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still no new door.  since it's coming up on 2 weeks, i decided to check when i could expect it.  while it's not really all that much easier to break in here with plastic in the frame instead of glass, psychologically it looks easier, and i am not comfortable leaving the shack when nobody else is home.  so, i ask, and it turns out they had completely forgotten about the door.  *rolls eyes*.  well, bummer, now i am tired of waiting, and am annoyed that i left them in peace instead of nagging.

the paramour gets home tomorrow, and i am glad.  i've been feeling a bit lonely, and i know the paramour will disspell those feelings in no time flat.  it'll be nice to  have somebody here with whom to have real conversations; i feel a bit dried up in that department.  i also miss my computer; it's a pain not to have photoshop to work with, and not having most of my tools is contributing to me feeling bleh.

10 min later -- just after bitching about the landlord i end up feeling sorry for them, because she came over to say that her father is dying and they have to drive there, and sorry about the door, but they'll try to make a quick run over there before they leave -- so i offered to get the door myself.  that'll make me feel better; i suck at waiting, i rather take care of fixing stuff myself.


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