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things that don't make me homesick. especially when considering the 14 songs that'll compete for "best" status. while i recently admitted to actually liking some ABBA songs, "waterloo" is not one of them.

and OMG, i didn't know céline dion competed for switzerland. i was long gone by that time.
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lots of people are doing this meme about where they met people on their flist. i'm not gonna, because i find lists boring. :) but [livejournal.com profile] elynne had a nifty alternative, about meetings that were somewhat unusual.

here's one i remember fondly:

i met my late partner G at a bus stop in the early evening. the bus didn't come. it was raining. i had my flute with me, in a case. zie asked a question about what i had there, and then on what sort of music i played. we started talking, which was very surprising considering how pathologically shy i was -- and we hit it off so well that we went to a coffee shop instead of waiting for the bus any longer. we were still talking when the coffee shop closed, and we walked to zir home and kept talking until sunrise the next morning. i had to run to catch the bus home. :)

and here's the most pathetic meeting with a future romantic partner i've ever had (some of you will know who L is. stop laughing!):

L and i were playing a MMORPG before that acronym was coined, many many years ago. we hadn't met in person yet, though we knew each other online. my party walked into a room on the deepest level and fought to the death to kill the monsters. while bringing in a spare character to resurrect the party so the thief could open the box, L walked in and "ripped" the box. zie got one of the rarest weapons in the game.

which started the fight over whose weapon this actually was; ours or zirs (PLATO people could appreciate some of the arguments, *snrk*). which got pretty damn heated, and after a while i decided this was just too much gamer crap, and walked up to zir office upstairs to talk things out in person. L was much more charming in person than in the game. :)

that's how my most tempestuous ever relationship started.

L was the last partner with whom i had fights. we did have some doozies, though none ever as pathetic again as the one over a weapon in an online game.


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