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today we have the reorganization of my flist. i removed almost all syndicated feeds. i friended some people back who actually write in their LJs, whom i recognize from somewhere, and who apparently had friended me already (i do not pay attention to that unless somebody comments). if you don't write in your LJ, i didn't friend you -- but i don't make locked posts except for downloads (and i am going to handle that differently), so it doesn't matter. i also made several new friends filters.

for the longest time i've been insisting that my friends list is my reading list; that i read everyone who is on it, every day that i actually read my flist. which used to be every day, period, and then became "every few days for as long as i can easily page backward", then "once every two weeks, kinda", and lastly "once in a blue moon", which is what spurred me on to doing this, since i am obviously not coping well enough with the size of the list. i already had separate filters for reading comms, that's easy. but i never knew how to sort people reasonably well into filters, because aside from my partners and closest friends, i don't really have preferences that stay the same for any period of time. i just did a really rough triage, into snigglers (since we're all being particularly active in talking to each other), alt.polyfolk, PLATOnics, writers, fellow smutters/scanlators, and "other". it really makes no emotional sense to filter people like that, but it's the only thing i can think of that results in several manageable lists.

furthermore, i have so far been reading RSS feeds from half a gazillion blogs through LJ's flist, which functions as a handy aggregator. but LJ's flist isn't actually a particularly good aggregator and has been stuck in this sorry state for years; after the initial addition of syndication LJ hasn't done anything with it, not even to fix the totally annoying commenting issue (the one where one is allowed to comment on LJ to a feed, but that doesn't actually go TO the feed, it just stores the comment in the LJ account, which means most feeders will never ever see it). in the meantime actual RSS readers have improved, and my usenet newsreader (gnus) can also read RSS feeds. so i am shifting all my feed reading to a dedicated reader -- gotta try out a few different ones, with special attention to how they handle comments and commenting. because i would really like to be able to keep better track of when i comment out there; i often don't go back and check for a response, and in general don't comment much at all because it feels too "drive-by".

part of why i don't comment is the annoyance of having to fill in my personal information for each damn blog, or to actually create an account on their system. therefore i'm also looking into cross-blog identification schemes such as openID, which means i'd just need to log in once for a whole slew of blogs. unfortunately not every blogging/forum system has that enabled, but we'll see what shakes out.


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