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metallic green pouch entitled Holy Crap

at C$9.99 for 8oz, that IS amazing, though probably not in the way they meant it.
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the piranha apparently is a 21st century platform built from advanced carbon fiber!

i sorta resent the "unmanned" part, but am afraid i might really resemble it these days.
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while surfing today i came across some cool desert photography, such as:

darb tarfawi darb tarfawi

sandstone rock formations in the egyptian sahara

this image is by wael abed, and more, such as the mushroom desert and the mud lions can be found at the zarzora website.

in the early afternoon we went to the harbour chandlery to find a gift for G on occasion of the launch of her sailboat. not really knowing what could actually be useful because we don't know what all nautical things she might be lacking, we wandered the aisles to see whether something would jump out at us. outside they had fenders in the shape of mermaids -- with nipples! those were tempting, but a bit pricey for a joke gift. first thing that jumped at me inside was a drypak (tm) for my camera. i almost ordered that last night online; it hadn't even occurred to me that a chandlery might carry it. bonus, but still no gift for G after walking through the entire store. i love chandleries, mind; hardware stores in general are treasure troves, but chandleries have not just brushed stainless steel stuff, and teaky things, but also oh-shiny! bronze ones. i have a huge thing for bronze. and towards the right end of the store a bronze mast ring spoke to me. i picked it up and ran it through my fingers, a smooth 2 inch ring all the way from italy, and it wanted to come home with me.

the initial idea was to commit some marlinspike knotwork to attach to the ring, but without the right kind of manila rope (the one i had was very low grade and too scruffy) or a proper fid, it was a mess, and i gave up. but while i was slouching towards dejection the ring talked to me some more, and i ended up making a simple rope grommet from sisal, intertwined with the ring, which ended up creating the better story for the gift anyway (which i am not telling cause it's private to G). i really enjoy it when i handle something and it whispers to me and weaves through my imagination and collects bits for a story. though i would have liked it even better to have had good rope to make a prettier grommet; half-assed crafts speak half-assed thoughts. i didn't even take a picture of it because of its half-assedness, and for a while i wasn't gonna give it to her like that. but the paramour thought the story was good, so i did. and she liked it a lot, which was really neat.

we had dinner at the vietnamese spices garden (still the best curry in town), and talked the evening away until they kicked us out. i'm not social very often lately, but i really enjoy P&G and the times we spend with them. gotta do a little more of that while we can. good day.


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