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most of you have probably forgotten how i burbled about sugru last year. alas i couldn't actually buy any then, because they were sold out by the time i found out about the stuff. but they took pre-orders for the next batch, geared up for more professional production, and delivered it.

this stuff is perfect for hacking physical kludges fixes and improvements. it's a self-adhesive silicone material that sticks to a lot of other materials: aluminum, steel, ceramics, wood, and some plastics. it has a working time of 30 min and cures at room temperature in 24 hours. it dries solid but slightly flexible, and with a grippy surface. it can handle temperatures between -60°C to +180°C.

i'm totally excited about it. so much so that i am eyeing my retirement account as to whether it could stand a big witdrawal so i can invest in it. i see this as the next duct tape, only better.

so, my first hack. nothing with which to win awards or accolades, but it was the first thing that came to mind when the sugru arrived. i have one of those flat keyboards from apple -- beautiful indeed, and i am a speed demon on it, but it's too damn flat at the back; it only has a 12mm high ledge. so for months i've propped the back up on two small containers of carmex. but everything slides around and i have to readjust it several times a day, especially after one of the cats was on my desk.

so now we get to find out whether whatever plastic this keyboard is made from happens to be one of the ones to which sugru bonds. i cut two small pieces of wood, and attached them to the back ledge of the keyboard with 5g of sugru each.

the sugru is easy to handle; just work it between your fingers for a few seconds, and it's ready to go. it smells a bit odd, like it's something out of hospital, but not bad. it stains fingers a bit, and probably materials as well -- the fingers get clean with soap and water and some mild scrubbing.

i can think of SO many uses for this; i am glad i ordered a bunch. i also really like the attitude of the company -- make it in bright colours; be proud of your hacks. making stuff makes me happy, even if it is a kludge -- it's a different thing from the accomplishment i feel when something turns out perfect, a work of art. i also like just making things work when they're broken or suboptimally designed.


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