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google image labeller, to aid googe image search. since i use that a huge amount, i am all for helping with it. you and a partner (picked for you at random) have a certain amount of time to type in labels for an image. you get points for matches.

edit1: *little grump*. i wish the handshaking weren't so buggy. i'm having too many passes not connect.

edit2: *wah*! and now you've taken my individual ranking away! how can i tell whether i am working my way up in the greatest hits list! you people have a lot to learn about incentives.

edit3: ah, i see what they are doing. they're presenting the images again and again, and are putting common terms off limits, thereby refining the labels.

edit4: i am refining my own labels by taking time after each run to see what my partner typed, and by going to sites for images where i drew a blank to check what they actually depict. otherwise i'd already be bored now.

edit5: my individual cumulative ranking is back. 302 with 14400 points. just had my first 10-match with somebody; that felt really good (and it wasn't just simple stuff either). i think this is good "flexing the brain" exercise for me.

edit6: if you cna't splel astronaught, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, or i shall have to kill you. 11-match, #234, 17600 points.


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