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new series:

zoku natsume yuujinchou (続 夏目友人帳) -- sequel to natsume yuujinchou (夏目友人帳), which i am currently watching.  Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him. Containing the names of these spirits, a binding contract was formed between the spirits and the owner of the book. Now, Natsume is determined to free the spirits and dissolve the contracts. With the help of a spirit cat, his days are filled trying to return the names to these spirits. [ANN] inoue kazuhiko voices the cat, and does an awesome job (the cat has two distinct voices for its two forms).

tetsuwan birdy DECODE: 02 -- sequel to tetsuwan birdy DECODE (鉄腕バーディーDECODE) and alternate retelling tetsuwan birdy OVA (鉄腕バーディー), which i've watched.  Federation investigator Birdy chases the space criminal Geega through space to Earth, where he hides in the entertainment industry under a human disguise. Birdy goes undercover herself, posing as famous model “Arita Shion” that often uses a ‘space girl’ look. A male student, Senkawa, stumbles upon a fight between the two one night in an abandoned building only to be severed in half as he is used as a shield by Geega against Birdy. Birdy heals him from imminent death in some fashion- but Senkawas body, and life, are now changed and permanently linked to Birdy. [ANN]

maria-sama ga miteru 4th season (マリア様がみてる 4thシーズン), which i'll probably tape for the paramour, being as it's yuri.  the "lillian school for girls" is an exclusive all girl's catholic school. the school has a tradition that older girls take a younger girl as their little sister or "soeur" in order to instruct and look out for them.  uh huh.

kemono no souja erin (獣の奏者エリン) -- written by uehashi nahoko, the creator of seirei no moribito, which is one of my favourite anime, and that's enough reason to watch this.  :)  erin is a young woman who is drawn into a war between kingdoms. she has the ability to command animals by playing a musical instrument.

ride back (ライドバック) -- the story of a girl and her "iron horse" robot motorcycle in 2020, a tumultous time of anti-government student protests.  this might be good; i like the art.  then again, it might suck because it's mecha.  we'll see.  among the cast: paku romi, miki shinichiro, morikawa toshiyuki.

genji monogatari sennenki (源氏物語千年紀) -- oh yeah. interpretation of the original novel. takahiro sakurai as genji.  totally must see.

maria+holic (まりあ†ほりっく) -- The story centers on a sophomore named Kanako who enrolls in an all-girls school because she has a phobia of men and wants to find her destined yuri partner. She meets a captivating freshman named Mariya who fits her criteria — except her seemingly ideal mate happens to be a cross-dressing sadistic boy. [ANN] i wouldn't normally expect to care since this is yuri, but i saw the first streamed episode, kobayashi yu is delightful as maria, and the whole thing was very funny.  it might become my comic relief anime, and the paramour might like it, depending on how much actual yuri there is beyond kanako's nosebleeding adoration.

hetalia axis powers (ヘタリア axis powers) -- very short gag anime, set in europe between WW1 and WW2, using caricatures of the different nationalities as portrayed by a gaggle of bishounen boys.  this could either fall flat because of being terribly offensive, or be hilariously offensive.  i'm not holding my breath, but i'll give it a try.  paku romi, namikawa daisuke, konishi katsuyuki.

also, xxxholic has an OVA coming, but i don't know when.  [ETA: 2 parts in mid-february.]


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