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top of my little ginkgo tree, backlit, golden-green leaves in front of dark background

as usual now, click to see larger versions.

translation of subject: is it a living creature that has divided into identical selves? from the poem "ginkgo biloba" by goethe.

still have the crud, but i think the snot tide has turned.

if you have a little time, go see some utterly amazing landscapes from mars. for screen readers: they have descriptions, but unfortunately those are very dry. i wish there were an easy way to make 3D models of some; it'd be great if you guys could feel the textures, because they are awesome.
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google's logo makers were ready for this, i guess. :)
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bigelow orbital module genesis 1 launched.

leonard david's blog is following genesis 1's progress.

real time satellite tracking.

extremely cool site if you want to know what satellites (and other astronomical features) are visible from your location: heavens above.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 17:20
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i was going to share this a couple of days ago, but then forgot:

amazing photograph taken by cassini )
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thanks to the paramour wandering around looking for the cats, i was reminded to go outside and lie down in the grass for a while tonight. one of the many things i love about living here is the relative lack of light pollution; on a clear night we can actually see the milky way curve above us.

it's a perfect night for gawking at the stars, and as a bonus: meteor showers! saw 2 really bright ones. i think i might go back outside for a while, maybe take a blanket.
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in honour of the first manned moon landing, here's google's dedication. do zoom all the way in!

via [livejournal.com profile] jodawi.


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