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i just watched the pilot for caprica (the sorta-prequel for battlestar galactica, and i liked it.

now i am going to be slave to the darn television schedule.

the pilot was very good. if you want to watch it, do yourself a favour and do NOT read syfy's summary; it is very spoilery IMO (i read it afterwards, and was glad for that). i have read very little about the show, so i'll only be talking about my impressions, and try to do so without spoilers. read on )

the show is filmed in/near vancouver as was BSG, and it's fun again to spy buildings and settings i recognize -- and here they're not shot in grainy high key, but they have spiffy CG additions, as befits an empire before its fall. there are quite a few little nods to BSG fans, but it's a series that stands alone, one needn't have watched BSG, or know anything about it.
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bad; don't know whether i am coming or going most days. not much going on. paramour is home but sick, so we haven't done anything much. except for watching battlestar galactica, *snicker*. thoughts about season 3 episode 11: 'the eye of jupiter' )

a month til the next episode. *gnarg*. so many plot balls in the air! maybe i'll be less boring in the meantime? not real likely, it's prime hermitting time anyway.
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til the paramour gets home. woohoo! that means 8.5 more hours until i absolutely HAVE to vacuum. :) and before that i have to clear all sorts of crap that has accumulated in the living room over the last 2 months. and go food shopping. and do laundry (yeah, that's not likely, i know). i am tired. my schedule is all screwed up. but i will bake bread, and also make some of that "cinnamon bun" stuff, with actual cinnamon this time, since the paramour likes it. as soon as i lift my butt from this comfy chair...

so what am i doing instead? if you said "watched BSG", you were correct, and i am properly ashamed.

thoughts about season 3 episode 10, 'the passage'. )
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i wish i could say i was productive today, but no. due to my own stupidity, i am right back on sleeping days, and that always slows me down some extra. i was gonna vacuum and dust, but somehow i never feel like doing that when it's dark outside. i'll probably bake bread, since i am almost out, and i actually have sourdough starter ready. or maybe i'll make some more of my recently invented "cinnamon buns" (that's what the original recipe was for, but because i am not eager for cinnamon, i use cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg instead, and because i am lazy, i don't make buns, but stack layers of dough - filling - dough into a casserole dish and bake that.). i should come up with a name for this, it's very tasty. i could make the filling part poppyseed; i think i have enough left.

mentally i remain in the BSG universe. it's safer there than in the real world. man, that's a dire pronouncement, *wry grin*. i feel incredibly down on the real world right now. so very tired of all the ... crap.

minor depressive episode? i am also sleeping more and eating less, so i should watch out for that.

i ran afoul of the rules on "television without pity". there's some pretty good BSG discussion, and now that i am caught up i thought it'd be a good place for me to get some of this BSG overload out of my system. but they apply the sort of moderation that i haven't seen in ages, complete with moderators actually editing people's posts -- rules about spelling appear to be a big deal, and being as i don't capitalize, i was warned off. reminded me of my own days as moderator, and how at times hard and fast rules seemed like they'd be a good idea. not because it actually improved the discussion, but because it made dealing with the misfits easier. i still think i rather argue nuanced rationale than make "one size fits all" rules, even though arguing with rules lawyers can get so tiring. which reminds me of news.groups -- rules lawyers galore. and man, if anything lowers the quality of conversation, it's rules lawyers. but one could handle that by making the hard rule that all discussion about rules goes into a separate section. which unfortunately isn't done so easily on usenet.

but the TWoP experience just illustrated once again how the free-for-all of usenet has spoiled me, and how much it has taught me, and how very much i prefer it now to anything else. i guess i should check out alt.battlestar-galactica. off i go...
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the big disadvantage of watching a truly excellent drama showed itself last night with force. zip.ca mailed me the first farscape episodes, so i was all excited to finally see that from the beginning, because i'd only caught the occasional episode here and there. and while it always had a certain hokeyness (i never bought rigel as anything but a cute puppet, and crichton was just a wee bit too snappy), i could take it seriously for large stretches. now it's basically unwatchable for me as anything but pure comedy, and that's a pity, because it doesn't stand up as that since it's not meant as that. the acting in farscape -- wow, not so good in comparison. i know that probably dooms stargate atlantis for me as well right now.

and i better stay away from rewatching firefly for a good long time, *sigh*.

i remember the west wing doing this to me as well.

in another medium, i've unfortunately also now met a robert charles wilson book i didn't care for: darwinia. damn. maybe i didn't read it in big enough chunks? being so obsessed with BSG i've really just read a few pages before falling asleep every day, and sometimes that doesn't keep a book cohesive enough for me. oh well, he's certainly allowed a dud in any case, given how marvelous everything else that i've read by him has been.


