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all cats "advantaged" today. the shipment got here on friday already; much faster than i anticipated -- this is the first time i've ordered from this place, and i'm pleased (i also checked whether the meds are genuine, since there have apparently been lots of fakes popping up). universal pet meds out of winnipeg. cheap, fast, and reliable -- woowoo.

i am alas an idiot. i should've ordered enough to do the landlord's dog too, since they're never catching on themselves, and i feel so bad for the dog.

other than that, i did heaps and heaps of laundry on saturday, even though it was hideously hot and humid, which is pretty amazing. i'm not entirely sure whether to ascribe this to the sweatsock juice, but it's certainly unusual for me to be feeling energetic when the temp rises above 25°C, and i've been doing fine ever since i started taking the stuff, all the while it's been hot. here's hoping this holds. i like having energy to burn. oh, do i ever like it. it's NICE to not feel like i am moving through molasses.

i stopped taking my SSRI 3 days ago because i want to see how this stuff does on its own. i had a slight buzz today. usually when i forget to take my pills i get a buzz on the second day, and by the third it's pretty bad. so whatever else the stuff is doing, it's keeping down the buzz from SSRI withdrawal. another 2-3 weeks and the SSRI should mostly be out of my system. then the real test begins.

speaking of cats, there's a new little one around the outside feeding dishes, all black. *sigh*.

oh, and i have a new scale, which measures up to 500g in 0.1g increments. it can also do oz, lb, ozt, dwt, gn, ct, and pieces. ecstasy in weighing lies ahead!

on 2005-08-15 10:31 (UTC)
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We flea-treated our cats on the weekend. They'd been quite bad, but we got most of the fleas last month, and hopefully this will get the last few before the weather warms up. Mind you, there are now so many cats living around here I'm not sure we can count on them being indoors cats preventing further outbreaks.

on 2005-08-15 15:00 (UTC)
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another 2-3 weeks and the SSRI should mostly be out of my system. then the real test begins.

I'm thinking that it might be time to try weaning myself off of my prescription to see how well the mix of stuff I'm taking does on its own versus how much of its effect is due to some sort of synergy with the buproprion. I think the Wellbutrin had done about all it was going to do for me on its own, but making some tweaks in the supplement routine really did wonders for my overall mood and motivational levels.


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