it any day over the alternative.

oh, those of you going to alt.polycon -- i hope you have a wonderful time. i'll be thinking of y'all.

today's japanese manga text instantly recognized, and found very appropriate to the occasion: 俺も好きだよ (ore mo suki da yo) - i like you too!
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i've decided i should at least maintain some decorum, and not make every post about smexy things, ne?

the paramour is monopolizing drynwyn (our big mac), so i am back on smite (which still needs a real mythological name, but it pleases me to log on to it :). after 3 months solely on a mac, everything feels weird, and the hot keys don't work. i should definitely go back to switching a lot between machines, so this doesn't happen again. or, you know, invest the effort of reprogramming this keyboard, since it actually has extra keys where the mac has them. yeah, that's gonna happen.

it's not quite as freezing cold outside as it has been this last week, consistently in the minus 5-6°C range. we're going without firewood this year -- because i am a useless piece of protoplasm who can't pick up the phone to order some, and because we bought a new heater, one of those orange-glowy, totally silent ones (which undoubtedly has a proper technical name, but all the sex has apparently reduced my vocabulary), and when that's pointed right at us sitting companionably next to each other, it usually feels warm enough. in bed though it's hot water bottle time to counteract the clammy sheets. also, i like roughing it. not that living in a house with an actual working heater pointed at you is really roughing it, mind.

i am babbling.

so, have a little link spam.

especially for the paramour, but i know there are others reading who'll get a chuckle out of this: cup cakes of catan via [livejournal.com profile] snippy.

i plugged this back when they started the initiative, but it's grown a lot since, and more people must hear about this because it is awesome: MIT's open courseware. it's one of my sources for japanese lessons, but there is so much here to learn, and the quality is high.
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after i fell off the "do things on that huge list every day" wagon due to disruption by sleeping a lot, i've been having difficulties getting back on. i've just been faffing about, starting something here and there but not feeling in the least goal-oriented about any of it, and therefore not finishing anything. except for dishes, but that hardly counts since only one sink was half-full.

the only positive that's come out of this faffing is that i've started to put together some of the scrumbled pieces for the freeform vest. i keep dithering between two basic approaches -- make lots of scrumbles first and then put them together, versus start with a few pieces and make the other ones up as i go. i am leaning towards the latter because that way i can impose a little more structure, and i think i am more comfortable with that.

oh, and i "invented" a crochet stitch. i am sure many other people have invented it before me, but i've never seen it before, not in any of the books i have. it's a tunisian variant, and it lightens the normally very stiff tunisian fabric and gives it more stretch, but retains the look of the basic tunisian stitch quite well, especially the strong verticals. pictures tomorrow (also research to find what the stitch is called).

i also started up my laptop. it is sadly still defunct in the screen department, but emitting just enough light that from a certain angle i could very dimly guess what's displayed in the file manager (it helps that i know my partitions well). managed to share everything that matters, so i can smbmount the data on mighty smite.

and last but not least, i made dinner plans with P and managed to keep them. woohoo! it was really nice, actually; a good conversation ranging far and occasionally deep. one-on-one conversations don't wear me out like multi-party ones do. and i felt good that i could hand over a checque for more boat work. and made plans to come work on the boat myself next week. *hoists self back onto wagon*.

the crowning glory of the day was getting a letter (a LETTER! hand-written!) from the *poing*. that is one of those things that happens once in a dark blue moon.

i have bananas that are screaming to be made into banana bread. hm. *checks recipe file*. it's late, but surely not too late for that. there's still the colbert report to watch. and south park. and i got a movie from zip.ca, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
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yesterday was a total loss. i did nothing -- didn't get to sleep until 6:30 am, didn't sleep well, and ended up going back to bed at 22:30 after doing nothing more all day than a little research. i felt exhausted the entire time while i was actually awake. so, no items off the list. darn. and i was doing so well. slept in, too, this morning, so got a total of 13 hours sleep. some of that must have been REM sleep because i remember my dreams (have not been remembering dreams since i came back from the montréal trip).

did some more garden work today before it started raining too hard. experimented with making a brioche-type bread in the breadmachine, which came out tasting very nice, having a decent, lacy texture, but sinking in a bit too much at the sides.

sent email to G about getting together for dinner. got return email saying that G is in ontario. woops.

realized that i had already seen both movies that zip.ca sent me. watched the rick mercer report and this hour has 22 minutes instead. laughed my ass off -- this is clearly once again the right way to get my news.

invented a leaf pattern as one of the pieces for a felted garden-theme bag. felted it by hand. have very clean fingernails now and am covetting a small washing machine. picture is taken before felting.

