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two palm leafs overlapping at an angle

the *poing* is here! *bounce*.
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elliptical leaves floating on pond

potamogeton natans, native to BC, common. can have very long stems; up to 200cm. don't know anything to do with it.
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stamens and pistils of blue chickory

chicory (cichorium intybus), roots used as coffee substitute.
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long, terminal, purplish raceme

butterfly bush (buddleja davidii), a sprawling shrub native to northern china and japan, emergent invasive in BC; likes disturbed sites, and butterflies like it. it's very fragrant. no idea whether it's useful for anything medically.

i hope all y'all on the east coast are safe.
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oregano with  green-mauve bracts and tiny, purple flowers

bought this prettiest oregano i've ever seen at the farmer's market. it's native to turkey, armenia, and georgia (republic of), very fragrant, but not particularly tasty.
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3 horse chestnuts

conkers inside.

the common horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) is native only to a small area in the balkans, but widely cultivated. we used to build people and animals from conkers and tooth picks when i was small. we did not play conkers with them. they're slightly poisonous, enough to make one sick to one's stomach -- yes, i do know that from youthfully ignorant experience (deer eat them so what could possibly go wrong?). great shade trees, beautiful in bloom.
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oh no!  my sex organs are exposed!

bladderwrack or rockweed (fucus gardneri), native to BC, and ubiquitous along the coast. supposedly edible when young "in moderation", which has so far kept me from trying it, chicken that i am.
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small yellow flower clusters

as yet, it is a mystery to me; had no time yet to figure it out.
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pink blooming rhododendron, suffused with sunlight

whatever happened to molly ringwald?
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slice of carrot, orange inside, maroon outside

so, apparently the first domesticated carrots date 5000 years back, to afghanistan. and they were purple. orange didn't come into favour until the 17th century in the netherlands (maybe the House of Orange had something to do with that).

our first week at the farmer's market, we bought a small bunch of these. they embrace the power of "and", *grin*. the vendor didn't know anything other than that they were "heritage carrots". a bit of googling leads me to believe they're probably Purple Dragon. funny; a dragon yesterday, and today one too. (i am easily amused.) purple carrots allegedly are even better for you than the orange ones, they contain anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant.

the paramour is at siggraph. i need to decide soon whether i want to go too. despite feeling better i'm not feeling particularly social, and masses of people are not an attractant, so i probably won't go. that's good too, because i've been productive and can use the time to get some things done that totally fell through the cracks last year.


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