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thanks to everyone who took my toilet poll -- this was by far the most popular post i ever made on LJ, which makes me wonder. :)

seems that "bathroom" is the general winner, understood widely across the US/brit divide. more americans use "toilet" than i expected; possibly because my flist is above-average forthright compared to the mainstream. and i learned a couple of new terms -- smallest room and KYBO.

i am warning you; i might be unduly encouraged by the high participation -- i am considering a poll about what terms for genitalia and associated functions you do or don't like to read in erotica.
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it's probably not so weird while thinking about scanlating, but yesterday i ended up making a list of synonyms for トイレット (toiretto = toilet; the room in which it is located). i'm curious which ones people in other parts of the english-speaking world use since my knowledge might be out of date -- for example i learned WC in school (where we were taught british english), but from what i read that's not common in britain at all anymore, though it seems to have spread to the rest of europe.

my first poll! how appropriate that it would be for something concerning bodily functions. the second section is in two parts only because of LJ option limits.

[Poll #1025742]

please feel free to make copious usage notes in comments. :)


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