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prince of tennis episode 54. new trailer.

aja, did you see what tezuka is reading here:


while daintily sipping tea. let's not even mention that collarbone and the look at all.

OMG, i am dying. i can't wait to see what episode that's in.

also, inui and kaidoh, oh yes. i know you said so, but i didn't see that coming. first kaidoh sans shirt, then they're all complimentary about each other in their minds, inui helps him perfect his boomerang snake (at sunset! in the water!), and finally, "do you want to team up for doubles with me?". yup, sold. aside from the slashy joyfest i really like what they've done with the character development for inui -- he's been slowly becoming more than just a geek with a preoccupation for data. kaidoh's really growing on me too; i didnt like him at all at the start, but we consistently get little bits of him that're beyond the initial gruffness and aggression.

oh, and i am documenting each time tezuka and fuji talk. *evil cackle*.

i am having too much fun. i laughed out loud several times this episode -- momo as inui was hilarious.
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episode 40.

damn you, aja. now i LIKE these people.

*cranks up the torrents for the next 138 episodes*.

ETA: i'm starting to see the possibilities for twisting the dialogue completely out of context :). mizuki x yuuta. "don't worry. i'll keep you company all night." uh hn.
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episode 25/26 was impressive, ok. i am totally not swayed by "i'll bring the balls", but now there is something between tezuka and ryoma. am highly amused that the "pillar of support" bit actually has a couple of pillary towers in it. *cackle*. made a userpic from that, but like this one better.

episode 27 did nothing for me (my cats are cuter), except that suddenly kaidou was adorable.

episode 35 somehow magically opened the vortex to sucking me in inexorably.

i've pretty much lived for fuji opening his eyes. finally got plenty of that in the last two episodes.

"i've faced much stronger lefties than you." "i am aiming much higher." ha! yeah, don't we know it.

also, mizuki's seiyuu is ishida akira, i think. mmmh.

now that i've seen young-ryuuzaki with young-nanjirou, i like her better than before. she's the only worthwhile woman in this show, *sigh*. luckily we also got tachibana an! a girl who is not a worthless squealer/blusher/ignoramus, but who stands on her own two feet and is outspoken and knowledgable to boot! woohoo, two, count 'em, two decent female characters. there is so totally no gen fic i ever want to read about this show, unless that changes in a major way.

i can see why people ship tezuka / fuji.

this bloody show is growing on me like a fungus. but horio / sakuno / tomoka must still die.
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so so bad about updating this thing.

i continue to spend my copious free time on learning japanese, and watching anime, jdrama, and reading manga. i want to write interesting reviews, especially of the things i love, but somehow i am stalling out on them because i can't make them sing the way the works sing inside my heart. damn.

so i'm just gonna, for the record, write about one of the shows that isn't doing it for me at this point, despite coming highly recommended. i've already written some of this as a comment elsewhere, so it's easy to riff off a little further here.

prince of tennis - テニスの王子様 - tenisu no oujisama by 許斐剛 konomi takeshi.

this manga and anime are amazingly popular in japan; the manga is at > 330 chapters and still going, the anime at > 175 episodes. there are additional OAVs, there are live action movies. there are musicals! it's a sports anime, even though the tennis is, ya know, anime tennis and defies the laws of physics. this isn't like hikaru no go where one can actually go and play the games they show on screen. ergo, it is not normally a show i would even touch. but [livejournal.com profile] bookshop, my favourite pimp, is enamoured with it, and if aja says it's worthwhile, it usually is. :)

which is why, *wah*, i am sorry i don't actually like tenipuri at this point. i've not read the manga at all, but i've watched the first 15 episodes and a few strategically picked others, and it's really hard for me to sit through them.

but let me start with what's good about it: the character design is actually decent. the show has a huge cast -- players at seigaku, a leading tennis school, players at rival schools, and plenty of ancillary characters. and they do not all look or behave alike; they're clearly characterized even if they spend very little time on-screen. i think that's quite the feat; i do not need to use a character sheet to try to identify who is who at all.
the star of the show, echizen ryoma, 12, a tennis prodigy, is the sort of character i like a lot -- he is cocky when challenged, but he can actually back it up; he's otherwise quiet, untalkative but observant, he takes his tennis very seriously and is constantly trying to learn new things, and he stands up for weaker people when they're being given a hard time by some bully. he's voiced by minagawa junko (who also does ritsuka in loveless), one of the few female seiyuus whose voice i enjoy because it sounds young but not high-pitched. also, adorable, ne?
the team captain is tezuka kunimitsu (voiced by okiayu ryoutarou, one of the seiyuus i adore), the tennis school's top player -- who's the strong, silent, responsible type. hard to read, therefore he must be deep, right? *sigh*. also, he wears glasses. *swoon*; glasses and okiayu-sama; be still my heart.
i consider the top seigaku players in general mildly interesting -- they're all made immediately unique, and i find myself wanting to get to know them better.

but here's what's bad: there are so many annoying shounen characteristics in this show -- almost all women and girls are worthless props; cutesy, squealing, blushing, adoring the men without qualification. the comic relief is over-the-top grating, both in the shape of horio, the bragging know-it-all kid who actually doesn't know anything, and ryoma's father, a former ace tennis player who is now a monk whose "pervert" tendencies are played to the hilt ("pervert" in this case refers to him looking at magazines with swimsuit models. oh please.). also, there are a lot of super-duper special tennis moves all with their own special names (*yawn*), the animation is lackluster, the colours typically bright without much nuance, the backgrounds only so-so.

the way the episodes are put together makes it torturous for me to watch; the comedic elements actively pain me, and there's no emotional depth so far to make up for it.

i don't just watch anime for teh gay these days (though it might be hard to tell), and i would be fine if this show had none. yeah, it is majorly slashed, of course, being as it has goodlooking male characters, *snicker*, but it has no actual yaoi content -- the canon doesn't, so far, support any BL whatsoever, and i personally find it unslashable at this time -- i don't mind pushing the envelope a little, but here the distance is too large for my slashy heart to go all pitter-patter, in part because ryoma is 12, but it's mainly about the characters' interaction, which is just ... not close enough for me to start spinning romantic subthreads. this is not a problem with the show; i am just noting it.

i will continue to watch it because aja says it might grow on me, but i'll do it in small drabs, so as to not overdose from the comedic gratiness. and i won't start the manga at all unless the show really does grow on me.

gratiness. that is not a word, is it.


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