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to create my first ever grungy font. i know, grunge is completely passé by now. i've never been up with the fashions.

aside from that, yeah, organising. i am afraid to actually count how many images i have, but i'll be tagging them until the cows have long since come home, been milked and fed, and have gone back onto the alps for the summer.

made a new bread, which was semi-successful. while i am ok with the taste, i really don't like the smell of buttermilk powder though, and the bread retains a whiff of it. and there wasn't quite enough liquid, and maybe a wee bit much soy flour. but it tastes well enough warm; i wanted a neutral but dense bread onto which to ladle rozenbottel jam (dutch for "rosehip").
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sometimes i am slow. i recall hearing some vague comments about windows screen font smoothing, but i never paid any attention. today, while checking out font managers, i came across what is called "cleartype font smoothing", turned it on, and let me tell you, I CAN SEE!

it has improved my screen quality amazingly. pages from certain sites (frex the guardian) which i previously needed to switch over to viewing with my own font, are now perfectly legible. everything is much more defined, sharper, with better anti-aliasing. smaller letters especially. it's beauteous.

it's meant first and foremost for LCD displays, but allegedly it also improves matters for many people with CRTs. if you want to try it (instructions for winXP):

right-click on your desktop, pick "properties", appearance, effects. second drop-down menu (for smoothing the edges of screen fonts), pick "cleartype", OK, OK, enjoy. there is some fine-tuning you can do by downloading a tuner from microsoft.

i only hope this doesn't mean a real performance hit.


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