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the british ordnance survey has created a representative minecraft map of great britain. no, fortunately not by hand, or i'd be worried about those guys.

22 billion blocks. 3.6GB. complete with waterways and roads. download at the link.

put it on a server and we could all go play "where did i spawn?" ;)

yes, i am still playing minecraft. stopped for a while, but now that there are horses, i had to start again. also, new terrain generator is coming in 1.7, and the development snapshots show it to be a lot more interesting; more biome variety, more "realistic" biome distribution (no more snow next to jungle), smaller oceans.
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those of you not into minecraft can safely tune out now.

*waves to the three of you remaining*. ;)

soon after i've had the idea of making a new server for the paramour, the poing, and a couple of other friends, the idea has been taking on a life of its own. we all play on a vanilla server now, but i am dissatisfied with that because what i really want is to play OUR game, but our game is so far away still. so i've been pondering how to turn minecraft as much as possible into our game. it's actually a useful exercise because it shows issues we might otherwise not discover.

the way the three of us play is different for each, but there is enough overlap to make building a server fun instead of frustrating. i've been looking for mods that'd work for all of us (and that will play nicely together, which is harder), because we all have played vanilla minecraft (vMC)for a long time now, and have kinda of worn it out. we want more blocks to mine, more recipes for things to build, a better tech tree, more epic terrain. i'll leave the handwringing about how hard it is to get various mods to work together for another post. for now i have settled on CraftBukkit (CB) as my server platform because it is the most mature and has an actual API (something vMC is as yet missing).

one of my favourite things to do is to explore -- whichever game i play, that's the first thing i do, and oftentimes that'll remain my main character's "profession". so of course that's what i do in minecraft too, when i am not building. vMC's terrain generator is getting better, but it's still a far cry from great, so i've played around with in-game editors such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. and i've been looking at world generators, with an emphasis on those that allow me to guide the generation to some degree. there's WorldPainter, which is great fun for precisely editing sections of terrain from outside the game, complete with 3D preview. i will definitely use that. but for generating the bulk of the terrain, i'm opting for procedural. the most flexible by far is the little-known TerrainControl (TC). go ahead, gaze at the epicness. awesome, isn't it?

so i'm in the process of creating the base world map now, the outlines of which i am borrowing from various real-world islands. even though some of the terrain will be epically impossible in real life, i still want the whole to seem possible. it looks like WorldPainter might import heightmaps, which would be awesome -- i could get google earth terrain or interesting dem files for special spots on the map.

something that's becoming clear to me is that real-world distances won't work, for several reasons. one is that one can't see very far in minecraft even on a clear day. the other is that even with interesting terrain, it still has limited interest because it has so little life and few things to find other than caves and ores, even if i populate it with extra tree types. i think i will need to create an ancient civilization that has left ruins, so people wandering can find something unexpected. and i'll need to compress the oceans, because while they'll look great when looking at a print of the map, in-game those distances become huge swaths of unrelieved, blue dullness.
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now, why i've been so quiet since the *poing* got here. it's all their fault -- the *poing*'s and the paramour's. because they introduced me to a game by the name of minecraft, and i've been playing it obsessively since then. and because the depression hasn't gone away (ha! if only...), i either have energy for a social life, or for the game.

it's a wonderful game, and the first game since arcanum that's sucked me in so fast. but it's way better than arcanum; more immersive, more creative, more expandable. it's a sandbox game, its primary focus is on building, but there's also exploring, acquiring stuff, farming, figuring out how items in the game work, and fighting for survival -- if you want to. you are not locked into any specific mode, and you can freely switch between them. you can play the game without ever fighting a single enemy and with unlimited resources to build anything you want, where health and hunger are of no concern, and where you can't die, or you can battle it out in hardcore mode, where death lurks around every corner and means the end of your entire world, and you have to start over from scratch. or anywhere in between; explore an abandoned mine today, build an automated underwater sugarcane farm tomorrow, and trap poisonous spiders the next day.

it can be played by children, teens, and adults, by parents with their kids, without either getting bored or finding it too difficult. you can play it alone, or on a server with your friends, or on a public server with hundreds of people under a particular theme (like recreating middle earth, or lost, or anything the server owner comes up with. you can save your world and share it with other people.

it's also expandable, and since it's been played by millions of gamers since its beta release a year ago, there are lots of extensions (called mods) available. some only change a small aspect, others add a whole new dimension. you can "skin" it with texture packs so everything looks like the world of tron or victorian steampunk. you can make your own texture pack; it's easy -- didn't take long til i started my own, of course. ;)

and it's all done with cubes.


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