Feb. 15th, 2007 06:07
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i'm scared to go to bed because i might wake up like that again.
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various comments i left elsewhere:

these days i mostly just fantasize about going to concerts; i no longer actually like being there. love the music, love the variations that playing live introduces -- but too many people crammed together, and so many of them screeching.

no, i am not getting old! :) i like a lot of new, alternative music. i just no longer want the whole live experience. *looks with bemusement at old pink floyd concert tshirts*. *sigh*.
[livejournal.com profile] matociquala said: Which is the other reason why the cover art doesn't matter. Because the image in your head is the one that is right.

i wish. it doesn't work that way for me. or rather, i really have to work against the cover, insisting that it's ok to totally ignore it. visuals affect me much more directly than descriptions, they worm their way straight into my mind. where they'll run right smack into the descriptions, and it is a battle to change them to match. it is probably easier for me to ignore the descriptions, except i really rather want to view the people similar to how the author saw them.

i know that the cover is meant to make me pick up the book and read the back blurb (which i also resist, because so many blurbs are teh evil). but i do sincerely wish publishers would make at least a reasonable effort to depict characters as the author envisioned them. it takes some of the joy out of reading if i have to fight to visualize things.

her suggestion was to send me books in plain brown wrappers. i like that! :)
the term browncoat (from whedon's firefly universe) makes me wibble and feel all "homeland security". weird how deep some associations go. the poor colour brown; it never did anything to deserve this massive taint.
speaking of concerts, toad the wet sprocket have reunited and are touring this summer. i wish i still liked going to concerts, because that's one that would just rock me.


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