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as if it were spring, i've been feeling urges to clean up various things.

the garden, basically left alone except for weeding directly around established plantings, really needed a more serious pruning of weeds and especially blackberries, who continue their (losing) battle. i cleared out the fallen apples under the tree and composted them -- i wish this variant of apple weren't so insipid and easily bruised; it really only tastes good for a very short period of time, then it becomes mealy, and it doesn't keep at all. i made a bit of apple sauce when they started ripening, but i am not crazy enough about apple sauce to properly can any, and making cider requires equipment i don't have. so, for another year the apples mostly go to waste, which bothers me, but well, it's, not actually my tree.

also cut down the newly sprouted blackberries between the fence and the hedge once again; as soon as it gets cooler i'll attack the remaining root systems in there to put an end to those. i have some spiffy weeds back in there too, wild mustard and wild buckwheat. i'm letting those grow for now; the mustard seedpods taste great in salad. speaking of salad, my arugula bolted. not really surprising; it's been too hot. need to seed a new set of salad greens.

since the landlords are gone, i've been weeding some of their area as well. she always comments on how much nicer my garden areas look than hers. which they do, but i am such a laissez-faire gardener myself that she could easily keep her stuff looking as good by simply watering regularly in summer, and weeding before the weeds outgrow the flowers.

in the evening i carried on the day's theme by spiffying up my wikipedia user page, and making it actually useful so i can do wikipedia work more efficiently. not done yet, but i am pleased.
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still with the GI bug, which has weakened me more than i expected -- as i found out when i stepped outside to go for a longish walk with the paramour. we ended up only doing the mailbox route and a little extra, and i was wiped afterwards. though i still managed to harvest. it's one of my favourite things to do last thing before it gets dark, to pick whatever has ripened during the day. blackberries, sugar snap peas, the third roma tomato, a bunch of teensy grape tomatoes, dill, and borage (making herring salad tomorrow).

after an intimate ritual with the porcelain god, i was gonna lay down for a bit, but the sweatsock juice is a bit too stimulating yet, and i got back up to find out just how one might go about extracting of oil from seeds in small amounts, since that's what the paramour and i speculated on while walking.

in the process i started writing my very first wikipedia "article". it's just a tech stub as yet, but i've noticed the section on extracting vegetable oils is lacking much information that i have now acquired, and i think i'll pump it in there in the next few days. earlier i was musing in matociquala's LJ how come i seem incapable of writing for others, at least when it comes to fiction (and i should copy that comment here). well, i know i can write technical information, at least in a certain style -- and that style works with wikipedia just fine. and then wikipedia reminded me again of how much i love wikis, and i really want to get back to them. so i quickly edited some outdated links on my community wiki homepage, and fixed the rss feed from this journal (though, urm, the rss does not respect lj-cuts, which is unfortunate). hey, something to feel accomplished about.


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