Nov. 27th, 2006 01:18
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first snow. which is always exciting. unfortunately, not really nice snow. much too wet, and it's drizzling snrain too, so no wandering through the night, the crunching muffled by the way fallen snow subdues all sound. which is my favourite thing to do in the first snow.

tomorrow i have to leave the house because we're out of catfood.

i don't really want to do anything but sit here, watch BSG, and spin theories. well, except that the show is also turning me into a bloody shipper. ghod. i don't want to be a shipper!

and i especially don't want to be a kara/leoben shipper. that's just ... sick. but something in me wants to write about the sort of destiny that can handle what happened between them. really, i don't have a god complex. i don't know why my mind is spinning thread about this; it should instead squick me in so many ways. (i've watched up to season 3 episode 2: precipice.)

speculation on what came between kara and lee, who i should be shipping instead if i must, because oh glorious complex tragedy. also, spoilers through S3x2 )
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i have never ever been so tempted to start writing fanfic as i am today, after watching the mindfracking season 2 finale. man, this hurts.
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today i spent reading up on mythology. i have a theory about the new cylon models. i've watched through the end of season 2: "lay down your burdens, part II". no, i have no life.

and it's spoilerific through the end of season 2 )
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i am trying to figure out the mythology.

at the end of the miniseries, at the memorial service, the priestess sings. that's not greek, nor any language i recognize. the main title song sounds like it could be the same language, but i am not sure about that. is that an actual human language, or is it completely made up?

i don't want to google for fear of spoilers about the myth stuff. :) anyone know?
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i wrote something quite specific about the sort of thing that i enjoy, and asked people to be careful about that when commenting, so that sort of thing wouldn't be spoiled for me. it took about an hour from my post to the first person doing precisely the thing i specifically asked you not do. that's quite a record of cluelessness for my flist, and i gotta say, i am astounded. i didn't think i needed more explicit rules here. but better safe than sorry again, so this is now a hard rule:

if you feel moved to comment, make damn sure that you're not commenting with anything, ANYTHING that happens in the show after the episode i am currently watching. most important is general philosophy and show strategy. but this now also includes plot spoilers, since it's maybe too hard for some people to tell one from the other. i don't want to hear about it, any of it.

if you are not sure which episode i'm at, ask, don't assume. as of today it is season 2 episode 7: "home part II". i watch in chunks, so don't extrapolate. i'll try to remember to add it to my posts. if you're not sure whether what you want to talk about is about something i've already seen or thought about, ask circumspectly first. if you're not sure and find it too much effort to check (wouldn't blame ya; it's just a tv show), i don't need to hear it yet.

please restrain general philosophy comments to season 1. if you want to share with me what you think about season 2 in general, please wait until i post about that. if you've had insights into something that has becomes clear to you as you went further into the series, unless i've touched on it, or have explicitly invited commentary, please don't tell me. if you've heard something through the podcasts or the wiki, save it for later; i am avoiding those because they're spoilery to me. my processing will lag for a while because i am watching a lot at once and then noodle about it. again, if you are not sure, just don't.

man, i hate to be anal about this, but i don't often watch something that i have this much fun with, and i don't think it's too much to ask for people to be just a little careful in the comments of my own LJ. i can take care of it myself with other people's LJ's, and i am not asking anyone to filter or cut. just that here, you watch what you say for now. i should be caught up to the current season in a couple of weeks, and then it's all free game.

thank you.

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ok, so i have been seriously sucked in, and have now watched the entire first season, and am well into season two. thanks [livejournal.com profile] djm4 for encouraging me to give up any actual life in order to watch a bleeding tv show. :)

in the beginning i was a little peeved that it has turned out not to be science fiction. i mean sure, at first glance it has the trappings -- star ships, far-flung colonies, robots, aliens attacking humans -- but watching the first few episodes after the miniseries it became pretty clear that there's not to be any science whatsoever. a little bit later i realized that there wasn't going to be any speculation either (such as in "speculative fiction").

spoilerish for anyone who has not seen the show at all and doesn't want to know anything about it yet )

one thing that annoys the shit out of me, is how the television format fucks with the story. i don't know why that doesn't have me up in arms all the time, but it's probably responsible for me falling regularly out of patience with television and retreating into books, which have more format leeway. because life doesn't happen in 45 or 90 min chunks. because my engagement with a story doesn't fit neatly into that format. maybe it's just much more obvious here because the production crew is clearly chafing under the restriction -- a fair number of episodes feel as if they've been shrunk just a little too much in order to fit into the standard 45 min chunk, and on the other hand, double episodes feel slightly padded. heck, these guys also don't seem to much like the concept of "season".

but aside from that, i am really enjoying this show, more than i've enjoyed any other show since the early west wing. the acting is across the board very good, and there are heaps and heaps of character development. and i am not spitting the usual nails at gender stereotypes -- mind, there are stereotypes, but gender-wise they're much less screaming out for clubbing the writers over the head than is normal for television. there are strong women here, and it's portrayed as normal that they are strong and capable, it's assumed that they are fighter pilots and admirals and presidents as a matter of course. i have issues with some of the villainy, but overall, this is a breath of fresh air.

oh, and almost forgot: it's shot in and around vancouver, and i am really getting into figuring out where specific scenes were shot. i immediately recognized the public library and the quad at SFU, and i would bet that gaius baltar's house is just up the coast from west vancouver. i feel like making a BSG photo expedition to the mainland.


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