Jul. 24th, 2012

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my kobo "wifi" is showing its age -- which is quite amusing, considering it's less than 2 years old. alas no more firmware upgrades seem to be coming along, since the company has now 2 further advanced models, and while always promising not to forget us "old" users, yeah right, i know insincere pep talks when i hear them. the interface is SLOW, parts of it are too slow for me to put up with anymore. organization? what organization. i have to modify filenames carefully so i can read them at all. also, the battery is holding less and less charge, and it's not replaceable.

i've taken to the ebook experience like a , uh, fish to water. ;) i hardly buy print books anymore, unless i know the author personally, or the book absolutely cannot be had in electronic format (and then i'll scan it). i love the light little thing; it weighs less than a paperback and it easier to hold, and takes less space to carry along. the e-ink is restful for my eyes. and i buy a lot of ebooks; more than i used to buy print books. there is no space issue with them. :)

so, i am thinking of upgrading. but i am not entirely sure buying another ebook reader is the answer. part of why i bought a kobo was that it was canadian, and i wanted to throw my purchasing power behind somebody other than amazon or sony, and hey, it was a nice thought for a "local" company to be successful in that market. which surprisingly they have been; in canada they have 46% of market share compared to 24% for amazon and 18% for sony. but now rakuten (a huge japanese conglomerate) owns kobo, so that incentive has gone away. sure, better rakuten than amazon, but still... no longer "local", no longer smallish. yes, i do have major peeves about large corporations.

still, the kobo "touch" looks decent, and it's come down in price which is now lower than what i originally paid for my first kobo. i am absolutely not going to buy a kindle, ever; amazon's walled garden philosophy makes me sick. am not all that interested in sony either. maybe a nook. maybe one of the "also ran" models, like from bookeen. or maybe i should be looking at android tablets? kobo's newest, the "vox", runs on android. that does away with the restfulness of the e-ink, and if android, why not get a real tablet then instead of a stunted ereader?

do you have an ereader and/or tablet? what do you love/hate about it? what would you buy instead if you were in the market? i'm not quite up-to-date with the tech anymore.


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