Aug. 11th, 2005

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as a travel destination or layover: foreign citizens passing through US airports have almost no rights.

Mason said the U.S. government is interpreting its powers in such a way that passengers never intending to enter the U.S. connecting to international flights at U.S. airports must prove they are no threat and could be allowed to enter the country.

If passengers are deemed to be inadmissible, they have no constitutional rights even if later taken to an American prison. Mason told Judge David Trager that's because they are deemed to be still outside the U.S., from a legal point of view.

isn't that handy.

the interpretation means travellers can be detained without charge, denied the right to consult a lawyer, and even refused necessities such as food and sleep.

the only right i'd have is that to not be subjected to "gross physical abuse". somehow i am not relieved, because i know how the US weasels about torture, which it has conveniently defined as "pain consistent with major organ failure or death". and what's the punishment should i be tortured? can the guilty parties at least be sued (which might keep them in line)? nope. the U.S. Justice Department argues that even if torture does occur, U.S. officials can't be sued under the Torture Victims Protection Act because it only applies to foreign individuals committing or allowing torture.

fucking shrubwads.
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thanks to the paramour wandering around looking for the cats, i was reminded to go outside and lie down in the grass for a while tonight. one of the many things i love about living here is the relative lack of light pollution; on a clear night we can actually see the milky way curve above us.

it's a perfect night for gawking at the stars, and as a bonus: meteor showers! saw 2 really bright ones. i think i might go back outside for a while, maybe take a blanket.


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