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sheep with protective covering

if its worth doing, it's worth overdoing. actually made it out of the house today, and went to two (!) events.

first the local fibre festival at the conference centre, a new offering. 25 vendors, and i bankrupted us buying fibre and yarn. mostly fibre: tussah silk, flax, romney/opossum, dyed romney/mohair, chiengora (the name cracks me up; it's the undercoat of samoyed dogs), mohair locks, silk hankies, dyed silk noil, and an entire shetland fleece. yarn: lorna's laces shepherd sock, unwind yarns nebiolo (a sport weight merino/suri alpaca), diamond's alpaca baby lace, and a 100% silk lace distributed by fun knits on quadra island (dirt cheap; C$ 9.95 for 500m).

weirdly enough our local yarn store was not represented; when i was visiting them yesterday they complained that they found out about the event from a random customer. seems the publicizing was directed primarily at spinning/weaving suppliers more so than at knitting stores, and the LYS has just started to carry a wee bit of fibre. that was short-sighted, because the show had a lot of yarn as well, and the LYS would have beaten the drum for them. i'm hoping this will become an annual event.

when carting my treasure home i listened to the radio, which was broadcasting from the cowichan fair, and since the paramour was amenable, we headed down island to check out the brandnew exhibition grounds. very nice. we had some mennonite sausage, which was yummy, and some frozen lemonade, watched a driving class (mmh, draft horses), ambled through the poultry and sheep barns, and looked at the crafts. it's interesting how widely the craftsmanship varies in some of the categories -- the quilts were fabulous; first class, as was the weaving, but the crochet was terrible, and the knitting mediocre. i took lots of quilt pictures; i'll share some of them tomorrow. it also amuses me just how detailed some of the categories get. my favourite one: 1706 NEWCYCLE, a design using roadside plant materials in a recycled container.

chatted with a lady who was demonstrating bobbin lace (this is NOT something i will ever do), and one with a nice 8-harness foldable tabletop loom (i think it was louet's jane). *lust*.

we were both flagging by the time the rain moved in, and headed home early. now i am back to mainlining tv shows (damages and true blood) while fondling my new fibre.
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i actually got up early, watered my garden, cut back the blackberry spreaders once again, and then made it to the fair in time to not have to seek for a parking space. took some time in the poultry barn trying to take pictures of feathers (for the most part it was just too dark for freehand photography), watched halter classes, 4H sheep judging, sheep shearing, goat milking, western riding for beginners, and miniature horse driving, and was finally all faired out around 14:00 and headed home before i could actually get a real sunburn.

i have 350 photos to go through and pick the most interesting ones to post. it'll be a while.

what now, brown sheep what now, brown cow sheep

this is my favourite picture from today, though technically it sucks. this could have been SO me, many many years ago, if i had been in 4H and raised sheep. matching butts, matching hair. too cute.

astoundingly, i did not just fall onto the couch and called it a day, but i swept kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed, did dishes, and cooked dinner. i don't know where that energy came from, that's for sure.
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log skid log skid competition

i love demonstrations of "exotic" working skills, and here's one: horses are still used in today's logging operations, so it's not a completely dead art.

this is the first series of action shots i've taken that actually came out well, thanks to the horses moving relatively slowly. :) next i should clearly work on depth of field (i know how to fake it in photoshop, but am too lazy for all that work today).

clicking on the image leads to more pictures with explanations.

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every august, we have the vancouver island exhibition, our local agricultural fair. i haven't gone most years because i missed the dates. this year i seem to be on the ball. i love ag fairs. found a spinner who was helpful enough to correct my drop spindle technique (self-taught), which resulted in instant improvement; i actually managed to spin a very consistent bit without fighting the spindle at all. i learn physical skills so much faster if i can actually watch somebody skilled perform them close up than if i learn from textual description with still images. these guys breed cotswold sheep and angora goats on gabriola island, and i'll visit them soon, i think. she also had the dream spinning wheel for life on the boat: an ashford joy. OMG, perfect.

i took pictures of animals and stuff until i ran out of batteries. first, baby animals. :)

sleeping piglet sleeping piglet

piglet has a stick piglet has a stick

this is the last second during which this piglet is in sole possession of
said stick. :)
in hiding in hiding

"blanc de hotot" rabbits, an endangered breed.
muscovy ducklings muscovy ducklings

this is only half the clutch. can you imagine pushing out 18 eggs?


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