Nov. 16th, 2009

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khaki stucco wall with 3 perfectly lined-up outdoor lamps, made from galvanized steel, with graceful shepherd crook arms and angle-shaped heads casting their shades upon a navy blue awning

the crud is definitely on its way out, but still lingering in the nose.

the consistent diet of wet food is helping vincent put some meat on his scrawny bones. he sleeps inside all the time now, though he doesn't like boxes -- right now his favourite place is under the futon couch. mangy-cat, who now is officially "melancholy bear", "bear" for short, has migrated from right next to the door to the space where the work bench will be once i put it together, and is curling up on a black piece of fleece; invisible.

since all the outdoor cats are now eating dry food inside, i'm no longer leaving dry food outside. the racoons are not well pleased, and have taken to dragging off the small plates on which i feed vincent and bear wet food outside, and breaking them. i guess i'll have to figure out how to feed all 8 inside at the same time; *ack*, or get some bowls the coons can't break, even if they'll still drag them off. i'm hoping that they'll depart once they realize they just is no more food to be had here.

i'm feeling a little guilty over no longer feeding them.
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my paid LJ account runs out today.

i've pulled all my images off scrapbook, and have privatized all my entries before november 13. in a couple of days i will privatize the remaining ones as well, and i will no longer crosspost; i don't want my content to be used to display advertising.

for now i will continue to use my LJ account to comment, so nobody needs to make access changes at this time; though you can safely remove my LJ if you're reading me in some other way.

if you are not on dreamwidth, and you want to continue to read my entries and comment, you have several choices:

  1. get a dreamwidth account. i have free invites; just ask.
  2. use your LJ openID to establish a reading account on dreamwidth (instructions), and subscribe to me.
  3. friend the RSS feed of my dreamwidth account on LJ: [ profile] piranha_dw_feed. RSS feeds are not reliable on LJ at this time; they can cut out for days without notice. also, i am not releasing anything but the title into the feed (see "don't want my content used for ads"); you'll have to click to see the entry. i will not read comments on that feed.
  4. as [personal profile] yvi just reminded me, you can of course also read my RSS or atom feed in any non-LJ feed reader. grab the RSS or the atom feed URL.
  5. for the time being, you can also comment anonymously (though please sign), so you don't need an account anywhere. all my entries will be public (with the possible exception of surprises for somebody), ergo there's generally no problem with access. i am, however, screening anon comments, so there will be a delay until yours appears.

i know this will be inconvenient for some of you, but it's less effort than following somebody on blogger or wordpress or their own site, and i do that for oodles of people. if it's too much effort for you, then be well; maybe we run across each other in another net incarnation some other time. i will not auto-remove anyone who does no longer read me, but the next time i have an energy crunch, people who don't interact with me will likely drop off the radar. anyway, no hard feelings.
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apparently GM is set to start repaying government loans this december, and be done repaying 4 years ahead of schedule.
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Canadian authorities are asking a court to rule that Canada's 19th-century anti-polygamy law — which provides five years in prison for polygamy or for living in a polygamous-like household or relationship, or for attending a group-marriage-like ceremony — is legal and enforceable today.

The long-forgotten law criminalizes most of today's poly households in Canada. In response, organizers of the Vancouver polyamory group VanPoly are seeking Canadian polyamorists to file written affadavits, and/or speak at an upcoming hearing, on whether the law should be enforced or struck down as a violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

call for action and background information.
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tiny black cat with demon green eyes in bright green plastic tote

(no click for larger today; i don't think anyone would ever want prints of this :).)

demon-eyed persis sez "can't a cat groom herself in peace without somebody shooting a damn flash in her eyes?".

crud still hanging around, but mostly in my throat now, and not really bad.

my SPF factor (sarah palin fatigue) is 45.


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