oak leaf stylized oak leaf

freehand, without pattern. doing all that freeform noodling on my vest project and experimenting with hyperbolic planes is helping me create recognizable shapes without needing somebody else's patterns.
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yup; stayed up late again and didn't get up early enough for the ferry. oh well. all the same people will be at port moody next weekend, maybe i'll be on a better schedule then. so, i was lame, but got a bit done around the house -- vacuumed the corner in my room under the new shelves, moved the newly acquired drawer units in, and started to move craft supplies into them. polymer clay into small drawers on top, yarn into the large drawers. i still can't believe i got these units at half price; what a stroke of luck that sale was. i might go and get one more.

while moving yarn, i am winding some into balls for which i already have plans. i love fondling my yarn. these units have translucent drawers, so i am sorting it by colour, and it looks great. ah, rainbows of yarn and clay. :) i also came across a sock experiment about which i had forgotten; it wasn't terribly successful, but the yarn had a good feel for a sock cotton, and i'm going to frog it and start over with a different pattern.

picked what calendula was still blooming before it goes to waste, and while i was at it also some red clover that was still blooming; i want to dye some of the red heart "baby teri", a nylon/acrylic with these two and see what i get. the acrylic won't dye, but the nylon will, and that should give a nice heather -- the yarn is fluffy, which will enhance that. yes, i actually own red heart yarn, *snicker*. their acrylics suck horribly, but lately they've been shaping up their line, and this yarn is not bad at all. it'll make great cancer caps; it's very soft and easily washable, and custom dyeing will make it unusual.

cut up a few old decrepit boards for firewood, since i went through my reserve yesterday. just to take the edge off.

chatted with both my capsicums tonight on IM, which was a good thing. i miss them; my life is almost entirely banter-free right now, and that is so very, very wrong.
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daily life stuff is going fairly well -- i had the richmond rock and gem show on my calendar, but because my schedule has been shifting i didn't get up in time for the ferry that would have gotten me there with sufficient time to actually see the show. i was considering going anyway, and staying overnight in vancouver, but i didn't really feel up for that because i am eager to work on some of the projects on my list. maybe tomorrow, but i don't know that i'll get to bed any earlier tonight.

it didn't rain today, and i therefore got a chance to work on some of the garden prep for winter. cut down all the massive aster growth out front, and collected wilted detritus from all over and dumped it on the compost pile. murdered a few stinging nettles that had regrown under the apple tree. cut off the penultimate two peppers (semi-orange) and a bunch of greens for a nice salad. washed and disinfected the bird feeders, refilled them and hung the main feeders back up. i need to clean the kitchen window so i can put the thistle feeder back up as well.

i got distracted for a while by reading news, which was not really the best idea because it upset me. i don't hold much hope for the coming US elections -- i know people on lefty blogs are all excited because the polls show people are unhappy with the administration's performance, but i'm not excited at all. i'm worried. i need to severely restrict my news reading until the elections are over. and, if things go as badly as i fear, afterwards as well.

indoors i moved books into new shelves and did a bit of nonfic sorting as well -- generally i've mainly been moving books by genre, unsorted, just to get it done. but i shuffled around most of the nonfic in my room by subject now. only two boxes remain! one with mysteries, one with regencies, and there is plenty of room for them. wow, this will be the first time all my books are out of boxes since we moved here from ontario. how cool. and just in time to start selling them, *snrk*.

*ack* -- and in all that shuffling i missed the *poing* logging in from vacation. that sucks. well, tomorrow will be another chance.

aside from all that i worked on brainstorming and designing art for the art-meme. which shall remain a secret for now. :) but that was a great deal of fun.

getting cold now; only 4°C tonight. i have just enough wood left for a small fire to take the edge off for a couple of nights. better get that firewood ordered.
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who says we have no fall colours? :)

i didn't think today was going to work up to much, and it didn't. but i got the new shelves put up in the living room, and am now moving books over there. it's always so nice to free imprisoned books from boxes in which they were held for much too long.

also bought catfood. and found the copies of lapidary journal i was looking for on ebay, very cheap (cheaper than buying a reprint of the articles i need, if i could even get those yet). so, three items off the list (two of which weren't previously on it :).

but i am very sluggish. i think i'll just vegetate in front of the telly, resisting the bloody game those pushers [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj and [livejournal.com profile] serenejournal are peddling!


Aug. 26th, 2006 23:15
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makes it the last load of laundry in the washer. today was a productive if dull day; the landlords are away celebrating the wedding of their eldest, and we have the dog, and the laundry facilities. so that's what i spent most of the day doing, including hanging stuff on the line to dry. walked the dog, too, and deep-watered all the plants, ours and theirs (i want some rain!). and cooked a real dinner (pork tenderloin in korma sauce with noodles and cucumber salad -- my stout little cukes are very yummy this year). ha. i feel almost like a normal person.

and for once the novel that i thought should have won the hugo, did win it. spin by robert charles wilson (another fine canadian writer). the best book i've read yet this year.

the hugo winners.

