Jun. 2nd, 2009

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line fastened around stainless steel bollard cleat and curled beside
on HMCS oriole; lovely marconi-rigged ketch used as a training vessel by the canadian navy.
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wow, i was sloppy with the daily postings in may; i missed 11 days. mostly because i waited too late in the day, trying to actually post pictures from _that_ day. that's really a silly constraint which snuck up on me, and i am dropping it.

i'm also gonna post those missing pictures, and later move them to the correct dates.

i had signed up for sofobomo before the starting date, but then got completely distracted by dreamwidth, and now i have no theme. i think i'm still going to try and do it, and see whether a theme comes to me -- i am taking photos every day anyway, and who knows what might crystallize. it'd be cool if something did -- i am sorta vaguely thinking of the photos i took that expressed in some way how i felt that day. too narcissistic, eh? yeah. anything concentrating on somebody/something not-me seems like it'll slip away from me because i just don't have the spoons. i could do "a month in the life of my garden". hm. ... *ponder* ...

speaking of the garden, it's too hot to build my garden boxes, though i have cut all the lumber to size already. maybe if i just went outside to build _one_, without thinking ahead to building three and then mixing the soil for them all? i could build it behind the missile silo in the shade. i think i am letting myself be discouraged too easily, and fluctuate between doing too much on one day and crashing the next, and it becomes harder to pick things up again.
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OMG. total eclipse of the heart music video by bonnie tyler; lyrics as they should have been:

via [personal profile] submarine_bells. i can't stop laughing.
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i was too busy to pay attention when google unveiled its latest product/vision, but today i caught up with it. and i am thrilled.

google wave is a new tool, platform, and protocol to facilitate online communication and collaboration.

a wave is a shared document in which communication can happen in the form of text, images, video, sound, games, polls, and whatever else you can imagine. communication is both synchronous (live -- you see it as the other people who're sharing the wave are adding it) and asynchronous (if you get back online after an absence, you can see the current state of the wave, as well as play back what happened while you were gone, and add your own items). any participant can add things in any place in the wave. other people can get included in the wave (or parts of it) later on. aside from shared-by-all communications, private ones can also be inserted which only specific people can see.

i could go on and on, i am so excited about this. it's a major step towards what i've been wanting from my online life forever; it's email and IM and IRC and newsgroups and social networking and blogs and wikis and forums all rolled into one, with astounding concurrency for those who like it live, as well as asynchronous tools to make it easy to pick out important bits and pieces later.

and it's gonna be open source, and there are APIs already, and anyone is welcome to write extensions. hello dreamwidth! what are we gonna do with this? it's right up our alley.

watch the demo. it's an hour and 20 minutes long, but it won't be a waste of your time if you're at all interested in such things.


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