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We wish to apologize for any offense caused by our survey, which was certainly never our intention. We can clearly understand how strong feelings were evoked by the specific nature of our interactions. We deeply regret this. We appreciate tremendously the invaluable feedback we've received, and certainly hope to improve our work and grow as people as a result of this experience.

this is what we who think deeply about language, its usage, and the thoughts between the lines know as a "fauxpology" or "nopology":

  1. the nature of the offense isn't named -- not a word about the sexism, homophobia, transphobia, shoddy science, lies by omission (about the book deal, about university association), not protecting minors from the invasive personal questions in the craptastic survey, manipulating the moderators of fandom communities. did i forget anything?
  2. the offended party isn't named -- ~2000 people who took the survey, many individuals who at first tried to engage with the speakers positively, then tried to show them the error of their ways, only to be patronized.
  3. the offended party (once removed) is cast in the passive voice, while the speakers are in the active:

    • offense was caused, feelings were evoked.
    • the speakers apologize, understand, appreciate, hope, grow.

  4. the speakers take no actual responsibility for the offense -- it was the poor survey that caused it all. bad, survey, no biscuit.
  5. no offense was ever intended -- and without naming it, who knows whether it ever really was an offense. maybe those feelings were, you know, overly sensitive.
  6. those feelings that were invoked -- not scientific objections, no, "feelings". we all know what that's code for, don't we? yeah -- irrational women.
  7. it's all about "we, we, we", what "we" got out of it. an apology should focus on the wronged party, not on the personal growth of the perpetrators thanks to walking all over the wronged party. what i want to hear from the speakers is what "we" won't do again.

bah, humbug. yeah, i'd like to see some personal growth here. any day now would be fine, "drs" ogas and gaddam.


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