oh, and i harvested some daucus carota seeds (wild carrot, or queen anne's lace), and mashed them up in the mortar to sniff what they smell like. mmmh! i have no idea how to describe that smell, but i like it a lot -- it's earthy, but not musty; more pungent, fresh, herbaceous, and a little bit spicy. daucus carota is one of the essential oils good for skin, especially irritations, and it's usually quite expensive (they're tiny seeds). i'm back thinking about building a still.
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went to the bank to deposit checque (yay, we shall live another couple months thanks to our small company contract whose owner is fantastic about paying, while the big company screws us over some more). stopped by the little asian food- and giftstore to buy curry and some other random goodies, like coconut spread, kimchee, and japanese "calpis water" (which was, contrary to its somewhat unfortunate name, très yummy, albeit not carbonated as the store owner claimed). and to chapters, to look for farthing and the virtu. they didn't have either, *mope*, though that means i'll be able to calm down about the latter, and make myself wait until it comes out in paperback. the paramour bought up almost their entire stock of kakura puzzles. and of course i couldn't walk out without buying something; that'd be the day.
small haul here if you care )
also went into canadian tire to see whether they'd have a kickboard, but no win. bought two thick noodles instead, with which, in combination with a piece of lexan yet to be acquired, i am hoping to fashion myself a see-through kickboard.

and now i go swimming with the noodles to inaugurate them. i love floating in the water, looking below at all the life in the intertidal zone. neap tide!
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the view from my window is basically 3/4 cedar hedge and 1/4 sky. it was much improved when i put up the birdfeeder. now i just need to remember to clean the window. :)

these birds are house finches, a male on the left, female on the roof. i get quite a few different birds there; at this time mostly chickadees. of which i can't take pictures because they're too damn fast.

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janet asked for it, and so i went out this morning to take pictures (usually we go late in the day when it's too dark for that, but the cats like it). clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the gallery, which is sequentially ordered and annotated. and as a bonus, there are cats!

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and the *poing* is gone again. *wah*. i'm tired, but it was really nice to have some time together. we did a lot of walking this time, which was great (except that i need to get in better shape -- which mostly means that i should walk more, *heh*). i also cooked a fair bit, and baked lots of bread. two people can do away with a fresh loaf of bread in no time. i tried a couple of new recipes, one of which was very good, the other one a compacted mess -- i think the recipe is just plain wrong, there's too little flour. also made some nice meals; the paramour will benefit from me trying them out on the appreciative *poing*. see the amazing benefits of being poly! *snicker*.

after the most amazing productivity streak i've had in years, i crashed completely this last week. bad timing, but well, can't pick those. i did pretty well in propping myself up enough so i wouldn't be totally crappy company, but now i am exhausted and will just loll about for a week, i think. i'm casually working on a couple of scenes for ideas that popped into my head while i was modelling -- i've hit on the right thing to do; just keeping a flat file and adding every new idea to it, without letting the inner editor have a vote. then when i am just idling, i can go through the list and pick something that appeals to me right then and work on it a little to see whether it might go anywhere.

so despite having crashed, i'm in a good mood. also, not watching any news is contributing to that. it's amazing how much equanimity i can preserve if i remain mostly ignorant of human stupidity and greed du jour, *sigh*.
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the paramour woke me up in time for some mutual abuse, since i had drifted off while reading iron sunrise (no reflection on the quality of the book, *heh*, i was just sleepy), and then we went outside to look at the stars through the newly cleaned telescope. the last few years it's been raining at new year's, so it was a pleasant surprise that just above us the clouds had moved aside in a wide circle, leaving the milky way blazing in the centre. the paramour attempted to take pictures through the lens (which will be illustrative of just how fast the earth actually rotates), while i came inside to cuddle the somewhat distressed cats (stupid noise), and wish the *poing* a HNY. a pleasant way to start it all, even though it no longer is a true starting point for me. not entirely sure why not, and whether i need to find a new one.

may it be a good year for you and yours.
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check your cable connections.

also, you can afford to replace that patch cable that no longer latches in because the little doohickey broke off.

that way you won't have to doubt your sanity when the system comes up after the power outage, but the internal network doesn't -- despite you not having changed anything since the last reboot, the correct driver module being loaded, and the firewall rules looking perfect.
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so for the last several weeks it's been unseasonably cold here; below freezing every night. we've been muttering under our breath about the firewood not being here yet, and putting on another layer of clothing. yesterday the landlord comes over and says "oh yeah, the firewood: i finally talked with the guy, and he's gonna deliver it next week, probably even tomorrow". yay, we go. and he did; the paramour heard the tractor when it was still on the cross street. we just got done stacking up 3/4 of a cord. we're getting good at this; we put it away pretty fast.

and wouldn't you know, last night a warm front moved in, and it's now above freezing. it was raining when the wood was delivered. it always rains when the wood is delivered; just so that we hurry up and stack it instead of taking our time. one can almost hear the dry wood slurping up the moisture. *sigh*.

if all goes according to the fate with the penchant (pension -- *heh*) for irony, it'll now keep raining into february.

also, the paramour cleaned zir telescope. i think that is probably directly responsible for fog and rain moving in.


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