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tiny lobelia flowers

one wouldn't normally expect exquisite sushi from a place called "the firehouse", but these guys outdid themselves. if you're ever in nanaimo, give them a try. very inventive.

started working on a new project with this cool denim yarn i have, which is supposed to slowly wear off by washing like jeans: http://ravel.me/pi/pp. i'm trying to ease myself back into knitting by doing something a bit more demanding than stockinette, but that doesn't require careful counting like lace.

oh, and sio, you wanted to see the shawl i'm working on: http://ravel.me/pi/js -- i really like this pattern.

done with season 2 of leverage, will wait for season 3 to be done before i continue, i think. now watching season 2 of burn notice, which has really grown on me.
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finally got my latest yarn projects uploaded and annotated. i've been muchly into hats, since they're easy to give away. :) unfortunately i don't have a mannequin head to display them, so this balloon/pot arrangement has to do for now.

those of you who are ravelry members can look at the projects with notes directly:


i can't wait for ravelry to go public because then everyone can see them. in the meantime, just the pictures are up on flickr in my ravelry set:

slouchy triangles (my own design):

spiral treble (designer kim kotary, only minor mods by me):

meandering hat (my own design):

on the hook currently:
- the paramour's slippers v3.0 (radical redesign)
- my first thread crochet lace pattern (ghods, my eyes!)

and a very happy birthday to [personal profile] hobbitbabe!
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i forgot, can ravelry non-members see ravelry information? i don't think so, right?

i've finally started to revive my account, by posting my newest experiments. yes, i can follow a pattern, but i really do like making things up as i go along; i always learn a lot from that.

if you have a ravelry account, you can see them here, with notes:

paramour's slippers: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/pi/paramour-slippers-v20
fingerless glove: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/pi/fingerless-gloves

if you're as yet unravelled :), here are the pictures:

the glove fits like... a glove. :) now onto making the second one.
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knitting for psychos cracks me up. now i need to go find out who actually created them; they are very well "executed". except -- not knit, but crochet.

via [livejournal.com profile] supergee.

there are some additional ones on flickr.

supposedly a german artist?

ETA: found her. patricia waller. lots more on her site. fantastic crafter, completely aside from the subject matter.
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got my ravelry [1] invite today. decided to go with the newer trend in handle; pleochroic. i don't really feel very piranha-like these days, and i've grown tired of the sound of "pleonastic", but i still contain multitudes.

that's just what i needed, a new toy to explore. ohhh, they have a wiki! (i am still totally thrilled by wikis.) but honest, i did need to catalogue my stash, yup, yup.

[1] ravelry is for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern information. and network with others similarly inclined. and drool over pretty projects.
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i am to some degree coming out of my logeyness. today i managed to get up and take a shower before it got dark, even though i hadn't gotten to bed untl 7 in the morning -- back in the throes of insomnia again. i also walked to the convenience store and bought a can of "inflate-a-tire", since the truck's right rear tire (which has slowly leaked for months) was way too low to drive on it, and our little compressor thingie is b0rken. then i went to buy cat food and candy for the paramour's care package.

back home, and logeyness returned in force, so i am just sorta hanging around. am fiddling with a new sock pattern -- what i usually do when knitting socks is to double up with extra, thinner yarn for heels and toes, because otherwise they just wear out too fast. today i thought that if i use tunisian crochet, it'd create a thicker fabric as well (and without the nubbles that single crochet makes, which my feet have never liked). so now i am experimenting with doing short rows in tunisian, which i've never done before.

that'll keep me busy for the rest of the night, i am sure.

oh, and i got X11 installed on drynwyn (mac), so i can play with inkscape, which is an open source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to illustrator, freehand, coreldraw, using the W3C standard scalable vector graphics (SVG) file format. oh boy, has inkspace ever improved since i last looked at it! it's marvelous! also, X11 plays well with the mac so far; i can switch back and forth easily between it and the mac's own window manager (whatever that is called; i am still such a pitiful mac newbie). this means that i can now also use the gimp on drynwyn, which is currently downloading.

p.s: oh gee thanks, jon stewart -- i really needed to see saddam hussein with his shirt off tonight! *shudder*

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yesterday was a total loss. i did nothing -- didn't get to sleep until 6:30 am, didn't sleep well, and ended up going back to bed at 22:30 after doing nothing more all day than a little research. i felt exhausted the entire time while i was actually awake. so, no items off the list. darn. and i was doing so well. slept in, too, this morning, so got a total of 13 hours sleep. some of that must have been REM sleep because i remember my dreams (have not been remembering dreams since i came back from the montréal trip).

did some more garden work today before it started raining too hard. experimented with making a brioche-type bread in the breadmachine, which came out tasting very nice, having a decent, lacy texture, but sinking in a bit too much at the sides.

sent email to G about getting together for dinner. got return email saying that G is in ontario. woops.

realized that i had already seen both movies that zip.ca sent me. watched the rick mercer report and this hour has 22 minutes instead. laughed my ass off -- this is clearly once again the right way to get my news.

invented a leaf pattern as one of the pieces for a felted garden-theme bag. felted it by hand. have very clean fingernails now and am covetting a small washing machine. picture is taken before felting.

oak leaf stylized oak leaf

freehand, without pattern. doing all that freeform noodling on my vest project and experimenting with hyperbolic planes is helping me create recognizable shapes without needing somebody else's patterns.
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crocheting. finally got around to experimenting with this. first model in a series.
hyperbolic plane hyperbolic plane


single crochet stitch increasing in every stitch in one row, double crochet stitch without increases the following row.

i might felt this. it's great fun to play with as is though.

and i fixed the white balance. mostly. still a little off, but not as hideously as before.

p.s. femme: nice ruffles. butch: those aren't ruffles, that's a hyperbolic plane!

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pentagon bowl after suzette haden elgin's description in her LJ.

 pentagon bowl

*ack*, once i switch into rich text mode here i can no longer switch back (as in, the link to facilitate it doesn't work anymore in mozilla).  that is annoying.  but why am i using mozilla anyway; it's my own fault that i haven't adjusted this system to my own preferences.

anyway.  i had this leftover yarn and used it to try out this bowl shape thing.  from the description in suzette's LJ i couldn't quite figure out how the topology worked, so i crocheted the first 6 pentagons and put them together.  that's quite a nice shape; the pentagons' upper edges curl over.  i gather that her other 6 are just to stiffen the structure, and since i want to felt (full, really) this, i won't bother.  though i guess one could make two layers and have the inner one be a different colour; that would be cool.

as it is, the bowl has a bit of that tacky granny crochet thing going for it that i don't appreciate, you know, the stuff that finds its excesses in frilly toiletpaper cozies.  bigger hook, looser tension and different colouring should do away with that though.

this could make a funky hat, if one added rectangular strips between the centre and outside pentagons.  or made the centre one smaller and shaped the strips so one got a bellflower shape.


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