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These popular resources are almost gone forever!

From must-have magazines to favorite books - get them before they disappear!

so claims today's email from interweave press (a crafting magazine publisher).

dear interweave.

i actually like a lot of your offerings. ok, so you still haven't realized that some of us are fat, which limits the usefulness of your patterns for me, but that's besides the point here.

the point is that you're sending me email pushing your offerings. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. yes, i subscribed originally, but i am about to unsubscribe. i am not actually paying attention anymore because email every single day about something that is not urgent news is too damn much. i bin most of it. which means i almost didn't see this. ironically, that would have been better for you.

what the hell, interweave? we live in the digital age, and you actually caught on fairly quickly, and i can now get a lot of crafting information, whether written or video, by downloading it from you. all very painless, and you might have noticed that this inclines me to purchase more.

but not when you throw pretend-scarcity in my face. these popular resources are almost gone forever? really? in the past, if a resource was popular, the publisher would eventually do another print run. now that is a whole lot less effort -- scan the thing if you haven't already (hey, google might do it for you! would you prefer that?), and format it nicely into a pdf/epub, and you're done. if indeed the resource is so very popular, and some people want to hold it in their lanolin-softened hands, you can do a print-on-demand offer just for them. so don't give me this bull to hasten me into purchasing something because it might be gone otherwise.

my urge to buy pretty knitting candy is all gone for today because i hate being manipulated. funny how that works.
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for a while i've been contemplating alternative methods of transportation, because once the boat is finished (ha), the truck will be a whole lot less useful, and instead we'll need something much smaller -- and hopefully much more environmentally friendly.

i've been in lust with the segway ever since its much-hyped reveal, and a few months ago i finally got to ride one, and OMG, it was wonderful. so responsive and intuitive. it was truly as cool as i had imagined it to be, for once the hype wasn't actually too much. but the price tag is still prohibitive tl;dr -- how did i get here )

fortunately, enterprising souls have indeed come up with modern electric motors for bikes. and i am now the proud owner of a 2013 norco plateau with a PL350 bionX electric hub motor and a sleek lithium-ion battery good for about 40km of assisted pedalling.

red step-through bicycle

i'm in love.

this takes the pain out of biking for me, and just leaves the fun. everything on the bike is easy to adjust, and the gear train is so smooth, shifting 21 gears is almost enjoyable.

[*] the tale of actually trying out and buying a bike is a tale of businesses who apparently don't want our money.
embark with me on the long and winding road... )

they'll never know it, but this is a cautionary tale for small, local businesses -- we bought just one bike now, but we will buy another one probably come next spring. i am kinda loyal to anyone who does a good job for me the first time i deal with them, so even if it means vancouver again (that adds $$ to the purchase because it means 1-2 return ferry trips for 2 with the truck), we're much more likely to return there. we definitely won't go back to the locals who had crap service the first time. also, just because once upon a time the early electric systems were fiddly and possibly not worth the effort doesn't mean the state of the art stands still. today's systems are pretty easy to install and maintain, so as a dealer it's silly to be a luddite. especially with the weird legal state for new, alternate, electric transportation, pedal-assisted electric bikes are not in such murky waters as long as the electric motor is speed-limited.
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autodesk acquires alias.

hm. i wonder what that will mean for the business, since all of our work is maya-related.


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