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the good news: the paramour is home; fog did not interfere.

the mediocre news: the reformatories won the federal election, and gained seats to boot. the only thing that keeps this from being really bad news is that at least they did not win a majority government.

our riding did not fuck up, it voted NDP as usual (though they lost a little). and the conservatives gained a bit. the greens gained a bit more, and the liberals lost a lot (as did the marxist leninists).

the ABC (anything but conservative) campaign in NL seems to have worked. we might have to look towards something like that in BC as well.

it was overall a lousy outcome for the liberals, and a pretty good one for the greens, and the NDP -- looks like edmonton-strathcona might go to them; the sole spot of hope in alberta! (linda duncan lead by 0.9% last i checked -- oh, and CBC? please not to be calling ridings prematurely. that sucked. kthxbye.)

au revoir, stéphane dion. who's next?

on 2008-10-15 07:23 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] hobbitbabe.livejournal.com
oh, and CBC? please not to be calling riding prematurely.

It tooootally sucked. They should feel really sheepish.

On the other hand, it sure made an amazing end to the evening at Linda Duncan headquarters.

on 2008-10-15 07:37 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] therealjae.livejournal.com
oh, and CBC? please not to be calling ridings prematurely. that sucked.

You think it sucked for you??? It really sucked for those of us sitting at the victory party. (Although we knew our best polls were yet to come, so we still held out hope.)


I never knew. . .

on 2008-10-15 17:39 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I was stuck as an inside scrutineer until after all the drama was passed. When I finally got to Duncan HQ, the results that we had there showed Linda and that other guy neck and neck, and about five minutes later, she pulled ahead. So no emotional roller-coaster for me. I can't decide whether that is a good or a bad thing.


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