Feb. 17th, 2011

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watched this because oguri shun is in it -- once i get attached to a voice, i really get attached. :) also, the subject matter seemed potentially like fun, and i always like watching animals.

at first glance tottori ken'ichi (oguri shun) is a cold, rude, foul-mouthed veterinarian who appears to only be interested in money. his catch phrase is 'pet care is business', and he refuses to treat any animal unless the owner can pay his -- often steep -- bills. he's also extraordinarily skillful, otherwise he might not have any clients. as it is, he is often the go-to man of last resort. he runs his animal clinic by himself until he encounters tajima asuka (inoue mao), who comes to him for help with her lame race horse. because she can't pay, he hires her as his gopher/assistant so she can work off her debt. one of the few people with whom he is friendly is fellow vet hanabishi masaru (narimiya hiroki), a friend from university; the charismatic host of a popular TV animal show. hanabishi excels at diagnosis, but he has a secret -- ever since botching an operation on his own dog, which resulted in the dog bleeding out, he has been unable to operate. he hides this from everyone, and often comes to tottori for help with operations.

i can't say this is a good drama, but i watched all 9 episodes of it, and enjoyed myself. click for detail, very mild spoilers )

i can't say i'd heartily recommend it to anyone but fans of the lead actors, and maybe those who're looking for some light entertainment in japanese (it's good for learning weird medical terms!).


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