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in honour of the paramour's return, i made a collage.

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the paramour is home!
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*chagrined look*.

some time this month was the paramour and my 10th anniversary. we don't know for sure when, because whenever we try to remember, i end up having to dig up the maintenance booklet for my old subaru, and this time i couldn't find it because ironically my room is messier than ever due to my attempts to create more order (oh, shut up, matthew! it is so correct usage :). luckily neither of us is into celebrating specific dates, but hey, we think it's about a decade! that's a good enough number in the short life of a human to take note of it.

my first encounter with the paramour online had been in soc.singles (before it descended into total crap), when i ripped zir an extra orifice based on a quoted portion of a post (lambasting us snigglers) from which, unfortunately, the punchline had been elided.[1] that was to be a sign. of the apocalypse? *grin*. things improved fast after that initial bite, since the paramour has a sense of humour, which was glaringly obvious as soon as i saw the punchline to that fated post. we bantered a little in email, i learned to recognise zir irreverent sense of humour without needing a spoon-fed punchline, and zie moved quickly into the group of people i was looking forward to meet some time.

i remember that it was july when i trecked down towards denver for a soc.singles get-together, and almost turned right around and drove back because i'd had a lousy time at home just before that, my as yet untreated depression was raging rampantly, i wasn't feeling social at all, and was dreading meeting a lot of people all at once, even though i really liked them. i did turn around. i drove around the area for an hour and sat in my car for a while, and walked the dog. then i went back to littleton. met oodles of neat people. and met the paramour-to-be. who wore a hideous shirt (i call it the "vomit vest"), and was introduced to me as d. esmay (which i did not believe for a minute, contrary to the time when i met jeem pretending to be lars, which i could have believed had it not been for the person who sniggered) -- apologies for the sniggler injokes, alas you did have to be there.

i don't believe in love at first sight, but it didn't take more than an hour or two for serious attraction to hit -- how could i resist somebody who made the snarkiest of comments just under zir breath, with the kindest of smiles? and then zie critiqued my botched attempt at making grilled cheese sandwiches... when i dropped zir off at the airport after the weekend was over, i walked away hiding a tear -- we had briefly contemplated me driving zir back to toronto, but didn't quite give in to the madness. :) we both knew we had something, though what that was, who knew. it didn't really matter what it was. just that it was nifty.

10 years later, and we still banter like it were going out of style. i can stand the paramour around me even when i feel like shit, and my life is filled with an extra large dollop of delight because zie's in it. we are best companions, and i couldn't imagine it being any better than it is.

i am so very lucky. thanks for being you, capsicum. and -- nice tush!

[1] old home time: thanks to google, that exchange is now saved on my hard drive. note that google does also not have the original article in question, so i am safe in sticking to my story that i NEVER SAW IT!


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