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i don't think the raccoons will go anywhere with this truck. heck, _we_ won't go anywhere. :) the snow is now up to the top of the tires.
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ah, back from a long power outage, which got me another 5 hours of sleep, so i am mostly on a daytime schedule now from the 100% nighttime one of last week. i was wondering when the snow accumulation would get the power to fail; it always does eventually. we have huge amounts of snow, but fortunately so far, because it got cold right after the first big dump of about a foot, the snow isn't as heavy as it was in the bad year when lots of structures and trees were destroyed.

having stayed up til 9:00 in order to go and provide the cats with sustenance i spent an hour digging the truck out from under its covering. the bad aspect of the freeze was that the first bit of snow was very wet before it kicked in, so there was a layer of ice at the bottom. *ugh*. i let the engine melt the bottom of the pack on the hood for half an hour, and then hacked it into large pieces and slid it off. the windshield was helped by the internal fan. but no help for all the other windows on the cap; *ugh*. sometimes i use hot water, but i actually figured the exercise would be good for me, since i've been hermitting for a week. the landlord's son was grumpily shoveling around their cars -- they always do that, *heh*. me, i cherish our 4x4; it's got no problems getting out of the parking spot, nor with the steepish driveway either.

then i drove down to southgate to buy catfood and manfood. <rant> too many people are idiots. that's a mere 6 km drive and i saw two accidents that had just happened, nevermind the slipping and sliding at the lights. comments i hear about that usually say "well, people are not used to it". indeed, we don't have a lot of snow. but we get one or two snow falls a year, usually accompanied by freezing, and the last 4 years one of the falls has been massive. how can you not learn your lesson after the first one? i doubt these are all people who have immigrated from latitudes that have no snow or ice at all. no, it's that a lot of people are idiots and drive too damn fast in their puny, light speed mobiles. i saw how many passed me, and i was in a 4x4 vehicle going 50 km/hr, able to brake at the lights without sliding. if you were going the speed limit (70-90km/hr) in a regular 2WD vehicle, you were going too fast for the conditions. this is why i don't like to drive in this weather; i don't actually mind the conditions much, i just hate the idiots. </rant>

but none of the idiots got me into an accident, and i got cat food and half-price steak and veggies and garlic and mandarin oranges and some new black cherry/vanilla coke, and it's back to hermitting. snow keeps falling, though much more slowly now, there's just another 3 inches on the car since noon.

(i was gonna point out how this post is 100% BSG-free, but the music foiled that.)
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when emptying the trash, i get "The operation cannot be completed because the item [some file] is in use." as far as i can see, it's not.

terminal. root.

lsof [filename] should generally show which app is hanging onto this file. nifty detail: open trash folder, type "lsof " (note trailing space) into terminal window, drag file in question from trash into terminal; that'll put the filename there complete with path. after lsof finds it, one can then close the app.

except it doesn't work in this case. lsof doesn't know about this file. something is b0rken.

force-quitting and relaunching the finder doesn't release the file either.

oh well. rm -f [filename] to the rescue.

that's very unixy though. i would like to know whether there's a more mac way of restoring order in trash land.

oh, and we now have over a foot of snow, and i don't want to drive anywhere, so the cats are getting canned food from the emergency reserves. i almost wish i hadn't whined about how it wasn't real good snow yesterday. :)


Nov. 27th, 2006 01:18
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first snow. which is always exciting. unfortunately, not really nice snow. much too wet, and it's drizzling snrain too, so no wandering through the night, the crunching muffled by the way fallen snow subdues all sound. which is my favourite thing to do in the first snow.

tomorrow i have to leave the house because we're out of catfood.

i don't really want to do anything but sit here, watch BSG, and spin theories. well, except that the show is also turning me into a bloody shipper. ghod. i don't want to be a shipper!

and i especially don't want to be a kara/leoben shipper. that's just ... sick. but something in me wants to write about the sort of destiny that can handle what happened between them. really, i don't have a god complex. i don't know why my mind is spinning thread about this; it should instead squick me in so many ways. (i've watched up to season 3 episode 2: precipice.)

speculation on what came between kara and lee, who i should be shipping instead if i must, because oh glorious complex tragedy. also, spoilers through S3x2 )


Nov. 30th, 2005 22:10
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yesterday night we have the first snow of the season. there is no exclamation mark in the subject header because this isn't fun snow. it's not a light dusting, which is commonly the first we ever see, but it was a real snowfall of a couple of inches. but it was so wet even while falling that quite abnormally, i wasn't tempted at all to put on my sorels and stomp through the night, enjoying the crunch under my boots, the luminous glow over everything, and that particular silence that accompanies freshly falling snow at night.

*little grump*. well, it won't be the last snow.

it's cold enough for me to want to burn a fire at night, but we're almost out of wood, and i've been failing to check with the landlord why our ordered cord hasn't arrived yet.

i've been busy with more housekeeping chores; both actual house keeping, and cleaning/sorting computer files. all my photoshop plugins are now reorganised, and i am finally using a plugin manager. which has reduced photoshop's startup time by minutes; yay. and the kitchen floor has been scrubbed. i'm keeping warm by wearing my fleecey, and holding onto a warm mug of constant comment tea with honey whenever i am not typing. i cleared some room on the upper leg of my L-shaped desk and built a nest so one of the cats can sleep up there instead of occupying my graphics pad. most of the time bacchus claims the nest, and since none of the others want to be all that close to him, the graphics pad remains usable.

i still have a lot of organising to do, but i'm feeling good about what i've been getting done. however, it still means i am not keeping up with news, LJ, email, and usenet. the available energy is that low these days, *sigh*. it depresses me whenever i think of it. so, no thinking about it; back to cleaning images for collaging.


how retro is it, i ask you, to not only provide a TI-86 emulator, but to also have an option to run it at the calculator's original speed?


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