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because i broke my streak of not causing an accident in 33 years by cracking somebody's plastic bumper while backing out of a parking space yesterday. i am especially peeved at myself because i had a bad feeling about it, and didn't follow my instinct, which said "drive back into your space, take it out of gear, and let those two others go first". they were in spaces at 90° to me, and i wasn't sure the second one had even seen me, so i backed up only a bit to avoid him, pulled forward, backed up again to get fully out of my space and *crack*, the first of the two others had meanwhile backed up as well. i didn't see him in my mirrors, *sigh*, and i didn't turn all the way around to check through my rear window. so i guess it was my fault, since he was stationary at the time (watching me back up, *arrgh*; pulling forward didn't occur to him until too late).

the truck: no damage at all. not even a paint scrape on the bumper. his minivan: probably $2000 worth of crumpled plastic. jesus, they make those bumpers as income insurance for collision specialists, yes?

but enough of my incompetence, that's too depressing. would you buy a book from this writer? i wouldn't. names redacted to protect the guilty.

J grew up in Chicago living in the same house all her life until she went left for college. Her mom taught J how to read at an early age and was able to read books at a 3rd grade level before attending Kindergarten. She always read above her reading level and read some of her favorite novels in 6th grade for the first time. Though she has a great life, she loves to get lost in fantasy that only books could bring. She kept writing, short stories, romance, mystical, and of course adding in hot cowboys any chance she could. Her wide interest in reading was reflected in her writings. Currently J lives with her dog, M, named after a vampire from Ann Rice's Interview with the Vampire series. She dreams of one day living out in Montana, enough land to have a few horses, and find a couple of cowboys of her own. A lover of men, J's all about them in any form in her books. Vampire, werewolf, military, doesn't matter at all as long as they are hot, hard, and sex fiends!

i know reading and writing abilities don't go hand-in-hand, but the bragging makes me feel all the errors more keenly.


Aug. 21st, 2006 13:57
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a few weeks ago, the paramour pointed out that we now have at least 8 wasp nests under the roof overhang at the front of the house. zie wanted to oust them (genocidally). i begged for their survival, being as they don't actually bother us; the nests are too high up for the wasps to be annoyed by us coming and going, and few of them come into the house.

today i rethought that policy briefly, because the grapevine came tumbling down, and i had to place a ladder carefully so as to not disturb any wasps, hammer some nails, and heave the grapevine mass onto them.

maybe they knew who saved their little petiolated buttocks. :) they were somewhat annoyed, but not a one threatened me. and the grapevine is mostly back in place. next year: tie the damn thing down as it grows.
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