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smugmug is down for upgrades, so no picture before i go to bed.

GC19ZF1 [Raid At The Fir Trade] -- thanks to insomnia keeping me up through the night i didn't crawl out of bed until after 1700, which left less than an hour of decent daylight for today's cache hunt. we went to yellowpoint regional park to try for the closest of 4 caches in the park. from the description this sounded easy peasy. had i only read the logs of other cachers beforehand. it turned out that the coordinates were off by 10m, and that's sufficiently far in the woods that it makes a search very tough. thankfully the paramour's GPS is not as good as mine (ha!), and that, together with perusing the hint that came with the cache description, allowed our roles to be reversed tonight -- me stomping through the woods cursing, paramour victorious. took enameled pin, left rat, which was the closest i had on me to a creepy crawly, the ostensible theme of the cache. (people don't always stick to themes.)

it was very wet at YPRP, and the horse crossing bridge is out, but that's what we have goretex boots for. this is the park in which i found gazillions of shooting stars 2 years ago, but we're as yet too early for those. the fawn lilies are just about ready to burst into bloom though.

by the time we got back to the truck it was raining again, and we stopped for dinner at the cedarbrook. omnomnom, best chicken souvlaki in town.


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