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i read two blogs of people to whom i am regularly moved to comment, on blogger. but blogger makes this extremely annoying, and so i comment much less than i otherwise would. which sucks because it inhibits communication.

why is it annoying? because first i have to decipher and type in a captcha, and in addition radio-click for openID, and then drop-down select LJ, and then type in my LJ user name. this is too damn much effort for a short comment.

does anyone know of a way to shortcut that? i am too annoyed to research it myself.
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how exceptional that is. after being a total slouch about it for 10 days, the last couple of days i've been back to beta-testing the new yaoi journalling site. created a new community and played around with that. then i needed to decide on the final (for now) pretty before letting users loose on it -- the look-and-feel, the "theme" as wordpress calls it. there are a large number of themes to choose from, but they don't just look different, they also come with different degrees of customizability. and of course i had forgotten which themes i had already checked out when i created my original journal.

so to atone for having been the sort of beta tester i hate, yesterday and today i went through all of them and created a table of capabilities. table of doom! it is freaking huge. i am 3/4 done htmlizing it so i can post it, but now my eyes are getting blurry. it was educational; i now know exactly what i really want from a theme (since most of them don't provide it all). maybe i make a couple myself (yeah, i need another project like the infamous hole in the head).

also baked some monkey bread today, which -- *gasp* -- even the paramour found a bit too fatty. it provides a total sugar and fat overdose, one can only eat it warm, and even then the stomach churns. not gonna make this recipe again. but the dough, at least, is nice -- warm yeasty dough always is for me.
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sometimes it's funny how things converge -- i had started to look at drupal because i wanted to leave LJ for another platform, and, having already experienced running my own blog software and the inherent isolation that brings, thought of trying to switch to something that could potentially allow other people to join.

some LJers have already left, and some of those went to wordpress.com, where i created a blog to check out the offerings.

some people in yaoi fandom were also getting fed up with LJ, and started to create their own site to provide a haven for other yaoi fans.

at the same time, expatriate snigglers are making noises about missing their old community, but don't feel returning to what it is now would work.

so now i am a beta tester on the new yaoi site, which uses wordpress MU (multi-user), i am a member at wordpress.com to check out their service, i have extra motivation to play with drupal, and i can compare those without having to install wordpress MU myself. also, i have access to a largish userbase whose comments about it i can read and consider.

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paul mcauley has a blog. *fanpersonish squee*! and he rants! and he does it with reason entirely intact!

syndicated here as [livejournal.com profile] paulmcauley.

thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ianmcdonald and [livejournal.com profile] james_nicoll, purveyors of fine SFnal crack.


Jul. 13th, 2006 16:04
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i have a standard vox invite to give away to the first comer it's been claimed. (this allows you to create your own blog; i think the original starter invites that just allowed for creation of a reading account are gone). need valid email address (point at userinfo or some other place i can easily find it if you don't want to post it here).

also, if you're on vox and i don't know it, let me know. i am not currently doing anything with my blog there other than play to explore the service, though i am considering using a dedicated blog for books or gardening, and it might become that. or not; i am also looking at wordpress.com for the purpose of evaluating it.
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it's time to add a couple of new inputs to my political reading list. not "news" sources, but commentary, well-informed private individuals writing about the way they see the world.

if you know of a good conservative weblog, please share it.

how do i define "good"? it needs to be populated by people who can think outside the usual boxes -- i don't want to read rightwing rantage, i want to read thoughtful posts from a predominantly conservative viewpoint. religious is ok, evangelical christian probably not, but i am willing to be surprised.

if you're not sure what i mean by thoughtful versus rantage, phrases like "morally empty appeasement weasel gerhard schroeder", and "david duke digs mother sheehan" don't indicate thoughtful posts in my world.
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has a brand new blog.

and it's syndicated: [livejournal.com profile] rick_mercer.


thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bcholmes for finding it.


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