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  • 16:00 i'm vegetating. 29C; too darn hot. i can tell the climate games shall continue this year (no surprise, though i want to move north). #
  • 16:02 @ywoolf *laugh*. you're right. i was distracted by the wrong things. but hey, i came to my senses! #
  • 16:07 RT @smashingmag: [SM Books Giveaway]: to win the book "Hand Job: Catalog of Type" (tinyurl.com/lo263k), just retweet this msg. #
  • 16:08 this is not good. i am doing truly twittery things now; like following people and retweeting. *aie* -- i am being assimilated! #
  • 16:12 the only thing i did y'day was decide on the D90. for a moment i reconsidered canon and pentax, but i know nikon fits me like a glove. #
  • 18:39 woohoo; i built one garden box! and weeded the place where will go. #
  • 19:57 and one more garden box! i'm cooking now. (or rather, no longer cooking, because it's cooler outside.) #
  • 20:42 garden box #3 is built. do i want to paint them? either the house paint or not, i'm thinking. well, not tonight. #
  • 21:13 google wave looks awesome -- this is totally the first step towards what i've been wanting for years now. yay, google. #
  • 21:15 i wish i had time to hang with the wiki folk; i some are gonna be excited about the collaborative editing facilities of google wave. #
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