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i've been watching "bones", which i overall mostly like (though not quite as much as CSI, which has more nuance). but just now i finished an episode i want to throw against the wall. hard.

season 3, episode 3, "death In The Saddle" deals with the murder of a man who engaged in pony play. the show is quite disrespectful of the fetish, mainly in the form of agent booth whose conservative, catholic, white-bread personality can't seem to keep a professional front; aside from various dismissive comments towards the people who're involved in the subculture (who all are shown to be quite cooperative with his investigation), he actually assaults one of the ponies (grabs the guy by his reins and pulls him forward). bones, on the other hand, gives us a few anthropological insights about fetishism, and mentions that she, too, has engaged in some role playing, albeit not pony play. ok, that's something, at least.

at the end, however, they're sitting in a restaurant, and booth pontificates some more about fetishists, culminating in the claim that it's crappy sex. why, asks bones? booth goes on about how we're all lonely, and forever searching for that real connection with somebody else, and now and then, in lovemaking we reach the miracle of becoming one with another. and that fetishists and their little role playing games are nothing compared with that.

and bones says "you're right".

*barf*. of all the time to let him win an argument, this isn't it.

i really hope they'll never end up together. i can tell they will; the show has that feel to it, the never-ending sexual tension between the two main characters who don't admit to it until the show has had a good run (and then they get thrown together and the show goes downhill). but i dislike booth a lot, and wish bones (whom i like a lot) somebody less mired in pablum philosophy.

this makes me want to go back and rewatch the CSI episodes with lady heather -- that was so well done in comparison.
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i just watched the pilot for caprica (the sorta-prequel for battlestar galactica, and i liked it.

now i am going to be slave to the darn television schedule.

the pilot was very good. if you want to watch it, do yourself a favour and do NOT read syfy's summary; it is very spoilery IMO (i read it afterwards, and was glad for that). i have read very little about the show, so i'll only be talking about my impressions, and try to do so without spoilers. read on )

the show is filmed in/near vancouver as was BSG, and it's fun again to spy buildings and settings i recognize -- and here they're not shot in grainy high key, but they have spiffy CG additions, as befits an empire before its fall. there are quite a few little nods to BSG fans, but it's a series that stands alone, one needn't have watched BSG, or know anything about it.


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