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what i really don't grok, is how a story i don't even understand can get to me so i feel all weirdly touched inside.

i've been listening to 裏刀神記 (ura katana kami no ki) by ogasawara uki (which i translate to something like "chronicles of the spirit in the sword" -- we'll see how dramaqueen translates it when the english version comes out, since they just licensed it). it's a brutal story judging from the art; there seem to be 2 people (plus the spirit in the sword, by name of shiba), whose destiny is entwined across several reincarnations / transfigurations, one of them (shinkai) pursues the other (ryoutarou/tsunaie), who always kills him. at least that's what i think happens. it's an "eternal rival" story where they can't really live without each other, but these guys can apparently not live with each other either for some centuries, *wry grin*.

i got the drama CD first because it has one of my favourite seiyuu (masutani yasunori, of fujimi orchestra fame), who has done so little leading work that i've been trying to find everything by him. also, okiayu-buchou as the spirit; always a treat, and sakurai takahiro -- great cast. after i figured out that it was based on a manga, i found the japanese raws for it, and most of the story i've pieced together from that. which isn't really much more than i've already told. after realizing that everybody romanizes the title differently, i figured out that there is scanlation of the first volume, but only two chapters of that are the main story, and you know, it's no clearer to me after reading the translation either; the timeline jumps back and forth between at least 3 different periods, the scanlator's english isn't the best, and half the story is in the second volume which i don't have. i've ordered it from japan, because i Must Have It. the art is gorgeous, btw. the sex isn't to my taste (too much tying up, non-con, and yeah, dying during), and i don't care; i'm not looking at it for the sex.

but somehow the emotion of the drama CD gets to me even though i am incredibly hazy on what actually happens. tonight i've been listening to it over and over, trying to translate bits and pieces. which is hard -- i usually don't even try with stories that have samurai in them, because they tend to use some archaic language that completely stumps me, of course. i think there is actually a happy ending, but what the heck happened with the spirit in the sword? he had a thing with shinkai at some point, but shinkai clearly has The Thing for ryoutarou, and yaoi never does polyamory.

anyway, i am all weird inside. i feel like i am not really here, but somewhere in a different place where this story is real. i listen to a lot of drama CDs, but i don't remember this happening to me before, not even with stories i like a lot (and actually understand because i have full translations). the music might also have something to do it. heck, i should buy the CD, that way i get a booklet with it and can look up who wrote the music; i keep finding myself humming along.


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