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Canadian authorities are asking a court to rule that Canada's 19th-century anti-polygamy law — which provides five years in prison for polygamy or for living in a polygamous-like household or relationship, or for attending a group-marriage-like ceremony — is legal and enforceable today.

The long-forgotten law criminalizes most of today's poly households in Canada. In response, organizers of the Vancouver polyamory group VanPoly are seeking Canadian polyamorists to file written affadavits, and/or speak at an upcoming hearing, on whether the law should be enforced or struck down as a violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

call for action and background information.
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why does LJ never save an autodraft when i actually need one? *gnarg*. i should go back to composing in an external editor.

so in the first iteration of this post i was moaning about how the one bad thing about living with the paramour is that we often have such different schedules, since zie just went to bed, and i am a few hours past my own sleep window, feel like blasting music real loud and singing along in bad japanese, and vacuuming the house.

but since the *poing* doesn't get here until mid-afternoon on saturday, there's still time for the cleanup part of that. and in the meantime there are headphones, and i just sing quietly.

not like i've been much present here lately, but from saturday on i'll be even less so, for about a week. i'm glad the paramour is actually here this time; i always like it when all three of us can geek out together, and we haven't been able to do that in a couple of years now. we might drive out to the west coast of the island for a couple of days, and maybe be in time to see a few tens of thousands of brant geese migrate. and it looks like spring is actually here finally, even though we still had frost last night -- all the early bloomers are out now.

however depressed i might get, i never forget just how incredibly awesome my partners are, and how lucky i am to have found them. occasionally i get wistful about the bloody long distance, but hey, i take it any day over the alternative.

oh, those of you going to alt.polycon -- i hope you have a wonderful time. i'll be thinking of y'all.

today's japanese manga text instantly recognized, and found very appropriate to the occasion: 俺も好きだよ (ore mo suki da yo) - i like you too!


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