Jun. 19th, 2011

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the escitalopram is working, yay! all the thoughts of death are gone for now, and when i wake up i no longer feel like tackling the day will be a totally insurmountable task. i am just on 5mg, ramp-up dose; i'm hoping that memory and concentration will improve after a couple of months of taking it, and/or on a higher dosage. even if not, i am still more functional now; i've been out of the house and on 3 walks of more than an hour already; i'll be able to handle menial tasks (like my garden, which has laid fallow so far). it started to work very fast; i could feel the first improvements after just a week; no other SSRI has ever worked for me this quickly.

don't even have a lot of side effects; being more sleepy than before, and the anorgasmia is back, which i've had with every SSRI i've tried. but i'll happily trade any and all orgasms for the rest of my life for feeling something other than miserable. and the wellbutrin counteracts the sleepiness to some degree, so its manageable.

i also had the echocardiogram done, and the ultrasound tech was unusually chatty, which means i got to see the part of my heart that's damaged -- at the bottom of the right ventricle, on the septum, a very small spot. so apparently i did have a silent heart attack. i've learned that they're not even uncommon; 25% of all heart attacks are silent; which means there are no symptoms. other than that my heart seems fine.

it's been 8 months since my last tachycardia attack -- that's the longest i've gone between attacks since they started. i do have more palpitations now; very short periods where my heart feels like it's beating irregularly, but they last less than a minute.


piranha: stylized white figure lifting a red barbell with weights (Default)
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