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wow, i was sloppy with the daily postings in may; i missed 11 days. mostly because i waited too late in the day, trying to actually post pictures from _that_ day. that's really a silly constraint which snuck up on me, and i am dropping it.

i'm also gonna post those missing pictures, and later move them to the correct dates.

i had signed up for sofobomo before the starting date, but then got completely distracted by dreamwidth, and now i have no theme. i think i'm still going to try and do it, and see whether a theme comes to me -- i am taking photos every day anyway, and who knows what might crystallize. it'd be cool if something did -- i am sorta vaguely thinking of the photos i took that expressed in some way how i felt that day. too narcissistic, eh? yeah. anything concentrating on somebody/something not-me seems like it'll slip away from me because i just don't have the spoons. i could do "a month in the life of my garden". hm. ... *ponder* ...

speaking of the garden, it's too hot to build my garden boxes, though i have cut all the lumber to size already. maybe if i just went outside to build _one_, without thinking ahead to building three and then mixing the soil for them all? i could build it behind the missile silo in the shade. i think i am letting myself be discouraged too easily, and fluctuate between doing too much on one day and crashing the next, and it becomes harder to pick things up again.
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